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Activities for 7 1/2 Month Old

My daughter is 7 1/2 months, and she just started crawling. I need advice on new types of toys or entertainment i can provide her. She gets really tired of her toys QUICK! She has a jumper, and she only likes to be in it for 5 minutes (if that). She has tons of stuffed animals, the rings, books, baby cell phone, remote control, etc.... Does anyone have any suggestions of toys/activities your children absolutley loved?

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Those big plastic snap beads are good...too hard to snap them together at this age, but put them loose in a big clear plastic container (huge plastic pretzel jar) and kids love to fill it up and dump it out! Babies love to dump stuff so leave out stuff that she's allowed to dump! Also stacking cups are great and cheap. I say stay away from the toys that make lots of noises and always needs new batteries. The basics are the best.....blocks, balls, etc. Oh! "Parents" has the soft blocks w/ removable toys inside. My son liked those.

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Usually kids like household stuff (pots as drums, mixing spoons, etc.) Just make sure not to give her stuff that has small parts or pieces. Blocks, play doh, musical instruments, etc. Sand or beads sealed in a can with a lid makes a great shaker toy!

my son is almost a year old but likes anything that lights up and makes noises. he was not that much into the jumper thing either. he likes the vtech-disney,explore talk and learn winnie the pooh thing. it stand up on legs and they are detachable it can be set on the floor to play with.he likes books and toys that light up. he seems to gravitate towards the winnie the pooh toy. a family member gave it to us so i do not know where you can buy one.

My kids loved an exersaucer typet thing that was a piano. It had keys on the "floor" for them to kick, keys above for them to touch with their fingers as well as other small instruments to play and a mirror to see themselves.

They also had a Little Tykes piano that they loved to bang on.

They enjoyed putting objects into a plastic container then taking them back out. That kept them busy for a long time.

I always had music playing and we would dance and move to the music.

Rolling a ball was fun for them. They liked Roll-arounds (and Peek-a-blocks). They had a "gumball machine" that you filled with balls then pulled a lever to release them into the chute. They would have to open the door at the end of the chute to get them.

They also liked toys where they could push buttons and hear music or sounds/see lights.

The Infantino Activitiy Triangle was a hit. It has sliding beads, "sand" filled tubes, spinners, etc.

They liked me to hide toys in boxes or under blankets for them to find.

I have the same problem!
I do the toy rotation and am currently looking for a toy swapping outlet in Pittsburgh. I will let you know what I find!
ps. I wouldn't recommend Play-doh at her age...she will "mouth" it...yuk

Blocks, balls or other safe objects that can be put into and dumped out of any sturdy container. Blocks have the added attraction that you can stack them and she can knock them down, and eventually learn to stack them herself.

My son's 9 and a half months and we're quickly finding that he too gets tired of toys quickly. Just be creative with things around the house! Try paper towel tubes, things that make noise, pots and pans you can bang with a spoon, boxes, and magazines with pictures of children. As far as toys that you do have, rotate them! Then your little one will think that it's more exciting. We have a toy box and every few days we rotate which toys we have out on the shelf and which are away in the box. If you are going to purchase new toys, look for ones that grow with children and are for ages 6 months to 24 months (or 36 months). These they can first play with on the floor and then later they can stand or walk with. Or the can bang together now, but in a few months can use for more imaginative play.

Good luck!

I am a Discovery Toys consultant and I can recommend some stuff for you. The Spin N Pop Arcade kept my son busy for hours when he was that age. Also the Wheels on the Bus and the Go-Go Caterpillar (I love this because it doesn't require batteries!)

Also, I have always given my son different toys to play with in different rooms of the house and those toys don't leave that room. He also has toys for the car as well. That way he is always occupied and doesn't get bored easily since he is never with the same toy for a long, extended period of time.

Many of the toys I recommended above are on sale this month. You can go on my website http://www.DiscoveryToysMom.com and click on the shop online icon and then on the left side of the page is a link to the Summer Sunsations Sale. I had gotten my son the Fascination Safari Station which he loved but I had to order replacement parts twice and then finally gave up with it. The pieces just don't stay where they are supposed to. All products we sell are guaranteed for life if you have any similar problems.

Also, I can bring some of the toys to you if you would like to try them before you buy them.


My son had a toy that sort of looked like a spool of thread (obviously bigger) and it spun and rolled when he hit it. Then he would chase after it. I know this may sound awful, but I also played "fetch" with him sometimes when I was writing out a grocery list or washing the dishes. I would toss a favorite toy or that rolly thing a few feet away and he would scramble after it! It worked, and he laughed every time!

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