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Activities for 14 Month Old

I am looking for ideas...need new activities to do with my 14 month-old son. He is extrememly smart...knows all of his animals, body parts, etc...need more activities to stimulate him. I am getting bored too. :-)

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Thanks everyone for your responses. Now all I need to do is go shopping! Thx again.

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I have an 18month old and was having the same problem. I just got this book called "Come Into My World" It has 365 creative games and activities for Children ages 0-5. They are all simple things that you can do around the house. I really like it so far.
Have fun!

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I have an 18month old and was having the same problem. I just got this book called "Come Into My World" It has 365 creative games and activities for Children ages 0-5. They are all simple things that you can do around the house. I really like it so far.
Have fun!

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My mom bought me a book called The Wiggle & Giggle Busy Book (365 fun, physical activities for toddlers...). It's good.

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Puzzles. Try a small number of pieces and then move up. Once he has really mastered a certain number of pieces move up to the next one.. The other thing I did with my daughter was to turn the puzzle over to the blank side. It was amazing how well she could put the puzzle pieces together even without the picture. As he gets older have him draw pictures on the back of the puzzles so his own art work is a puzzle.. We would also mix 2 puzzles together and have our daughter do 2 puzzles at once.

We would also play hide and seek with her toys. We would pick 3 toys and hide them in the room. She would then come in and have to find them. We would then have her do the same thing to us. Only use toys!

Gather up boxes that he can use as big blocks. Tape them up really well and let him "build" with them. This is a great thing to do outside. You can also gather boxes and make a crawl through maze. Change it around and watch him figure out what direction to go.

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My son at that age always liked Nature walks. We would take a walk and discuss what we saw. I would teach him basic biology. Describe plants, seasons and nature works. Fall is a perfect time for this.

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Consider going to Lakshore Learning on Sat- they have free seasonal arts and crafts activities... library( most have toddler reading times and or art activities? Play places?
Artworks would be a good one to go with him on-- they an give you lots of fun creative ideas and if you go on appointed days it is discounted $5 open art I think.
We just found a JUMPY place that has younger and older areas -
off Naccogdoches & 410 (near Airport) jump and bounce! It is so fun we are doing a BDAY there! It isn't too early for some easy puzzles / puzzle books (I last saw a great one at Michaels) They are large pieces - only 4 of them but there are a few pages all with puzzles - per book. Music- my daughter loved all things musical- world plus has low price kids music toys - flutes - harmonicas - drums/ cymbals.
Counting numbers of anything and classification- meaning group all the red blocks her / blue blocks here... triangles her/ square blocks here. If you are looking into a preschool program to help stimulate too... lighthouse learning centers offer letter/ color/ number recognition in there 2's classes - even offer 2 days a week!? Enjoy him - sounds like you have a strong early learner!?

NATURE WALKS. My daughters can leave all of the toys behind and be entertained by nature for hours. They learn textures, all sorts of outdoor wonders, and wear out their non-stop energy at the same time!

You should try Kindermusik! My daughter is 19 months and has been enrolled in Kindermusik since 3 months old. She LOVES it!! Kindermusik focuses on developing the whole child; cognitive, social, emotional, physical. The home materials are awesome and you get ideas and tips on activities to do at home with your child ever week. The teachers are highly trained and love what they do. We go to this franchise: http://thekornerkottage.homestead.com/index.html

I don't know where you're located but they have several satellite locations in the DFW area. It's in the top 1% of all Kindermusik franchises world wide.

my daughter was this way to. it was freaky how fast she gobbles up activities. what we did with her was get toys that were older than her age level, with parental discretion of course. if it has small parts dont give it to him. just one age older, like 18 months. something she loved at 10 months was shapes puzzles. the wooden ones. in fact any of the wooden toys i think hed get a kick out of. a toy horse he drags behind him, wooden blocks with the alhabet on it, puzzles, the colored ring cone stacker thinf, and theres a box you put colcorful shape blocks through the lid. these are all toy ideas that will keep him preoccupied, so you can start doing mommy activities, whatever your interests are. theres a books at barnes and nobles, i actually own it, called Teaching Young Childre, it gives you awseom activity ideas that you can do from 1-5 years. you should check it out. : )

Wow! He IS really smart! Maybe you could move on to colors & numbers or the letters of the alphabet? There are great books out there for that. My favorite is the ABC book by Dr. Seuss. I think kids who are really bright need an extra structured day. Maybe you could plan out his day including a couple of "story" times for reading & a crafts time (maybe he could start to color or you two could make things together), and maybe a "nature" time to go for walks outside. While you're doing all of this with him, explain what things are & what you're doing along the way. I would also encourage a music class. Basically kids at his age get to experiment with different instruments.

check and see if there is a Kindermusik program in your area. These are a great mom and baby class. My daughter and I have done them since she was 4 months old. It is a great experience. Also look into baby tumbling. I also used the library for renting videos for mom and baby activities to do at home together.
search for a class with your zip and you can get the first class free/trial.

Hi J.,,,
Check out Fisher Price ,,,i saw some cool things on T v ,for about that age was thinking of ideas for my 2 yr old niece


Is he already using the interactive toys? Even though he knows the information, it's a little more stimulating to have a voice ask you to find something and then wait for you to do it. It also adds time to play, so he doesn't just run through it.

My daughter is 14-months-old too, and full of energy and curiosity, so I am always trying to find new things to do. Some places are the Houston Zoo, Children's Museum, the library. You could even take him to places that will also be fun for you like the Space Center and the Aquarium. Another thing I have done is found some other moms with kids around the same age and made our own little playgroup of sorts. We do activities together during the week which gives me some social interaction as well. At home I keep her stimulated with music, puzzles and lots of books, and when I need a break, Sesame Street is always a winner!


Discovery Toys are awesome products to stimulate your child's brain development, as well as fun for you. Check out www.cindystoybox.com and let me know what you think.


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