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A 1 Yr Old and Discipline

My daughter just turned a year old and just started walking last week. I have been having trouble with her touching things that she shouldn't. At first just a stern "no" would do the trick, but now she seems to be testing me. Some things I can remove from her sight, but other objects I can't. Any good ideas on what works as far as disipline. I feel like saying "no" hundreds of times a day isn't working. I tried slapping her hand and then sitting her down, although that makes me feel horrible and only makes her laugh at me. Anu suggestions would be wonderful. Thanks.

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You'll definately have to do lots of repetition. I have an almost four year old daughter and twin sons who turned one in March. I feel like if I don't say something at least three times in a row, then I would just as well have not said it at all. I also agree with the distraction technique. While she is one, it should be pretty easy to distract your daughter with other toys or you could even try clapping and singing games. My boys like those. Anyhow, good luck and enjoy her.

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Kids learn through repetition. You will probably have to say no an awful lot for awhile, but she will get the idea. My son just turned one and he does the same thing. I'll tell him no a couple times and then just move him away from whatever it is he's not supposed to be getting into. Smacking their hands at this point really doesn't do anything because they just don't understand what we're trying to get across. Basically you are speaking a whole different language than the baby, but she will pick it up and learn what no means.
Good luck!!

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try giving her hand a little squeez when you tell her no for toughing things i mean dont hurt her but enough to get her attention that worked with my boys but again touch is how they learn at that age so it may take sometime for her to get the ideal sorry i couldnt be of more help

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I've found that replacing what my son is not allowed to touch, chew on, throw, eat, etc. with something that he CAN do is more effective than saying no. Also, removing him from the item if the item is unmovable and putting him in a place he CAN be is enough to distract him and keep both of you from driving the other crazy.

just redirect her by giving her something else to play with instead of hitting her on the hand or constantly saying no to her. I have a daughter the same age w/ the same problem but they're too young to know what the consequences of their actions are, "no" doesn't work until they understand about action, reaction and consequences to their behavior. good luck :)

Ahh... I remember those days. I have a 3 year old son. I couldn't wait until he could walk and as soon as he did, boy did I regret it! As you probably already know, babies learn about the world by exploring - exactly what your daughter is doing. At least for me, I took away everything that could hurt him (as much as possible) and gates can do wonders! It's better to baby-proof your home, although it may not be the way you want your home to look. Much better alternative considering how much she could hurt herself otherwise. If you find yourself saying "no", try to substitute it with "danger" and be very firm about it. It worked for my son. He was curious about lamps and cords. If she hears it enough, eventually she'll understand that "danger" means off limits. It's easy for me to say this now that this phase is over for my son but try to have fun with her curiosity and remind yourself that she's just trying to learn AND like you said, testing you - all part of growing up.

good luck!

My son was just the same......I was saying no all day long. I made sure that my home was completely baby proof--there was nothing he could get his hands onto that he wasn't allowed to have. Then at his 15 month check-up, the doctor told me that there did need to be some limitations to his environment so that we coudl introduce discipline and teach him that he is going to have limitations sometimes. And one more thing the doctor said: TIME OUT. I never thought at that small of an age, time out would do anything. I set up a pack and play in a corner of the room, and all it took was one or two time outs before I could just say, "No or you will go in time out", and he listens. It was like magic! Now the pack and play is out of sight because just the mere mentioning of time out gets him to stop whatever it is that I don't want him to be doing.

Good luck! And always, no matter what you do, BE CONSISTENT!!! That will get the fastest results of anything. It sucks saying no all day long, but she is listening. Believe it or not, it is comforting in a way to hear that word "No" from you every time she misbehaves because you're acknowledging her and producing a predictable response...as odd as that sounds. She knows you're looking out for her.


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