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7 Month Old Still Spitting Up?

my son was a big puker as an infant- the dr tried zantac and then prevacid- neither drug really stopped the puking. but as he got older the puking got less and less. Now that he is on solid foods he is puking again. He almost never pukes on breastmilk- but after a solid meal of baby cereal and fruit he often pukes... the dr suggested giving him smaller meals. I cut his meals in half and he still usually pukes after a solid meal. Any suggestions>>??

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Is he spitting up or throwing up/vomiting? Based on my own experience with my first son, I'd look into food allergies if he is throwing up/vomiting. New foods should be introduced one at a time and you should give each new food for at least a few days before trying something new. The majority of food allergies fall in the following groups (however it is possible to be allergic to any food): dairy, egg, fish, shellfish, tree nut, peanut, soy, and wheat.

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Hy L.. They did the same for my daugher in putting her on Zantac. They kept saying that she would out grow it when she started on foods but she didnt. It just got much more colorful! The doctor finally ended up doing an upper GI on her around 9 months to make sure that everything was normal and it was. She spit up every day until she was off formula (she was even on soy because of the awful colic). Once the bottle was gone, it went away. She has no allergies to anything now either. Hopefully your son grows out sooner!

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hi..there is a woman in ferndale, mi that corrects this issue for children all the time. It has been explained to me very simply as...alignment, often times during the birthing process their little heads/necks become compacted and require a gentle adjustment...no cracking or such, more like cranial work.
My, niece had the "acid reflux" adn was given the steriods and other drugs.. after one or maybe two visits with Bridgette and she no longer had the reflux. Her pharma parents were astonished and continue to take their other three children for regular check ups to Bridgette. Needless to say she has helped my son with his breathing challenges and I love her. She is one the best childrens doctors there is and does NOT believe in the use of drugs to cure minor ailments in children or adults.

It is very affordable..$30 or so and just call for more info.
I hope it works out for you. God Bless

Our pediatrician had told us when the reflux is at its worst and their is a significent problem is when that bean shaped tube that should be soft down their esophagus gets hard like a olive pit food comes up after meals and they will puke. The reason is because since its hard like a pit and not soft the food can't go past that and has no other way to go except out of the mouth. He said if my daughter's reflux didn't get better he was going to have to send her for a Upper GI. It's not like what an adult experiences when they go in for one. It's not that traumatic, it's fine and safe for them. Fourtanetly, my daughter was fine and never puked after meals but I remember this very well because he drew a diagram and everything explaining how and why. I know I'm not a doctor but it sounds like a test you may want to ask your doctor about getting done if need be. Good luck to you

My daughter was mostly breastfed, but whenever we had to use formula she would projectile vomit. After trying the different lactose free formulas we finally realized that she was allergic to cows milk or an enzyme in the milk until she was 3. We switched to soy formula and later soy milk (which both my kids drink and prefer to cows milk). No problems with the soy.
Good luck.

has your pediatrician ever recommended you to a GI specialist for kids? Does your 7 mo. old poop on a regular basis? Sounds like your doc needs to investigate a little more on this issue. At 7 mo. old this really shouldnt be a big problem anymore. This my be a little more than reflux


Try giving your son enzymes. They help to break food down...fats, carbs, proteins, dairy, etc. He probably wasn't spitting up much when you breastfed because enzymes are present in your milk.

Good luck!

My nephew was the same way. On all kinds of meds and with or without the meds he was the same. My nephew was always puking and finally at age one, he totally stopped. He grew out of it! :) Good luck and I hope it as simple for you... A tip my sister in law used was keep him propped up after meals for at least an hour...

I am going though this right now with my 6 month old son. He spits up every time he eats, formula, or baby food, it doesn't matter. Last week I took him to a Gastro Doc., he said there is nothing wrong with him and switched him from Zantac to Previcid! Well, I tried the Zantac for a week, no change, I refuse to put him on the Previcid, I mean come on, a baby is not supposed to be on that stuff! I have tried every formula available, I am at my wits end! He is a happy baby, gaining weight how he supposed to, the Doc. said he will grow out of it by 12 months, but he said some kids spit up into toddlerhood and further! I want to research Goat's milk, does anyone know about this?

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