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5 Month Old Cries ALL the Time

Hi there,
I have a 5 month old little girl that cries all the time. If she is awake she is almost guarenteed to be cring. She has been doing this for about 2 1/2-3 months. I have taken her to her doctor and he says that there is nothing wrong with her and that it is more then likely a faze. But at this point I am about to tear my hair out. I have tried everything I can think of: new toys, play mats, going for walks, playing music/t.v.,etc. I've tried a new formula and even letting her cry it out (which I hate doing). But nothing has worked so far. If anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them. Thanks

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Hi there,
I took her to another ped. and I'm trying a different formula, one that is suppose to help with colic etc. She wants to give that a little while to see if that helps and if not then she said it maybe reflux. It's nice to finally have a doctor listen and be willing to try something to figure out what is going on. I've only given her the new formula a few times and so far she seems to be happier a little longer at stretch. Thanks to everyone for the great tips, ideas and support! Update: It has been about a week since starting her on the new formula it she is doing sooo much better. She still has small issues here and there but it is nowhere near like before.

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Hi A., I totally sympathize with you. Both of my daughters were criers. My first daughter started teething at 3 months, and had all her teeth in a 1 year, so she was miserable all year. My second daughter was fussy because her brain was ahead of her body in development, and she wasn't happy until she was walking at age 7 1/2 months... in both cases, Swinga matics were their pacifiers!!!! So, if you don't have one, I highly recommend you doing so, for some peace and quiet... hope this works for her. Sincerely, CJ

Try another doctor. Could be a blockage or a milk allgery.
my freind had to boil rice and feed the rice water to her son. This is how she discovered that his problem was milk.
Hope this helps.

Have you tried going to the chiropractor? My daughter went after she was born just becasue after the stress of the delivery it's good for babies to get an adjustment. I would really look into that and see if that works.

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If she's fine with her formula and it's not colic, then she's overstimulated. Babies don't have a way to block out the stimulation and then their brains get "fried" from too much information. I would take all the toys with noise and lights and other gadgets away. It makes her more excitable and less likely to nap. Even music stimulates. If she has good rest (3 naps a day - 1.5 to 2 hours each), then she will be a happier baby. TV is the worst due to all the flashing images. We're able to handle these things b/c we're used to it. When she's over 2 years old, then she might have a little bit of TV. Otherwise, at this age, she doesn't need it. So I suggest trying this out to see if that will work. Good luck!

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Wow, that sounds super tough!
What about if you carry your 5 month old and have her in your lap? Does she still cry? If not, I would recommend a sling or a babybjorn and carry her around with you. Maybe she just needs you a lot, and needs to be close to you?
And, then I would try get another doctor's opinion.
Hang in there!

Sounds like you have your hands full. ......have you tried baby massage? It is very soothing and perhaps your baby has some gas? Lie her on her back, make eye contact, let her know you are going to massage her, take her legs by the ankles and alternately bend her knees into her belly gently but firmly and see what happens.....she may get some relief. Then you could knead her belly with your fingertips and also rub her belly in a clockwise rotation working around her belly button. Try these thing and you can use some baby camomille oil if you like. Have you tried taking her into the bath with you? How about the shower? I know when my daughters get fussy taking them into a new environment always helps. Is she too warmly dressed? Feel the back of her neck if it is clammy take off a layer. I hope this helps. Good Night

Get a second opinion! Get a third opinion, if necessary. Camp out in the MD's office until they figure out the cause!
I don't think this is "just a phase," especially since you indicate it suddenly started in the last few months.


sounds like she is in pain:( Maybe gas or teething. try mylicon or teething tablets. is she on formula? if so maybe switch kinds. hope one of these helps.

Ok, so I know that you probably have already tried, but when my oldest went through his cholic phase, I used lavender. I would light a candle, and rub him with lotion both scented with lavender. It not only helped to calm him a bit, but helped to keep me calm during his crying/screaming fits. I hope that this helps.

You will probably get this a lot, but...is she possibly teething? How is her sleep? My girls went through phases where their napping fell apart and they were fussy throughout the day, but they slept fairly well at night. At five-ish months, she might not have an established nap pattern yet though.

Also, what is the nature of the cry? A fussy, frustrated cry versus a pain cry? If it seems like she's in pain, I would get a second opinion just for peace of mind.

Hang in there!

My son had colic pretty bad around that age. He seemed to do better if he had pressure on his stomach...laying across my lap, or with an arm against his stomach, while rubbing his back.

Get a second oppinion from another Doctor. Try holding her close to your chest and singing. Are you sure you've tried EVERYTHING? Babies like riding in cars. I feel for you and I say to make complete syre that everything is alright. Go to another Doctor.

A friend had a similar problem. She took her child to a chiropractor. It turns out the child had a piched nerve. A few adjustments later and the crying stopped and there was no reoccurance...good luck and hang in there.

Try a wind-up swing. My daughter cried a lot at that age. Sometimes motion helps.

E. C.

Ask for a second opinion and see another doctor. Babies cry alot but not non-stop for about three months. Breastfeeding was always good for me, but I stopped after 6 months. You might give it a try. I wish you well.

Your probably stressed, which young babies pick up on, does she cry the same when your not there?

Some ideas:

Take a break for yourself to relax, have someone watch her so you can take a long calming bath.

Play soothing music, that helps to calm both mother and child.

She might need to hear the sound of your heartbeat, try carring her around in a baby sling, after both of you become calm, you can begin to ween her off the closeness of the swing.

If she needs the sound while she sleeps, they do have stuffed animals that play ocean sounds, heartbeats, etc.

Good luck.

Hi A., I totally sympathize with you. Both of my daughters were criers. My first daughter started teething at 3 months, and had all her teeth in a 1 year, so she was miserable all year. My second daughter was fussy because her brain was ahead of her body in development, and she wasn't happy until she was walking at age 7 1/2 months... in both cases, Swinga matics were their pacifiers!!!! So, if you don't have one, I highly recommend you doing so, for some peace and quiet... hope this works for her. Sincerely, CJ

Hi A.,
I taught a Happy Baby Class for fussy babies and their parent who what them to be happy for a brief time. There are a number of reasons why she might be crying. What puzzles me is that she started crying at about 2 1/2 months. Look back and see what might have changed at that time. Some children are very sensitive. Try using all natural fabrics, etc around. That means you have to wear natural fibers as well. Try an air filter, perhaps it is something air borne. After working with children for years I trained in CranioSacral Therapy because it can be so helpful in these situations. I am in Santa Rosa. You can also find therapist by going to: www.upledger.com
I would be happy to email with you and do some more brainstorming. ____@____.com

Mom and Grandma
retired teacher and early childhood professional
CranioSacral Therapy and Pregnancy Massage

Is it possible your daughter has reflux (GERD)? Check it out online. My daughter has been the same way and we just started her on Zantac and rice cereal (she is 4 months) and she is doing a lot better. Good luck.

Hi A.,
My name is J. and I am a mother of two and one on the way. Is your daughter brestfed? If she is breastfed try to look at your diet what your diet is like. I use to go to church with a lady that breastfed her daughter and everytime wouod eat anything with onion or garlice her daughter would cry. Also see if her stomach is hurting. When she cries try and touch her stomach. If she cries more that is because her stomach is hurting her. Lay her down and try to pull her legs straight. If one is shorter than the other her stomach is the problem. Just massage her stomach with your hands downward and grab her legs and bring them up to her chest (sort of push her stomach at the same time.) Let me know if this worked or not.

I don't know what could be wrong, but I would advise you to trust your motherly instinct. If you feel that something is wrong then maybe you should get a second opinion.

This can drive you crazy in the worst sort of way. I remember when my son was like this, mostly in the late afternoons and evenings. I strongly recommend getting out as much as you can -- try MOPS (link below), gym childcare, church childcare, etc. My son tended to quite down when we weren't at home. I also suggest trying some sort of babycarrier. I had to resort to sticking him in the babyswing often. My second son practically lived in the thing when he was an infant. Also, feel free to put her in the crib and shut the door now and then, especially when you feel like you can't stand her or are going nuts.

The good news is that my son eventually stopped the inconsalable crying, then went through a head-banging phase as a toddler and is now a sensitive and loving 6 year old. They do out grow it! Hang in there.


Try another doctor. Could be a blockage or a milk allgery.
my freind had to boil rice and feed the rice water to her son. This is how she discovered that his problem was milk.
Hope this helps.


My daughter also cried the whole first year of her life. She was so fussy and difficult. She is now 2 and 3 mos and super happy/ beautiful/ fun little girl. She is sensitive and if you tell her no you only need to do it very gently anything more strongly and she will cry but other than that she is so loving and HAPPY. She giggles, dances and charms everyone with her happiness. For our family it was a phase.


You poor thing! I totally sympathize. My little guy cried a lot during the early months and I didn't really have any family around to help. I remember people telling me "Oh all babies cry," or telling me that it was my fault that he was crying so much (e.g., he could "sense" that I was stressed out--well of course I was with all the crying!) Fortunately my doctor diagnosed my son with reflux and he responded well to treatment. (I call it "life before Zantac" and "life after Zantac.") With my son's reflux, there were obvious signs like sudden back-arching during and between feedings w/screaming, and lots of spit-up. In other cases, the signs are not so obvious.

I did a lot of reading on crying babies; there have been a lot of break-throughs. What is clear is this: it is NOT normal for a baby to be crying all the time. In the old days doctors would just call it "colic" and tell you to deal with it. Now they say it is usually one of two things: (1) cow's milk protein allergy; or (2) reflux. Both of these are painful conditions for the baby (and you of course,) but thankfully they can be treated.

I'm just curious, was there anything that changed 2&1/2 months ago? Did you switch from breastmilk to formula? If you are breastfeeding, maybe you need to cut out dairy, or if you are formula feeding, maybe you need to switch to a non-cow's milk formula, or a formula like Nestle Goodstart where the proteins are already broken down.

It is unfortunate that your doctor is being dismissive. I would get a second opinion immediately. Dr. Sears says if your baby is crying all the time, go to the doctor's office and refuse to leave until the doctor figures out what's wrong with your baby--it is NOT normal.

Dr. Sears (askdrsears.com) also talks about "high needs" babies, ones that demand a lot of holding and extra attention--without it they cry even more. It is certainly possible you have one of those, but it does seem kind of strange that it didn't occur until the baby was 2&1/2 months old.

I hope that helps. I wish you all the best.

I learned fast, as both my girls had some colic! Lots of moms were surprised with the success of these easy remedies: A car ride or sitting on the moving dryer in her carrier helped calm my girls, the motion soothed them. After trials, my best remedies were peppermint tea mixed with chamomile tea (either works alone, but together, WOW! and we still have both in the house decades later). For one daughter, tea from Bay Leaf helped. The colic homeopathic pellets were great - they are Camomila (Chamomile). A rub of the tummy and the heels of their feet helped. Putting the girls over our shoulder high with her tummy pressing into the shoulder (head hanging a little over our back) relieved tummy pain. Try everything (reasonable) to see what works best for your child. You will love having your happy, smiling girl back.

I would start with diet. You said you are using formula and have tried changing. How long? It is possible she is allergic and her stomach hurts all the time. What are her stools like? I have been through this. I am a mom of 7 and every other one has allergies and eczema. So, first go from what you are using now to soy for 1 month. If you don't see a change go to nutramigin for 1 month and you should see a change if I am right. Sorry for your trouble. Please feel free to email me directly with any other questions. I have lots of experience with this. ____@____.com

I had a baby who had colic. He cried all the time for a few months. It did get better. I do not want to say your daughter has colic or not, (which there is no definitive physiological explanation for) but I know what you mean by wanting to pull your hair out. I felt like throwing my baby out the window at times and then I had to deal with a crying baby AND with the guilt of feeling frustrated and angry. My advice is to just know that you are not alone in dealing with a fussy baby and whatever the reason for your daughters crying, it WILL get better as she grows. Just keep the big picture in mind. Also, my mothers advice helped which was "If you try to console your baby and they continue to cry, do not stress over it. There is nothing wrong with a baby crying." We just instinctively feel the need to help them stop crying. But a stressed out mom will not help. Just try to relax and know you have done your best.

Take her to another pediatrician, in the office or in another, and have her re-evaluated. It is not normal for a 5 month old to be crying all the time unless something is wrong.

Get the Happiest Baby on the Block DVD & use the tools. It works! Sounds like your baby is colicky, could be the formula or if you're nursing, foods you are eating may be bothering her.

Do you wear your baby? like in a sling or carrier throughout the day? That might help.

As a therapist who teaches bonding and parenting, your baby is trying to communicate something and needs you to hear her and be with her. If at all possible, try to just be with her crying instead of anxious about wanting to stop it. Don't "Shhhh" her; just hold her a lot and talk in soothing ways to her. You may find one thing works one day, like rocking, and another thing works another day, like walking. If you lovingly and patiently see her through this and she knows you're there for her, she will come out of it. I take it you are not breastfeeding, because that would be a way to bond and hold her close to your body. You can still hold her close to your skin when bottle feeding her--babies find comfort in that. There are also homeopathic drops for babies to help them with cholicky symptoms. Do you have a sling? I recommend wearing her close to your body with the sling so she can feel comforted by your warmth and presence. It's not so much about trying to distract her as it is about holding her and seeing her pain. If you talked in low, soothing tones and said, "I know, I know, I hear you. You're trying to tell me something and I'm here, I'm listening, and I'm going to help you through this. Mommy's here, Mommy's here," eventually she will calm. I would also suggest talking to a doula, midwife, or someone with Le Leche league to see what they recommend.

Good luck! Hang in there! P.S. I went through an episode like this when my daughter was a baby and I found if I didn't panic or get anxious and just stayed present to her needs and holding her a lot and soothing her, she got through it and calmed down and I felt better!

S. L.

Hi there:
My son who is now 11 had the same type of symptons when he was just ablout 5 months. Doctors are eager to tell you your baby is colicy because it is crying/fussy faze that does work it's course. I did the same as you- walks, toys, formula etc. One thing you may ask is to have the baby checked for acid reflux if you have not done so already. I use the AR formula that is by enfamil if I'm not mistaken. It was thicker and helped with gas and also spaced his feedings out as well. His crying spells ended in about a month and a half, but only two weeks after changing to the AR formula.
Keep patient and don't let your guard down for any new signs. Also, know that there will be an end in sight- myself and I am sure many many more mothers can relate to this and tell you all will work out. Don't be afraid to keep consulting with your pediatrician! Good luck to you and your daughters!

If the MD has ruled out medical causes (ie reflux etc.) that may be the cause of your daughters discomfort, you may want to consider sensory integration "tools". She may be over-stimulated by her environment and need less things to attend to. Try turning off lights, quiet external noises such as TV etc., and use quiet classical music (baby mozart is a good one). She may be sensitive to touch (clothing, light touch etc) and do better with firmer touch and clothing that is snug fitting.
This is all very child specific and may be best suited to be assessed by and occupational therapist that works with sensory integration to assist you. You can look up your counties regional center to assist you if you think this could be what's going on. Good luck.

I've had two boys with extreme colic so my heart goes out to you. The swing didn't work because they didn't like being folded up in it... same with the infant carrier for the car. Between the two boys we've tried everything you can imagine... gripe water, mylicon, massage... including a handful of craniosacral sessions... to no avail. They were (#2 still is) breastfed and had blood allergy testing to make sure they (or I) weren't eating anything to cause such upset. The only thing that worked to keep my littlest one quiet was to wrap him in a tight swaddle (1.5 yards of flannel from the fabric store) and then use a sling to hold his tummy up against my chest with his head resting on my shoulder. Then I'd walk around with him that way while patting his bottom. Yes, it's totally exhausting and if I sat down, even in a rocker or gider, he'd start screaming again. If he was still crying (or I had already breastfed and it was time for sleep) I would offer a Soothie pacifier (the only brand I didn't try with #1 who wouldn't take a paci... would have been so helpful). A lot of times the paci would get spit out immediately so get the paci "leash" and attach it to the sling or swaddlecloth. It's amazing what you can get done while jiggling with a baby in a sling and it saves you a gym membership :) You can pick up a used sling on craigslist or a baby resale shop but honestly the $30 I paid for my Nojo sling was worth every penny http://www.amazon.com/Crown-Crafts-Original-BabySling-Sea... . Nothing's worse than the sound of your baby crying... it took 6mos before my oldest woke from sleep without screaming his head off immediately and unfortunately it took a year with the second one. It's easy to feel down or jealous when you see folks with happy easygoing babies and you've got yours mummified and strapped on while neurotically bouncing and jiggling... but I'd rather have a quiet observant little one "tied up" than a hellbent screamer!

At 5 months, it shouldn't be colic any more. I think you should take her to another doctor for a second opinion. Sometimes babies can have a hidden issue, like gastric reflux, which can cause pain after eating and sometime when eating. I have a friend who's baby did the exact same thing. They got him on Zantac and he's now sleeping in an elevated bed and he's like a completely different baby.

I am a first time mom, so my advice isn't that great. But maybe post this question at the threads at www.babycenter.com. They are really helpful.

Maybe swaddling and rocking will sooth her? or a pacifier? Also making sure she gets enough naps?

Good luck! I will be interested in what advice you get.

Hi A.,
It must be so frustrating! Although crying is normal, I would think that if your baby is crying all the time, that she's trying to tell you something. Have you ever taken her to a chiropractor? It may seem like a funny suggestion, but there have been many cases where a colicky baby is helped through chiropractic. Babies from birth on up can often have pinched nerves from misalignments in the spine. It could be caused early by birth trauma or just about anything. My husband is a doctor of chiropractic in Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area and he would be happy to talk with you about it. His name is Dr. Andre Tio at ###-###-####. We have 2 girls also, 2.5 yrs, and 1 yr. They both get their spines checked regularly. Best wishes!


I have a son who cried all the time...but he had acid reflux and had to take medication. It sounds to me that your daughter could have a reaction to formula or maybe she is teething. Ask to see a tummy specialist. It took me forever to get to the bottom of the problem.

You can try Gripe water or mylicon drops because she may have gas, also try burping her often... i had to burp my kid for 30 minutes no joke and between bottles. For teething you can try Hylands teething tablets which are natural & safe. Unfortunately you are probably going to have to try everything before you find a solution...hopefully the info i gave you will help. take care, and good luck...try to hang in there.

I know it's tough but you must let her cry it out. If she has been fed and her diaper is dry and she is not sick, then she's probably learning to control you. You need to put her in her crib and let her cry till she stops. Don't pull your hair out!! Get something to cover your ears and maybe help from a friend, she could cry for up to an hour or more. Don't go in. The next day do the same thing she will cry for a little bit less time. continue this until she stops the routine. Be patient and calm and most of all be strong. Warning ... If you go in the room anytime before she stops crying then, she got you! and you'll have to start the process all over again. You don't want that do you?
T. K.

Oh my gosh, I feel for you. My daughter cried a lot until about this age. What worked best for her was the car fan (a/c or heat , it was really the noise she liked), on full blast in conjuction with a drive. I also bought a while noise machine for those times at home when I couldn't be driving all day, and the waterfall noise worked best for her. It's made by Homedics and has 6 different white noises on it. I ordered online, but Target may carry it. I also bought a cd for her room with white noises that helped her at bedtime called Hush Little Baby- Soothing Sounds for Sleep by Kids Music Factory. I just felt she was constantly on sensory overload and a dark room ( or the car seat with the hood closed) and loud white noise helped her deal a little better. She still cried, but it was more tolerable with these little tricks. If nothing else, you can at least put her in her crib and try the white noise for you for 10 minutes while you catch your breath since you don't have much help. A few minutes may be all you need to regroup and feel calmer.
Hope you find the trick for her!

Hi A.,
I wonder if your daughter may have an acid reflux. It's very hard to diagnose. Try to add rice cereal to the formula and see if it makes any difference in her behavior.
Good Luck

If you haven't done so already, consider switching formulas. She could be allergic to the one you are using and her tears may from tummy aches.

Hi I would never in my wildest dreams think I would be responding to someone on the computer but I just couldn't let this go by. For heaven sake girl find another Doctor!!! This is not normal and it is not a faze.. I can't believe a Dr. would say this. If she were older maybe but not a five month old. Something is wrong! You are entitled to a second opinion and even a third. Are you getting help from your husband? Please let me know what you decide to do. I am a mother of 3 and grandmother of 7 so I have a little experience.

Hi there,
That is very hard to listen to your baby crying all the time and I would be worried as well if I were you.
Babies usually have a very good reason for crying and I would strongly recommend that you keep trying to find out what is causing her discomfort.
If her pediatrician says nothing is wrong, try another pediatrician and be insistent that it is not normal for a baby to be crying all the time. Don't be intimidated by any doctor because you know your baby better than anybody else, including her doctor.
I believe God has given us Moms a special connection to our children so that we know when something is wrong and if her pediatrician says its nothing, keep at it until you find out what is wrong.
Good luck!


When does she stop crying? What makes her stop crying? This is NOT a phase, and babies don't continue to cry day-after-day normally.
She needs something. Is she pooping regularly? Maybe she's miserable with constipation...
You might have to take her back to the Dr for a second look at her. Is she Breastfed or on Formula?


I don't know what formula you are using, but if it's still a milk one, you need to to first try soy formula and if that doesn't work, you'll have to try Nutramogen (sp?). It's really expensive, but it sounds like your baby is in discomfort and may have lactose intolerance. My son was this way and the soy formula worked great for us. I used the Carnation Soy formula.

I would start with that and keep bugging the Dr if her temperament doesn't improve. Good Luck!

My daughter is now 12, but when she was about 1 month old she started crying a lot more - I mean a lot more than usual. She is my first child, so I didn't know if there was something else I should be doing. I took her to the doctor, but he also couldn't find anything wrong with her. She was healthy.

At 2 months I noticed that she would cry more some time after a feeding and her tummy felt tight. Fortunately, my mother-in-law is a nurse and has had her experiences with many babies in her life. She suggested that it might be colic. There is no known cause for colic. Some say it is caused by the infant's immature digestive system, allergies, etc.

My husband had the same problem as a baby. He couldn't digest regular formula, so he was given goat's milk and it worked. I went through about 4 different types of formula, and found one that my daughther took to and the crying eventually ended within a week. By the time she was 3 months, she was a happier baby. I hope this helps and best wishes to you and your baby.

Mine cried until just over 5 months old. I had breastfed and they recommended I start supplementing her. She soon outgrew it. Don't worry, this too shall pass all too quickly. . .mine's now 2 1/2 and growing up faster than I ever expected.

Dear A.,

My daughter had colic for three months. I started giving her GRIPE WATER available at Whole Foods and giving her infant massage twice a day. I used the book Infant Massage--Revised Edition: A Handbook for Loving Parents by Vimala Schneider Mcclure. It has a chapter on colic. I have an extra copy. I could drop it off today or tomorrow if you contact me.

Another friend would sit on an exercise ball and bounce up and down while her baby looked out the window.

This is a very difficult time, but it will not last forever!


Oh no! This must be frustrating. Have you tried "wearing" her in a baby carrier? If you've tried one and found them uncomfortable, there are different styles you can try. For example, I found the Baby Bjorn horribly uncomfortable on my shoulders, and found the Ergo carrier to be easiest and most comfortable. We found that carrying our little boy in the earlier months was a lifesaver.

You could also get a 2nd opinion from a different pediatrician?

Good luck!

My sister had a similar experience with her daughter, who is almost 6 months old. If she didn't have a bottle in her mouth, she was crying. She's a big momma's girl, and my sister just assumed that it was because she wasn't holding her. On a whim one day, she decided to try her on rice cereal. Surprisingly, not only did she eat the whole bowl, but my sister has has her on solids ever since, and she's a MUCH happier baby!!! I also had my son on solids at 5 months old, which is earlier than the recommended 6 months, but he was much happier as well.

I don't know if she's crying when you hold her, but you could also try holding her in a sling or the Ergo Baby Carrier to keep her close. My son had separation anxiety BAD starting around 3 months old, and we did the sling for a while.

Just a couple things to think about and/or try! Good luck!

If she's not yet eating solids and changing the formula hasn't helped(thinking maybe food sensitivity) then I would highly recommend having her adjusted by a chiropractor. Find one who is used to doing children. The way they adjust babies is very gentle. We have used chiropractic care for years and I know stories of several babies whose "colic" was cured by a simple adjustment. Hold you baby upside down by her hips or upper thighs (not her ankles if you're not trained in doing this!!). If her body curves straight back then she is properly aligned. If it curves to one side or the other then she is out of whack and would probably benefit greatly from an adjustment. If she is eating any solids at all, including rice cereal, I would also recommend taking them out of her diet for a few more months. Many baby's digestive systems cannot tolerate solids until 9 months of age. I know it may also seem hard with a 20 month old as well but don't forget that babies love to be held. Does she cry when you hold her or just when she's put down? I really hope you figure it out. I disagree with your doctor, babies do not just cry for no reason. My guess is food sensitivity (could even be something you're eating if you nurse at all) or that her body is not aligned properly at the moment. I also want to add that Grip water, chamomile tea or water with a bay leaf boiled in it helps soothe tummy trouble. Good luck!

I am a 30 year old stay-at-home earthy mama of a 5 year old girl with a new little one on the way.

This is such a hard situation! I suggest taking her to a doctor who specializes in stomach problems (gastrointestinal doc) first. She might be having problems with gas or digestion. There are some over the counter products on the market like baby Mylocon, etc. that would help if gas is the case. Your doctor obviously is not helping - find another one! He/she is just not in tune with your problem. Good luck to you!

my son cried all the time like that from about 1 month old until I think it was about 6 or 7 months, they called it colic which just means the baby is crying and they don't know why. I found that gas medince 3 times a day helped and baths. Bath time was the only time he wouldn't cry without me holding him so he had multiple baths a day so I could get some sane time (time without crying). I remember a few times he had been crying for hours I had tried everything and I just had to lay him in the bed walk in my room and cry for like 1-2 minutes go back and get him and try it all again. I did learn that he liked to go outside and look at things and just be held and walked around. I know that it is very hard and those whose kids didn't do it just don't understand how tough it is and try to say "oh my baby cries like that sometimes too" I remember that used to make me so mad because it was not sometimes it was all the time, and all the things that made him stop and keep me from pulling out my hair made it so nothing else in the house got done. something I just kept reminding myself was that "I don't see 1,2,3 year olds walking aroung crying all the time for no apparent reason, he will grow out of it" Good luck and hang in there.

Hi A.,
I'm so sorry you and your baby are going through this! I went through some similar behavior with my baby, but along with other symptoms. Medicine still has the catch all term 'colic' for babies who exhibit similar behavior...my baby after much pursuit turned out to have reflux and was much better after getting on medication for the problem and had regular visits with a G.I. specialist. I don't know if your baby has tummy troubles, but I believe you need to listen to your baby and not the doctor who is dismissing/misadvising you. I am an R.N. of many years and I so feel for you and what you're going through. I'd have to know more to know of your baby's specific potential problem and R.N.s don't "diagnose", but I advise you to seek help from another physician as soon as possible. We have to advocate for our babies and you are doing an excellent job of that! I wish we could speak on the phone-I'm at ###-###-#### if this site will allow me to give you my #. All the best-call me if you'd like-J.

If she is drinking formula maybe you should try a Soy instead of a milk based. Is she crying only during a certain time? After she eats, when she is having a bowl movement? I would suggest you keep a log of what she is eating and doing when she is crying to try and gather some sort of patern. Crying for long periods of time over such a long period of time IS NOT NORMAL and you have every right to feel that way. I would keep a log(again) and take it to her ped. for advise if this continues. It is not good for you for your child. She is crying for a reason you just have to figure it out (with some assistance from her DR) dont back down. Your instincts are on point. Good luck keep us updated on how things turn out.

My son cried a lot as a baby until I discovered he was allergic to cow's milk. I was giving him a combination of breastmilk and formula. I stopped dairy products myself and switched him to goat's milk. He's been fine ever since.

I am 5 months pregnant so can't speak from personal experience however I was recently given an article by my health care provider about chiropractic care for pregnant women and infants. I know of a very good chiropractor who has experience working with infants suffering from colic and unresolved crying and he has good success helping both. He also is able to help infants who do not want to crawl and choose methods such as scooting on their butts to get around. Anyway I found it interesting that I knew of the benefits of chiropractic care on infants through my chiropractor but then I got handed information by my everyday health care provider too. So if all else fails this might be something to consider. There are chiropractors listed here who specialized in infants and pregnant women.

Does she eat? Maybe she is hungry. My son did that until I fed him. He was starving.

Hi A.,
I know what you are going through can be very frustrating, Please try adding gripe water to her formula, it worked wonders on my baby a few months ago (about 3 months to 6 months) the only place I could find it is Longs Drugs in the baby section, it calms their tummy. I added to her formula at every feeding. Hope this helps. Hang in there...
By the way I also have mine on Soy, She was not doing well on milk.

Have you tried going to the chiropractor? My daughter went after she was born just becasue after the stress of the delivery it's good for babies to get an adjustment. I would really look into that and see if that works.

I really feel for you. I had a situation like this with my first son - there was nothing showing up in the physical tests, and yet he was crying in pain all day. It was so hard. It really tore up the family to hear him crying.

One day I shared this with my teaching colleague Sarah Gillen (I'm a psychologist coach who teaches foundational coaching classes), and it turns out she has worked with children with severe problems- with her background in Chinese Medicine and being a medical intuitive. I already trusted her as a colleague, and no one else had helped my son, i really wanted to give him relief, so i set up appts. with her.

With Sarah Gillen's help, my son was cured. I couldn't believe it. She could see the physical and emotional problems no one else could, it was really amazing. I knew my son was crying in pain- now I realize they call it colic- or another word for it is we don't know what is going on. If you ever just want to vent about how hard this is, please do. And if you want to call Sarah Gillen, her website is www.sarahgillen.com, you can consult with her by phone (she is in Vermont). She was so helpful, I still to this day consult with her about my boys. (We have children the same years apart (21 months and 2 months), gosh do I resonate with your situation!)

If you are in the Bay Area, I also trust Portia Lee, who is a local herbalist and acupuncturist: www.portialee.com
who really is good with pregnant women, moms, and kids. She knows about natural herbal remedies and pressure points that help with digestion, etc. She also has success turning around situations that aren't getting resolved with Western medicine.

Although it is really hard to be around so much crying, trust yourself and your daughter. She is crying for a reason, and sometimes only you as a mom can tolerate that much crying and stay with her. I used to sit by myself with the baby and our two puppies, bounce him on my leg, and distract him by throwing the ball at the dogs. We also used gripe water from the Indian stores (my pediatrician was cool, and told us to avoid the over the counter gas drops because they were addictive). We also switched to Gentleease formula. In the end though, it did take someone with an alternative medicine background to really pinpoint the problem.

I know this is really hard. Nothing harder. I'm sending you good vibes!

Our 8 month old cried non stop until we gave him mylicon. It is for babies who are suffering from tummy troubles. We got it at Target and he has been much better since we started using it. The doctor initially told us he was colicky, but the problem was really his tummy. Changing formulas did not help either. Good Luck!

Hi A.,
My first son was like that-cried ALL the time. I eventually figured out that it was just his personality. He is 6 now and still a VERY sensitive boy. I know it is hard, but your baby will eventually outgrow the crying spells as she becomes more mobile and able to busy herself with other things. In the meantime, try to stay calm and remember that nothing lasts forever. I know it is hard. We tried to let our son "cry it out" too but he would just throw up so that never worked. Hang in there.

Hi there. well it really could be she is frustrated for some reason. I know it's hard because you yourself do get tired of hearing it. Well this is personal but are you up sight when you hold her or are you tense about anything. Babies are very intuative and they sense everything. Havae you tried to let other people hold her or try to find away to stop her from crying? I use to just talk to my daughter non sto when she did this and she enjoyed the convversation and did finally stop. Hang in there it will stop, but don't expect instant gradification. Good luck I hope I helped.

Hi A.,
I too had a a child that cried ALL The TIME! He was a premmie weighing in at 3lbs, 12oz. At one month old he cried usually in the evenings. At two months old he cried morning and evening. By three months he cried 24/7. I too was about to tear my hair out. I feel your frustrations. The dr just chalked it up to colic. But when other issues came up around four months of age like profound hearing loss and failure to thrive, the dr took me a little more seriously. We had been pleading to see a specialist, and finally we were sent to a Gastroenterologist who diagnosed our son at 5 and 1/2 mo. with acid reflux. Now Raymond did not vomit or even spit up, but the acid from his stomach was coming up into his esophagus and burning, especial when in a reclined position like his car seat or infant swing. Everytime we got into the car, he would cry or scream the whole time. Looking back we could understand why now. We tried many different medications, and the reflux continued to worsen to the point that at between the age of 1-2 years he started vomiting frequently, projectile even. Now he is age 9 and a very happy kid, full of love. He is special needs, has quadreplegic Cerbral Palsy with numerous medical needs. He continues to take medication for acid reflux. He and our older son are the joys of my life.
But just know that sometimes, "colic" or alot of crying could be a medical condition that could be helped, like acid reflux. It might help to ask to see a specialist to rule that out. I have had friends whose typical kids have also had acid reflux and had great results from some medication to help them through. I hope this helps. Take Care!

My oldest daughter cried every afternoon for hours when she was a baby, and although the doctor couldn't find anything wrong, I thought it was because she was having a hard time digesting the formula.In alternative medicine, there are several things that you can do to help your baby. If you live close by ( I live in Watsonville, CA) I can teach you a baby massage that relieves pressure on their stomach and intestines.Babies love it. As a homeopath, there are also several different remedies that would help your daughter with her symptoms. Baby accupressure also is very effective. If the problem is more nervous system oriented, then try cranial-sacral. For your own sanity, try joining a Mom's group. Having some time to yourself, will at least do wonders for your own nerves.

Good Luck

i WAS this little girl turns out i couldn't digest my food right and my tummy hurt terribly from gas and cramps (which is still a problem) your doctor is uncaring go back and make him listen it is NOT normal for a child to cry ALL the time that is no phase and you are being pushed to a point where you could end up abusing your wonderful child (my mom did and THEN the dumb doctor listened!) good luck!

Does she take a pacifier? This has been a great soother for my 6 month old baby boy...there were times when he would cry and I just didn't know what to do. Just try to stay calm and be patient. I know that's easier said than done but sometimes we need to remember that crying is their only form of communicating right now. She may just want to be carried. Have you tried a Snugli (baby carrier)?

Well, I do want to encourage you. My daughter (14 now) pretty much cried solid until she was nine months old. I'd say check with another doctor, GET A BABY SITTER for an hour or two a week, and try putting her in a new environment when she cries. Like go out side with her in a carriage, go for a walk. I believe part of my daughter's problem was that I personally was going through a very difficult time in my own life, and I was nursing, and I transferred that worry to her. Also, I was like that when I was a baby, and I think babies just have to mature and grow. Mine was quiet during the hours of 4:PM till 7:PM. This is when my husband would come home (we lived with his mom, poor thing) and I lived waiting for him to come home. All I can tell you is get physical help, and remember it is only temporary! My daughter became healthy and quiet and happy at 9 mo. and has been ever since. J.

My youngest daughter was like that. She always cried. It was so hard. 2 things where going on with her, the first was that she was infected (it gets passed on realy easy) with klebsiela a bacteria. you need to do a stool test (not every lap tests for that) Great Smoky is one of them who does.
My daughter also did not gain mutch weight which is another symtom. I went to a Naturpathic Dr. who found out about this and she made me some herbal tincture. it worked like a charm.
it was a very stressfull time until we found out what the problem was.
the other issue was that my daughter had a hard time incarnating. i don't know if you belive in such things, but if i was not a beliver before i sure was after i did all kind of healing work with her.
I am a mother of 5 my oldest is 28 and my youngest is now 11.
good luck P.

Have you tried something called "Gripe Juice"? They sell it at Longs Drug Store and I've heard that it works really good. They also have "Little Tummies" or "Mylacon" for gassy babies, my son is very gassy and if we don't give him the drops he will cry and cry. I hope one of these things will help. Sounds like your baby girl may have Colic and unfortunatly there isn't anything you can do that you aren't already doing. (I do agree with Beth though, at 5 months the Colic should be gone... take your baby to another doctor for a second opinion) Best of luck to you!!!

Not sure if any of this will help but I have been there! Maybe try a little cereal with pears... she may need more than just formula or breastmilk? It sounds like she is teething... possibly try some of those sack things at babies r us and put frozen foods in them for her to chew on until melted... HUmm... Know you do not want to hear it could be a phase but I promise this too shall pass!

Hope something helps.


My cousins experienced this same thing with their daughter. The poor thing seemed to be absolutely miserable. She cried all of the time no matter what. My cousin's friend had suggested to her that she take her to a cranial sacral therapist. She didn't believe that anything of this nature would work, but she was willing to try ANYTHING. She took her and before the session had ended the baby seemed relieved. The baby also hadn't had a bowel movement in a couple of days, and she was relieved by the end of the session. They only made a visit to the therapist two different times, and the baby was a completely different character. She's been fine and happy ever since!! I guess that the delivery can have a major impact on the skull, the nerves, and all of that stuff. My cousins found their therapist in Las Vegas. I don't know if there is one closer to where you live or not. But they say it was definitely worth every dime spent! Good luck with all of it and keep us posted!

I would go to another doctor and get her checked. My son cried a lot during teething but that does not last that long. A second opinion is important here= you don't want to miss something.

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