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5 Month Old Cries ALL the Time

Hi there,
I have a 5 month old little girl that cries all the time. If she is awake she is almost guarenteed to be cring. She has been doing this for about 2 1/2-3 months. I have taken her to her doctor and he says that there is nothing wrong with her and that it is more then likely a faze. But at this point I am about to tear my hair out. I have tried everything I can think of: new toys, play mats, going for walks, playing music/t.v.,etc. I've tried a new formula and even letting her cry it out (which I hate doing). But nothing has worked so far. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks

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Hi there,
I took her to another ped. and I'm trying a different formula, one that is suppose to help with colic etc. She wants to give that a little while to see if that helps and if not then she said it maybe reflux. It's nice to finally have a doctor listen and be willing to try something to figure out what is going on. I've only given her the new formula a few times and so far she seems to be happier a little longer at stretch. Thanks to everyone for the great tips, ideas and support! Update: It has been about a week since starting her on the new formula it she is doing sooo much better. She still has small issues here and there but it is nowhere near like before.

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Hi A., I totally sympathize with you. Both of my daughters were criers. My first daughter started teething at 3 months, and had all her teeth in a 1 year, so she was miserable all year. My second daughter was fussy because her brain was ahead of her body in development, and she wasn't happy until she was walking at age 7 1/2 months... in both cases, Swinga matics were their pacifiers!!!! So, if you don't have one, I highly recommend you doing so, for some peace and quiet... hope this works for her. Sincerely, CJ

Try another doctor. Could be a blockage or a milk allgery.
my freind had to boil rice and feed the rice water to her son. This is how she discovered that his problem was milk.
Hope this helps.

Have you tried going to the chiropractor? My daughter went after she was born just becasue after the stress of the delivery it's good for babies to get an adjustment. I would really look into that and see if that works.

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If she's fine with her formula and it's not colic, then she's overstimulated. Babies don't have a way to block out the stimulation and then their brains get "fried" from too much information. I would take all the toys with noise and lights and other gadgets away. It makes her more excitable and less likely to nap. Even music stimulates. If she has good rest (3 naps a day - 1.5 to 2 hours each), then she will be a happier baby. TV is the worst due to all the flashing images. We're able to handle these things b/c we're used to it. When she's over 2 years old, then she might have a little bit of TV. Otherwise, at this age, she doesn't need it. So I suggest trying this out to see if that will work. Good luck!

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Wow, that sounds super tough!
What about if you carry your 5 month old and have her in your lap? Does she still cry? If not, I would recommend a sling or a babybjorn and carry her around with you. Maybe she just needs you a lot, and needs to be close to you?
And, then I would try get another doctor's opinion.
Hang in there!

Sounds like you have your hands full. ......have you tried baby massage? It is very soothing and perhaps your baby has some gas? Lie her on her back, make eye contact, let her know you are going to massage her, take her legs by the ankles and alternately bend her knees into her belly gently but firmly and see what happens.....she may get some relief. Then you could knead her belly with your fingertips and also rub her belly in a clockwise rotation working around her belly button. Try these thing and you can use some baby camomille oil if you like. Have you tried taking her into the bath with you? How about the shower? I know when my daughters get fussy taking them into a new environment always helps. Is she too warmly dressed? Feel the back of her neck if it is clammy take off a layer. I hope this helps. Good Night

Get a second opinion! Get a third opinion, if necessary. Camp out in the MD's office until they figure out the cause!
I don't think this is "just a phase," especially since you indicate it suddenly started in the last few months.


sounds like she is in pain:( Maybe gas or teething. try mylicon or teething tablets. is she on formula? if so maybe switch kinds. hope one of these helps.

Ok, so I know that you probably have already tried, but when my oldest went through his cholic phase, I used lavender. I would light a candle, and rub him with lotion both scented with lavender. It not only helped to calm him a bit, but helped to keep me calm during his crying/screaming fits. I hope that this helps.

You will probably get this a lot, but...is she possibly teething? How is her sleep? My girls went through phases where their napping fell apart and they were fussy throughout the day, but they slept fairly well at night. At five-ish months, she might not have an established nap pattern yet though.

Also, what is the nature of the cry? A fussy, frustrated cry versus a pain cry? If it seems like she's in pain, I would get a second opinion just for peace of mind.

Hang in there!

My son had colic pretty bad around that age. He seemed to do better if he had pressure on his stomach...laying across my lap, or with an arm against his stomach, while rubbing his back.

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