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4 Month Old Continues to Lose Pacifier, Wakes up Crying

My 4 month old (breastfed baby) was sleeping pretty good at night in her own crib. Now for the past 2 weeks, she has been spitting out her paci, then whinning until I re-insert it. This happens on and off throughout the night (about 10 times on average). I have resorted to sleeping on the floor in her room to that I can get to her more easily, yet keep her in own room. I am considering the CIO method and weaning her off of the paci all together but not sure how it will go. Anyone out there been through this??? HELP! :)

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Thank you very much to all those who gave me input. Over the past couple weeks I really observed my daughter and realized that she only needs the paci to fall asleep, not during the night or day. So I just wait until she falls asleep and then remove it myself so that it doesn't get stuck behind her neck. She is still experiencing sleep problems and I now think the paci is the least of my concern. Beginning tonight, I am going to start letting her "cry it out", I think that this will help her learn to soothe herself and become less dependent on the paci. Thanks again to all of you!!!


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My 5 year old had a similar relationship with her pacifier (binky for us). I too spent time on the bedroom floor: it was easier than getting up over & over.

Eventually I got too tired & let her cry.
She cried a lot that night, but the next night, we didn't give her the binky. She cried at first, and woke up a few times crying, but much less severely than the first night. It got better in just a few days, and then like magic the binky was gone:)

E. - I had twins that loved their pacifiers and I was desparate. We used the clips (from MAMM) to clip an extra binki on to their pjs at night. The strings are TOO short to strangle them and we all got a good nights sleep!

My youngest daughter is 4 months old and breastfed as well. When she does that a few times it usually means she's hungry. Good luck!

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Hi E.,

I would highly recommend co-sleeping with your baby. I tried to keep my oldest in her own room and we both were in misery. My youngest hasn't left my bed at 20 months and I have had very few mornings where I woke up feeling like I haven't had enough sleep. Your baby needs you. If you train her to sleep without you, you are letting her know that you are unavailable at night. And for some kids (most I think) this is the scariest part of the day. You are already kind of co-sleeping by sleeping on her floor. Why not make you both comfortable in your bed? There are great resources and statistics out there if you are interested. Mothering.com is a great place to start. Best of luck.

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Hi E.,
We ran into the same problem with our twins. They would lose/throw it on the floor or just lose it in the crib and then cry for us to get it. A big game to them. It lasted about a week with us going in about 2x/night and then they got colds and couldn't really even use them b/c they couldn't breath through their noses so we took the opportunity and went cold turkey one day. They fussed a bit for 2-3 naps/nighttimes, but it wasn't bad AT ALL. It was fine. You just need to stay firm once youtake it away it is gone. I had to get rid of the extra ones we had too b/c it was too tempting for me to use at different times (though we only would let them use them in the crib, except occ on long road trips for our sanity..with 2 and all!)
hope that helps. I would just throw it away and let her cry. she will adjust quickly, you will be suprised. she will sleep better w/o it and she needs/deserves a better night sleep, as do you!

Hello E. \''/

I think it is important to allow your little one to keep using the pacifier and not to wien her off of it. All babies need the pacifier. May I make a suggestion? Light naps for you while she is napping (or just lying down). I know you must be exhausted at times. So, it's important to make time for yourself to get a little bit of rest, even if it's for 15 minutes. When she lies down, you should lie down at the same time.

Oh! Also, I strongly suggest a good walk in the park where it's nice and clean, where she is getting exposed to fresh air. The fresh air is so good for little one's. It knock's them right out (usually). I would go to a park (or somewhere very open and safe) and enjoy the non polluted air.

I know and understand how tiresome it can be to keep on putting the pacifier into babies mouth. And what about just eliminating her paci at night only. She could do her little routine during the day.

Crying it out is hard, but it does work; you'd get more sleep, too (in your own bed!). You know why she's crying, so you know it's not emergent and that she's okay. It's good for them to learn to self-soothe without "stuff" to help them. Thumbs are always nice, too!

My husband and I co-slept with both of our daughters and it greatly increased our sleeping time. I'm an extremely light sleeper and very very grumpy if I am woken up at night or early in the morning. This way, when my 8 month old wakes at night (she's teething currently - she was sleeping through the night next to me until that first tooth starting working its way up) all I have to do is pull up my shirt and pop her on. I don't have to wake up completely or get out of bed so my sleep remains constant and restful!

So that's what I would do (along with losing the pacifier). There are many great studies about the safety of co-sleeping and several point to it being safer than having the baby in a crib in the other room. A wonderful book to read about co-sleeping is called "Three in a Bed" by Deborah Jackson. It has the studies and tons of other information about the ins and outs of co-sleeping!

It can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/Three-Bed-Benefits-Sharing-Your/dp/...

Best wishes!

I put the baby on her side holding a folded receiving blanket in a hugging fashion. the top portion of the blanket I used to keep the paci in place without worrying about breathing issues.

E. - I had twins that loved their pacifiers and I was desparate. We used the clips (from MAMM) to clip an extra binki on to their pjs at night. The strings are TOO short to strangle them and we all got a good nights sleep!

I don't think she should be sleeping with a pacifier. I don't know what your pediatrician told you, but I was told right from the start that the pacifier came out as soon as my son went to sleep. We were lucky and he didn't need it to fall asleep, but I think you should just wean her off of it. I know that's easier said than done, especially with a four-month old, but the sooner the better is what I've always heard about the pacifier anyway. It may be a pain for a week or two, but imagine all the wonderful sleep you'll get afterwards. Good luck.

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