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Baby Shower Gift Ideas - Ashland,MA

Hi, I'm hoping someone can help me with a creative yet inexpensive gift idea. We've been invited to a shower but had not budgeted for it since originally they weren't planning to have one. One idea i loved but know someone else is doing is giving a magazine subscription to a parent type magazine. I usually like to give a themed gift (i.e. all bath items - towel, toys, etc) but that all adds up quickly! I'd like to keep the cost at $30 or under.

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I have a company called Temporary Heaven/Gift basket & more. We have great inexpensive baby basket ideas.
my name is T. Cavalieri, e-mail address is ____@____.com, looking forward to hearing from you!

Why not go with necessity? Get a few packs of diapers in various sizes. There are usually coupons in Sunday's paper as well as online and when they are on sale, sometimes they only end up costing $6. When I had my 1st - that was what I used the most of. And with that, you could add a couple packs of wipes.

Gift baskets are nice, but yes, they do get costly quickly.

Someone made me a diaper cake. It was super cute and useful! It had diapers rolled into layers, tied together with ribbon and decorated with baby safety/diaper pins & pacifiers! Quite fun! Good luck!

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You could make your own Burp Cloths and Onesie Set. Just buy some cloth diapers and sew a ribbon on the bottom or to be more fancy also buy a fun themed 1/2 yard of fabric and cut it to fit the center panel of the diaper sew the edges and trim with ribbon. Then you can cut out the graphic from the fabric and sew it to a onesie so you have a matching set. 2 Burp Cloths, a Onesie & a stuffie or teething (chew) toy is a great gift and you can tailor it to the parent's personality.

I wish you could post pix here because I'd show you exactly what I mean.

Good Luck!

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A cousin of mine does a great thing with clothesline, clothespins and an assortment of onezies, socks, blankets and such. She lays out the clothesline and clips the clothing to the line, gradually lowering it into a gift bag. She arranges it so the end of the string hangs slightly outside the bag with tissue paper hiding the rest of the clothesline. As the mom to be pulls on the line, more items come out! It is the cutest thing and really doesn't cost much if you get packaged onezies, blankets, socks and such.

Good luck!

K. (First time mom of 2.5 year old son.)

Hi Jenn, I have a great idea but it's difficult to explain without showing you the picture. Do you have access to a fax machine so I could fax you the picture and directions? It ends up looking like a flower pot with flowers and leaves; however, they are actually a few pair of baby socks and a couple of onesies, shits, washcloths or bibs. By rolling the items around wooden dowels and securing with little pins, you create the look of flowers. It's really very creative and adorable. You also use a flower pot to put them in. Please let me know if I could fax this to you. My e-mail address is ____@____.com Take care. E. Taft

I have a company called Temporary Heaven/Gift basket & more. We have great inexpensive baby basket ideas.
my name is T. Cavalieri, e-mail address is ____@____.com, looking forward to hearing from you!

I am going to a baby shower too and I started buying cute things at our local thrift shop..I believe in recycling baby clothes and the ones I found are too cute..A Gap Hawaiain shirt, button down and a Ralph Lauren pink madras plaid dress shirt...she is having a boy...I think the magazine scrip is a great idea...HAve you heard of Kiwi, an organic focussed parents mag..$30 is generous...so I think you will come up with a unique gift...Have fun, N.

What about a library of board books from Marshalls or T.J. Maxx? They run between $3- $6 dollars. We still use the books I received 3 years ago! Good Luck P.

Hey Jen! i just bought my kids s music set from Parents (at Target), and inside the set was a postcard for a free subscription for 1yr! All that was needed was a copy of the recpt. The set was 22.00, so well worth it. Target has a wide variety from the same maker. Hope it helps and good luck!!!

a great magazine suggestion is Motherwords. It is published by a Mom right here in Andover, and it is awesome. www.motherwords.com

Try to make up your own coupon booklet.Ideas could range from baby sitting watching new born and or other children while they run errands ,get some extra rest.any ideas you can think of.Instant cameras for the many pictures that will be taken could do basket theme photo album,camera.picture frames ,magnetic ones for fridge .mini brag book etc...

Hi J.!

I create artwork for children's rooms. I can match any theme or color scheme, and I create a personalized painting on an 11x14 stretched canvas. My current price is $30, plus shipping, but I will give a 15% discount for Mamasource mamas! If you aren't sure of the baby's room decor or name-to-be, you can always give a gift certificate, and the parents can contact me after the baby arrives. I have several examples at www.peanutnsweetpea.com I've done several paintings for baby showers and they have been very well received. This is a simple, but special, one of a kind gift.

my favorite item I received at my shower was a small size diaper bag. was great for short trips to the mall or Dr. visits (enough room for a few diapers with the small wipe container, diaper cream, a bottle & burp cloth) and was even used as my son got to toddler age for snacks if going for a day trip to the zoo or a park. was great not to have to take the big diaper bag everywhere and you can find the items to fill it at places like family dollar & sometimes at walmart or a pharmacy they will have the small size items & they are fairly inexpensive.

You can usually find really good presents like bath items at discount stores (Mark's discount in Everett, dollar tree, etc) and Ikea has a great selection of children's toys for really cheap. You can get a huge set of children's plastic cups/plates/bowls/utensils for $4 total.

Maybe paying for the sitting fee and a small package of pictures somewhere like the studio at Sears or Babies R Us? That way she can have the baby's pictures taken. A huge box of diapers/wipes?

Someone made me a diaper cake. It was super cute and useful! It had diapers rolled into layers, tied together with ribbon and decorated with baby safety/diaper pins & pacifiers! Quite fun! Good luck!

I make a baby blanket I call "My Carseat Blankie". I have really fun and different patterns that people really love. My fleece blankie you can order a matching hat for, and I could do the whole set if you email me seperately for $20. + tax ($1.00) and shipping ($4.95). Check us out online at www.mycarseatblankie.com. Then email me at ____@____.com to get the deal. If you buy them online they would be more expensive. Just a thought. It's something different and really useful.

When we had our shower - i loved getting a couple of items not on my registry - it was just an added surprise.

My mom did a couple things that make me smile still.

She got the extra large baby bottle bank - i think she found it at the Christmas Tree Shop - and she collected pennies from everywhere - it was crazy - she then hung a sign on it that sign for Baby's College Fund - It was cute- she didn't fill it but she started it --- She also started another bank just for quarters.

Also, we LOVE to read to our daughter - and she loves to pick out books for us to read. We have read to her since before she was born and have never stopped. So books are always welcome in our house (even if they are not board books per-se b/c we are reading to her. New moms and dad's don't have kids books usually :) I tried to go with some stories that have sentemtal value and mention why you choose those - Christmas Tree Shop usually have Golden books - and they are inexpensive - We found at least three that I remember from when i was a child.

You can always use diapers, wipes, desitin, etc. not so much fun - but always usuable.

Something for mom sounds wonderful too - maybe two people would want to chip in for a pedicure for the mom to be - since you can't see your feet - it would be nice for someone to pamper your feet for you before you have the baby - and some of my friends wanted their toes to look pretty before they had to stare at them during labor - LOL.

What ever you give will be apprecaited by the mom. Truly it is the thought that counts :) Good luck.

You can make her a gift she definitely will use: a diaper cake. You'll have to arrange disposable diapers in a circle and tie them with a nice ribbon, add layers if you want. You can decorate the "cake" with some little toys, skin care or socks. If you google "diaper cake", you'll find plenty instructions.

if do magazine..... www.mothering.com

My 11 year old daughter and I made a "giving tree" for the last shower we attended.
Start with a sturdy branch with lost of twigs and spraypaint it white (it take 2-3 coats).
Then find a basket or small metal plant tub and put a styrafoam block in the bottom.
Then put a big bottle of baby wash and lotion in the bottom of the basket (for weight)
Then wrap a cheap towel or blanket to hide it.
Then get a bunch of things at the dollarstore and hang them from the branches using ribbon: binkys, mini bottles, bottlebrush, rattles, tubtoys, spoons, hairbrush, nailclippers, bibs, hats, mitten, socks, wascloths, poufs, teething gel, the list is enless. You can roll the sock, hats, bibs, and washcloths to look like roses. real cute!
Mini ribbon bows (make your own) look really cute...use alot!

I think I spent about $25-30 and it looked fabulous. send me a PM with your email and I'll send you a pic of what we made.

Hi J.! (nice name ;-)

Here are a few ideas:

1) Board books - you can probably buy 4-5 for about $30. Favorites in our house...any Maisy books, the book "Baby Baby", anything by David Shannon, anything by Priddy.

2) Claire Beaton's lullabies - it's a book/cd set - wonderful illustrations and gorgeous songs.

3) A kiddopatomus SwaddleMe blanket ($10) with the book "Good Night Sleep Tight: the Sleep Lady's Gentle Guide to Helping Your Child Go to Sleep." (This was a godsend! and only $13)

4) Homemade idea - a journal where mom can record daily feeding, sleeping, and diapering information. design pages yourself, copy and bind them at Kinkos.

Good luck!
J. C.

Hi, I am expecting too. I know that the little things add up when your expecting a child. Although the magazines are nice she really won't need them right away. She however, will need diapers, wipes, and other small items. Your best bet is to see where she is registered and buy a lot of the small things from her list, the necessities. This is what I am hoping for from my baby shower on March 28th. Our baby is due June 16th. Those little items add up and your will be helping her greatly by getting them for her. You don't need to spend alot, anything will help.

What you could do is a babysitting coupon. You tell them that you will babysit for them four times in the next year. This costs you almost nothing, and gives them some great time out. If you wanted to make it a theme, give it with a gift card to a movie theatre or restaurant they like.

I would get on amazon and order her copies of three of your favorite parenting books - it's free shipping on orders $25 or more. I loved Happiest Baby on the Block, Infant Massage, and anything by Dr. Sears!

Hi J.
what about a diaper cake? It is cute, inexpensive and will have what every new born needs..diapers.It will be the talk of the shower, believe me! I make them myself and you can design it your self. You can pick the size diapers, ribbones and what accessories you would like on it. The prices range from $25-$50 depending on how many tiers or if you want a single layer cake. I could send you some pictures of some I have made in the past for showers and friends if you'd like.

I think lullabye cds are a great gift idea. I didn't think about needing lullabye music- but i received one for a shower gift and it turned out to be one of my favorite things!
I also like children's books and pizza delivery gift certificates as shower gifts.
I usually give a laundry basket with baby detergent and stain treater with whatever gift I bring to a shower. It's unique and very useful!

I usually give a small collection of board books. Especially if this is the first baby for the woman, she probably doesn't have board books for the baby to play with and look at. Or you could do a bath book (plastic) and bath toys if you like the bath theme.

There are certainly some good ideas here - my favorites are amazon books (of gift certificate!), make your own wipes - You can use high quality organic's rather than cheaper stuff and it would be a really lovely gift), and a boppy with a slipcover. New mom's register for a lot of things that they really don't need, or big ticket items that would come from several guests, so i often skip the registry. I think if you are skipping the registry then a good rule of thumb is not to purchase anything that mom might want to pick out herself (like a mobile, or a babybook)So, get her things she might not know she would like. A boppy, a shopping cart seat cover (tjmaxx/marshalls are great for these items), a sling (many people sell these new, or you would think they were new on Craigslist for $30 or less although they retail quite higher. (try Moby wrap, or Maya wrap/ring sling) Also, etsy.com is great for handmade slings, packaged beautifully with instructions for that price range and usually in really nice hip youthful prints. Same search words) Get her a pair of Robbies (little leather shoes that are must have's!)and some baby legwarmers. Or a stainless steelsippy($15) cup or BPA free sippy cups and spoons($10).
How about a "making your own babyfood" book and some supplies like a mill and enclosed ice cube tray, or a mini food processor. Or what about a gift card to Snapfish or shutterfly - online digital photo processing!
An assortment of , again, higher quality wooden toys for baby - like Melissa and doug brand that are safe, educational, and lead free - again tj's and marshalls are great for this, as is ACmoore if you use a coupon. Or ebay can be great for that. I assure you that all of these will be well received. It's fun to put gifts together, I think - and I never have a big budget either! I have 9 pregnant women in my life right now!
I'm sending out a gift tomorrow that is a Dr. sear's Baby book ( my personal favorite found new in a consignment store for $3) a on clearance from Homegoods $10 organic sleep sac and a Perineal sitz bath tea for postpartum mama.
good luck!

The best gift I was given at the shower for my first son.
A recipe for homemade baby wipes and the materials to make them the first few times.


A rubbermade container large enough to hold 1/2 a roll of paper towels.

A roll of white select a size Bounty ( it holds up the best for this)

A bottle of Johnson & Johnson Baby wash

A bottle of Baby oil

Using an exacto type knife, cut an X in the top of the rubbermaid container. This will act as a despenser.

Using a serrated knife cut the roll of paper towels in half, leaving you with 2 round sections. Remove the card board center from the section you are going to place in the rubbermaid container.

The following mixture can be adjusted to suit your needs:
mix 1 1/2 cups to 2 cups water with 2 tble spoons baby wash and 2 tble spoons baby oil.

Pour mixture over paper towels(in rubbermaid container). Cover. Roll container for uniform absorption. Pull wipes from center of roll through the X in the top of the container.

Hope you like the idea. I cannot begin to imagine how much this saved us financially over the course of 2 children.

S. S.

What about books? You can find lots of great board books at reduced prices at TJ Maxx or Marshalls.

I've seen people do a "cake" out of diapers - you form the diapers into a "layer cake" using a length of wide ribbon to hold them in place - each layer either has fewer diapers or progressively smaller diapers, your choice. You can use a dab from a glue gun to attach one end of the ribbon to the other, and it looks like a fancy wedding cake. Just a cute way to give a practical gift.

I've also seen people give clothes, bibs, washcloths, etc. by clipping them to a length of clothesline with clothespins. They can be put in a small laundry basket (or one of the cute fabric-lined baskets) and not wrapped - leave one end of the clothesline out and the expectant mom pulls it, and out come the clothes. You can do a mix of clothing sizes or buy small packs of bibs, but open them up and "hang" them - they look cute and they look like a lot more than if you just wrap a pack or two of items. If one person holds one end of the clothesline and the mom holds the other end, it makes a cute photo for the mom too.

Have fun!

How about a gift card to a picture place so the parents can have a professional picture done of the baby after he/she is born.

Diaper bag essentials can be grouped together in a gift bag and a lot can be gotten for $30 b/c they are smaller sizes...got o target or walmart for the items..bigs, wipes, lotion, travel pads, snack for mom, ect..good luck

hi, i had a baby in november and it seems like the bath theme is everyones favorite thing to give. we have more baby towels than we know what to do with. i would stay away from that. my favorite baby items are the boppy pillow and the mobile for over the crib. check out amazon you can find very unique mobiles for cheap. pampers and wipes are always good.

Why not go with necessity? Get a few packs of diapers in various sizes. There are usually coupons in Sunday's paper as well as online and when they are on sale, sometimes they only end up costing $6. When I had my 1st - that was what I used the most of. And with that, you could add a couple packs of wipes.

Gift baskets are nice, but yes, they do get costly quickly.

Hi Jen,

When my daughter in law had her shower she commented to me she wished someone would give her a new nightgown and shower gel for the hospital stay and I thought to myself, we mother's are always thinking of items for our newborn but never for ourselves. There are places to shop for fairly inexpensive and good quality items not only for baby but for mother as well, TJMaxx, Marshall's. My suggestion would be buy something for "mom" to take to the hospital. A nightgown, slippers and a lotion or shower gel are some examples to give. I will lay you odds no one else will think of this and she will really appreciate it!

N. S. (Nana)

I like to give things that they hadn't necessarily thought of needing because they won't need them right away like sippy cups and plates and bowls and some of those covered snack containers for when the baby starts solids and fingerfoods. You might be able to find an assortment of those things within your price range.

Honestly I would get something off the person's registry. It's nice to get themed gifts if they are from a more personal nature or have sentimental value. Otherwise... first time moms really appreciate gifts they have researched and chosen and placed on their registry. It will be 30 dollars less that she will have to come up with because she didn't get needed items. Trust me, she'll appreciate it. :)

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