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Any Experience Using Turbo Tax?

Hi moms! Like many others, we're trying to cut costs on whatever we can and instead of taking our taxes to our preparer, we were thinking of doing turbo tax. Does anyone have experience with it and do you recommend it? Thanks

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Hi, This year will make my 3rd time using it. I like it, it is really easy to use and it will walk you through everything. It even has an online support center that can help you if you do get stuck. Also it saves money. Good luck.

I have been using it for five years and it is great. The program guides you through - no experience necessary.

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Hi E.
LOVE Turbo Tax :)
I have a childcare businesses at home we file every year for the last 5 years its easy fast and you get it done in ONE DAY!!! just have all of your paper work ready
Good luck D.
mom of 4

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We always use Turbo Tax. It's super easy. Costco has it on sale for $10 off right now.

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If you are comfortable with doing your taxes over the internet turbo tax online is a great way to go. The federal filing is free and it is $26 to file your state return - and this way you don't have to load any software onto your computer. I found it very easy to use.


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hi E.,

I don't have much experience with turbo tax , but I am in the same state as yours, trying to avoid H&R block this time. I am glad you posted this question. All the responses here is a great motivation for me to go ahead with turbo tax as well.

Good luck,

Two years ago we had complicated taxes due to the Adoption Tax Credit, some complicated expenses and incomes. We paid our preparer $300 and I was the one that found he could have done it a different way and we would have saved $5000.00!!!!!! Of course we ammended that return and I never went back to him. We have been doing Turbo Tax ever since, and even with the Adoption Tax Credit it's a piece of cake. I did the online version. It was free to do, but you had to pay if you wanted to electronically file. If I had mailed our forms in I believe that was free. So even with some complicated taxes, Turbo Tax made it very easy.

We use Turbo tax every year and it's a piece of cake. You just have to make sure you buy the right one for what you need (ie - if you have lots of investments or not, etc.). We buy the updated software each year at Costco, but we download any additional updates online (for free). If you file jointly you only need one copy of the program, $50 at costco.

Hi E.,

I have my degree in accounting and have prepared taxes and I also use Turbop tax for my own taxes. If your return is relatively simple, wages, interest income, itemized deductions and maybe a small business you should be able to use taxes without much trouble. It can be cumbersome to wade through all the questions that it asks you about your income and potential deductions but it is very thorough. I would recommend it to people who are looking to save some money and have a simple return to file.

Make sure you have last years return available to preview. It will be helpful for you to be able to see if you have reported all your income and claimed all your deductions based upon what you did last year.

Good Luck!!!!

we love turbo tax! been using it for 4 years now! even the "tax defense" that they offer is very useful in case IRS sends you anything in the mail or audits you. they were very helpful to us and very easy to contact. turbo tax is highly recommended and cheaper!

I've used turbo tax for years. I even do my daughter's and sister's taxes with it. If you use Quicken, you can even import the information from that to turbo tax. Absolutely love it.

Hi E.,
I've been using TurboTax for several years now. It is really easy and the program walks you through every step. It also checks for any possible "red flags" that may trigger an audit.
Good luck!

Hi E.!
We have been using Turbo Tax since 2001 - for the very same reason you want to try it - the savings!!! We were spending $500 at the accountants...yikes!!
The program had changed over the years - and keeps getting better!! We love it and are suprised at how easy it is. It walks you through everything - don't have to have a degree in accounting (which I do - how ironic!) My husband actually does most of the work on it - I just itemize the deductions. We generally find that Costco has the best price - and they put out coupons - I think there is one out now. We get the Turbo Deluxe because we need some of the deduction/investment features that the regular turbo doesn't have.
Good Luck - you will be glad you did it and wonder why you waited!!

Hi E.,

I am not sure how complicated your tax picture is but I would check out www.freetaxusa.com the federal tax is free to e-file and then your state tax is about $10, I use it for all my adult children.

Good Luck - T.

I use a program called TaxAct and have for several years. It is the same concept as Turbo Tax but much less expencive. I have several home based businesses and have never had a problem. I did have a question once and called the IRS and they are very helpful if you are tring to avoid a red flag. IT was about a vehicle I was writting off over 5 years for a business. The tax program said I still had amount to right off on the 6th year and I freaked. They were very helpful in explaining the pros and cons of both ways to go.

I have not used Turbo Tax, but Taxcut and love it. I know they are similar, but Taxcut is cheaper.

My husband has been doing our taxes with Turbo Tax ever since we got married 10 years ago, his dad uses it, so that's why we started. It takes time and some organization, but it definately saves us money paying an accoutant or tax service to do it. He seems to think its easy to do it ourselves using this program, it has become a little more taxing (pun intended!!) since I started my Mary Kay business we have a little more work to do, but even that hasn't been too hard to figure out with Turbo Tax. My parents and sister started using it because my husband has talked so positively about it

I have been using it for five years and it is great. The program guides you through - no experience necessary.

My husband and I also used turbo tax a few times. After the birth of our daughter and the sale of some investment property, we decided to go back to our regular tax guy. I don't know if it was because we now had a dependent but we ended up getting a whole lotta money back. With Turbo Tax, we paid. Tax preparers know more about write offs than the confuser (I mean computer) does. It may seem like more money up front, but you may end up with a much better result by going to a person.

We have been using it for 5 years now. We used an accountant the first year we bought out house and then decided it was a waste of money and started using turbo tax. We don't buy it, but just use the online version. Good luck.

Did Turbo Tax last year and absolutely loved it. I found it to be very easy to understand and navigate. I think it keeps a tally of what you owe or what your refund is as you go along but I might be wrong. Anyway, I'm doing it again this year but if you have really complicated taxes, you might be better off with a tax person. Ours are pretty straightforward so that's why I'm using it again.

I've used turbo tax for 2 years now and it is a breeze! We haven't had any problems with audits or errors either (not like we're millionaires or anything!)
We previously used a private CPA, but then as each year's returns seemed to just repeat the same deductions to the following year, we thought maybe a private CPA wasn't warranted in our situation and switched to H&R Block for a few years, which was also a wonderful experience, but still expensive... and again, when we saw that H&R Block was pretty much filing the same deductions from year to year I finally said "hey... I can do this myself" and we tried out Turbo Tax.
We didn't buy the software in the store. Instead, we used their on-line program. It was cheaper than buying the software and we were concerned that because tax laws change from year to year, purchasing the actual software wouldn't be a good investment.
Anyway, I'll be using Turbo Tax again this year. I think it was somewhere around $50 per person for me to do my and my husband's taxes, which beats the heck out of the $350 per person we were paying at H&R!
Good luck!!!
Oh, also, we used the direct deposit option and didn't have any problems with the refund being sent to our bank. It was quick and easy!

Turbo Tax is GREAT! it is really easy and if you have any questions when you use it you can ask me and I will help you.

I've used turbo tax for the past several years. Very easy. Yes, use it. You will be glad you did.

I love TurboTax! We have used it for 4 years now and it's so easy and fast. We have rental properties, so it help me get the max deductions!

Hi E.,

I love turbo tax. I find it is better than an accountant if you have simple filing. I also have used the store bought and online, and I prefer online. They keep your taxes for you, it is automatically updated every year, and you can come back to it as you have time to do it.

Always print a couple copies of your return so you have hard copies.
So yes, I highly recommend Turbo tax.

LOVE it! I highly recommend it!

My husband and I used turbo tax last year for the first time and it was simple, and your tax return was issued quickly. I highly recommend it!

Our family has been using turbo tax for the last three years and it is wonderful! My husband used to do our taxes and after many days of stress and more stress we'd get the taxes finished and were always unsure if we had calculated everything correctly. I work for the IRS and my job depends on my filing my taxes accuratly and timely. No more worries with turbo tax. It's VERY easy to use and walks you through every step. I swear by it!

Hi! I have been using Turbo Tax for over 5 years and love it. I do my taxes, my sons and daughter too. All from one turbo tax. Also since I use it every year it aumatically transfer my info to the new one each year.
It is user friendly. I use to do them all by hand. So this has been great for me. I usually get the deluxe. That way the state is also included. It does save preparing money.
Hope this helps you out. At least try it and see if you like it. If not, you are only out $40.00 for the cd.
I know that seems like alot nowadays. But compared to a CPA or tax preparer it is cheap. Good Luck.
V. S.

Hi E.,
We tried doing our own taxes one year. I guess it would depend on what kind of deductions you have - but if you own a home, have any kind of investments, medical expenses, and/or a career where you are not on salary, I think you're best off paying to have a CPA prepare your taxes. Last year I was forced to take a distribution from my 401K (long story) - anyhow, with Turbo Tax we would have owed over $5K in taxes. Our tax guy (Sam Oliver in Petaluma) got us a big refund instead because he knew of deductions and loopholes that software usually won't find. So... my two cents is that the extra money is worth it if you have a good tax guy and have deductions to take. On the other hand, if you do not own a home, are on salary, etc, maybe Turbo Tax is the way to go. Back in the days when I could use the 1040EZ filing form, I used Quicken to file my taxes and it did the trick.

I used it to file for my mom and it was great. (We have special circumstances for our return, and so it's more feasible to use an accountant). If you have a pretty straightforward return, by all means, go for it!

We have been using Turbo Tax for years and we love it. No problems, easy to use, and painless e-filing.

Hi, This year will make my 3rd time using it. I like it, it is really easy to use and it will walk you through everything. It even has an online support center that can help you if you do get stuck. Also it saves money. Good luck.

Hi E.. I have used Turbo Tax to file for a son and daughter-in-law who didn't have online access at the time. It is pretty easy to use. Just be sure that you have all your needed information right there. But you can save and then go back if you find you don't have all the information. As long as you have a pretty straight-foward financial situation, you should be just fine. I wouldn't use it if I had a bunch of stock trades, etc. to factor in.

Good luck.
B. V

Hi E. ~
I had the same thoughts as you when I thought about using Turbo Tax. JUST GET IT! It walks you through everything. It will tell you what forms you need to fill in the blanks, W-2, 1009's, etc. If your husband or you have a business, you can even upgrade the software while you are in the middle of doing your taxes (don't worry, you won't lose any information, either). At the end of your tax return it will check your return and if there is an error (date missing, cost, etc) it will tell you which errors to fix and you'll be done. Then you can e-file and print a copy for yourself. Good luck, you'll love it!

I always use "free file" at the irs website, you can also file your state tax for free also. It's only for short form tho. And I do recommend turbo tax too, especially since it saves all your ss numbers and other advice that is necessary for filing future returns. It walks you through everything and is very user friendly. The hardest job you have when filing electronically is adding up the numbers on your w2's, once you've got that behind you it's easy stuff. Good luck.

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