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Anyone Have a Child Who Had Rocephin Injections?

My son starts Rocephin tomorrow for a sinus infection that just won't go away. We have tried many rounds of antibiotics and this is a last resort. His immunologist is the one giving the injections so i think that they have a fair amount of experience in that area. I have heard that they hurt very bad but haven't talked with anyone who had a child that received them. My son is only 2 but he is large for his age. They are telling us that he will have to go for the next 3 days. It looks like this will be a glorious new year! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

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My child got the 3 Rocephin injections in a row (one per day) when he was about 2-1/2 same as yours. The first day wasn't too bad, I gave tylenol just before went into Dr. office all 3 days. Second day was about the same, though he was more aware that we were at the Dr. office again, by the third day it was hard to get into the office since when we pulled into the parking lot he already knew what to expect. So that one was the worst one. Even at that age they can figure it out! They should use lidocaine to dilute the powdered Rocephin b/c yes the shots are painful and so the lidocaine will help numb some. I don't remember him having any problems with soreness, etc and he was fine after the initial injection (similar to vaccine shot). Course let him run around and all like normal so any soreness will work itself out. Also we had to wait 30min in waiting room (they gave us a timer set that we had to give back to make sure we stayed the whole time) to make sure no reaction all 3 days. So bring his favorite lovey and a few books that you can read to him while you cuddle and wait. Good luck!

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I am going to be completely honest... My daughter had them when she was 18 months because (believe it or not....) She had rsv that caused a TON of mucus it went to her lungs and caused double pneumonia on both sides, up to her sinus' and caused a sinus infection and into both ears causing double ear infection, and because her immunity was so low she ended up getting a UTI. Ugh! Poor little thing was so, sooo sick! I had to take her to 2 different drs to be diagnossed and she only kept getting worse. He was on an antibiotic her her 'sinus infection' (that is the only thing he could find even though her temp was 104.9f and with alternating tyl and ibp it wouldn't go any lower then 104.4f. I personally have never seen a sinus infection lead to a temp that high!) I took her in again to the ER and that is where they started the rocephin injections. They worked SO WELL! My daughter was VERY sick for over 2 weeks total and the first week she was lathargic, you would pick her arm up and it would just flop. It still took another 2 weeks to have her back to 'normal'! After the rocephin shot her leg swelled up to litterally 2x the size of the other. She had to relearn how to walk again, literally. I am not sure if it was because she was so sick and didn't try 1x for 2 weeks, or if it was bc of the ear infections, or if it was bc of the shots. But it took her several weeks before she could walk/run/climb the way she did before.

The shots are VERY painful! They did mix hers to help with the burn that comes with it. Would I ever elect for her to have another, NO! ....unless, she was sick like she was before!! It did help her so, sooo much! But, as mommy, it really broke my heart to watch my child with a huge leg, and then watch her try so hard to stand and just fall right back down, and then to try to walk to just fall right down. But, then again, it is THE HARDEST thing in the world to watch your child just lay there and be SO sick! I think the people that said they elect to give thier children and young babies them before trying regular antibiotics are being just unsensitive and careless! If it is an absolute necessity then it works SO WELL! I personally am thankful for it!

My 2 year old had them two years ago - it does stink to have to do! You probably will have to wait to check for a reaction after each shot plus after the first visit, he'll know what's coming & you will feel like such a mean mommy :(
We did them for an ear infection that wouldn't clear up - he'd had it for several months & nothing worked. Unforutnaly the shots didn't work either so we ended up with tubes. However, I have to say, the tubes were easier than those shots.
I hope they work for you!
If not, we really like Dr Bauer at ENT for kids in Coppel.
Good luck! (and it's so much worse to imagine doing this stuff than to really do it- he'll probably breeze through them since you've worried about it!)
Happy New Years!

im not sure if this will help you or not but my 7 year old gets them prefered over antibiotics that need to be taken for days. My youngest that is 3 months has already hed the shot three times for ear infections. two of those times were this week.
Their legs were sore from the injection but they did fine after that. If its sore you might have your child take a warm bath but it whould help getting the shot faster then antibiotics taken over several days.

My son has had them for a urinary tract infection & I also had them for upper respiratory infections. They do stink but work really well. As others have said, they do hurt and they will make you wait for a little bit after each one to make sure there is no reaction. But on the plus side, your little one should start to feel alot better really quick. Because they are so strong though, my son had some really runny stools with them. Hopefully you won't have that issue.

My infant son just had them and he fared alright (I guess by now your son has already gotten them done) but unfortunately it did not resolve his problem - but he had ear fluid so it was a different situation. Hope it helps your son!

I got rocephin shots several years ago after getting bit by a brown recluse. I had it 2 days in a row. Each dose was divided in 2, so I got a shot in each cheek, since it is so strong. It did hurt, I won't lie, but it wasn't horrible. It stung when getting the injection. And I was sore afterwards. Give him some tylenol before to help with the pain, and also throughout the day if he seems uncomfortable. Since he's so young he won't remember it!! I hope the rocephin helps and he starts feeling better soon!

we have gotten to where we ask for the injections over pharmacy antibiotics. They do hurt a bit for about 20 minutes, but then its done, saves the time and expense of the pharmacy and in the end typically works better.

K.~I had a shot of Rocephin several years ago during a bout of pneumonia. It was not painful to receive the injection, it is the pain afterwards....soreness and stiffness. It was memorable and I was 30 something at the time. I'm sure he will not remember it as he is 2. Compresses will help with the soreness if you can get him to be still enough. I'm sure you will be able to soothe him! Good luck!

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