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34 And a Half Weeks Along and Feeling So Much Pelvic Pressure

Hi everyone,

I'm pretty sure that I'm just being overly concerned but I'm almost 35 weeks along in my second pregnancy. For the past week I've been feeling major pressure in my lower abdomen and pelvic area. I was convinced that this was the baby dropping until I visited my mom last weekend, now she has me as worried as she is!! I had a drs. appt. Tues. and everything checked out okay. I didn't ask the doc about the pelvic pressue because it didn't get really painful until last night. I'm having braxton hicks but nothing regularly. Please put my mind at ease and tell me that it's just my body preparing for labor:). If anyone out there is having the same issues let me know! Thanks!!

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Thanks everyone, I'm feeling much more comfortable by hearing all your wonderful advice. Last night was horrible for an hour with contractiions but tonight I haven't had more than 2. I'm finally done with work as of today, so taking it easy should be easier!! I'll ask my dr. about everything at my next appointment, I just want her to hang on a couple more weeks and than she can come at anytime :)!

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I remember the days! It all sounds perfectly normal to me. You feel the bottom is going to fall out and that you might just drop that baby any minute. Baby must be head down and ready for the trip down the slide. No worries!

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I had my son at 36 weeks and around 34 is when he dropped and it started to hurt REALLY BAD. I could barely pick up my feet there was so much pain in my pelvis, I spent all day shuffling around and was uncomfortable sitting and laying down as well. I kept thinking about the Little Mermaid and how every time she took a step on land it was like knives stabbing her. I don't think they put that in the movie. Anyway. I went to my midwife appointment and she sent me straight to a chiropractor. (I'd tell you which one but it wouldn't do you any good since I'm living in Florida now.) I went twice before my son was born and then again after and it made a HUGE difference. I seriously went from barely being able to pick up my feet on the way into the office to being able to get into the car and shut the door without wanting to scream when we left. It seems that as he started to drop and my pelvis spread everything was getting all kinked up and pressing on nerves. I also had Braxton Hicks contractions on and off from about 27 weeks. Those didn't really start to hurt until about four days before my water broke. So there you go. Call your doctor if you're still worried but it sounds almost exactly like what I had going on and although my son was technically early he was born at a free standing birth center attended by midwives and is absolutely fine.

I remember the days! It all sounds perfectly normal to me. You feel the bottom is going to fall out and that you might just drop that baby any minute. Baby must be head down and ready for the trip down the slide. No worries!

Go to your Dr & have a pelvic exam. That will tell you all.
Good luck & stay off your feet. You deserve it.

iwould just give your doc a call they do have nurses to answear the little thing like this i had pain like that and did nothing and about gave birth to my 3 baby on the way to the hospital she was rutten to get out at 35 week she was fine so relax make the call freeze a 2 litter bottle for back pain then wrap it it help

I'm sure it is probably perfectly normal. However, to be safe, you might want to call your doctor's office. If nothing else, they may be able to suggest some positions that would/could help relieve the pressure.

Hi S. ~
I'm an OB nurse and patients have this complaint alot. With your first baby, the muscles, ligaments, etc. are tight. Then that pregnancy stretched them out. So now, with this second pregnancy, those muscles and ligaments aren't as strong as they were the first time, so you get the pelvic pressure. You can get a pregnancy girdle at a medical supply store that will help, although at 35 weeks you're almost done, and I've heard they can be expensive. You basically need something to support your lower abdomen and lift everything up.
Good luck!

Hi! I had major pelvic pressure as well during my pregnancies~ the most extreme being my last one. It felt like my insides were about to just fall right out! I always had braxton hicks, too. It's likely just your body, but don't hesitate to call your Dr. to ask about it to put your mind at ease : o ) Blessings!

I had the same thing with my third child, it was almost unbearable in the last few days of pregnancy. My Dr. said it was just something that happens the more kids that you have the more your body and muscles have to stretch. I just suggest to take it sort of easy and know that it will be gone soon and your pain will be worth it in the end. I remember crying the night before my c-section, I thought he was going to fall out I couldn't wait for it to be done and over with! Then I thought geez how can those women do it with more than three kids, kudos to them!!!!!

hi.. i'm in your same boat! yes, your body is vigorously preparing for labor! i'm 36wks today...also with a toddler at home...and carrying a baby that is so slow i can't believe he doesn't just drop out! i've had "pain" when he moves and it's generally uncomfortable all day walking, etc- like you described... does your baby still move regularly? are you spotting? make sure your doct knows how you're feeling but if there aren't any other red flags... rest assured your body is doing what it's suppose to... I ditto what others have said! Best of luck to you!

Rest when you can. My daughter had this with her first and we kept thinking it was labor, then she had to be induced when the baby was 2 weeks overdue! I always say: Listen to your body.

Well definitely call your doctor! That is what they are there for. Make him/her earn that posh salary! I remember feeling the kind of pressure that you are having but it may not have been as intense as you describe. Definitley call and be safe!

Hi there,
as a Labor and Delivery nurse I would tell you that this is very normal. This is your second baby and things are stretched out down there from your previous pregnancy and delivery. You have muscles, ligaments, bones down there and when baby sits on all of that, inside of your uterus, it causes a lot of discomfort. A lot of times in 2nd/3rd babies, the baby may not "drop" until you are in labor. Don't worry too much about what others are saying and if you continue to be worried, call your OB's office. You will know when the time comes to have the baby. Unless you have history of preterm delivery then you are unlikely to this time around. Best of luck! Where will you deliver at?

i remember feeling that way, especially with my son, he was a bigger baby so that might have something to do with it. i think it's just your body adjusting to the huge task it's about to take of giving birth! i would say that as long as you're not having regular contractions, you're not leaking water, you haven't lost your mucous plug, that it's just normal pressure. i often felt nervous about it, too, like the baby could just come out!
hope you feel more comfortable!!

I had the pressure with my second and third! It was awful! I also had it a couple times with a bladder infection while pregnant. Also-another cause-dehydration-bladder infections and dehydration will cause te contractions. Drink ALOT of water today and see if the contractions stop-and you should call your dr. about the symptoms because infections are so common with pregnancies! I didn`t know that until my second child.

Talk to your doctor, but I am sure you are absolutely 100% fine. You are having your second baby shortly after your first and everything is still stretched out and not as "supportive" as it was the first time around. I felt that way from five months on with my second (just 16 months after the first) and was convinced she was going to just fall out one day :)
Talk to your doctor to put your mind at ease, but I'm sure you and the baby are ok. Happy delivery!

You may want to talk to your doctor just to ease yoru mind but I also experienced/am experiencing this. With my frist pregnancy, I remember having braxton hicks a lot during the last month of pregnancy. And I was also feeling pelvic pressure easily at 35-36 weeks. And I actuallyl went over my due date with that pregnancy. Right now, I'm 33 weeks along with my 2nd pregnancy and the same thing is happening. I think it's just that the baby is getting big now and running out of room so you're feeling more pressure.

But if it eases your mind, definitely call your doctor :)

Every pregnancy is different... And you notice different things with each one. The positioning of the baby also plays a role in it... :-)

With my first I had one of those wait no symptom jogging along no worrys pregnancys... With my 2nd I noticed more of the pressure on my hips and pelvis... With my 3rd my legs itched and had to be caked in lotion to help. I also noticed aLOT more aches and discomfort in the ligaments in the pelvis area. :-)Yes, we are planning a 4th... Cause that 4 months of ouch is well worth the blessings!

Does it help when you get off your feet? Mine was always worse after I had been standing/ moving for a while. Does it get more noticeable as the day progresses?

WATER!!!!!! Not so much the drinking... But sitting in it! I spent most of my evenings in our tub. The water helps take some of the weight off and helps soothe the muscles.
It also helped during labors of a 9lb7oz and 10 lb kids...

Try laying down and resting more... (i know, you have a 2 1/2 yr old and resting is like telling a fish to live out of the water) But try. Also drink red raspberry tea. It helps tone your uterus and helps labor along when it does start. (It will not start anything) You can get it from the health food store...

It may have been the baby moving down abit... But it is still abit early for it to fully drop... Your gonna be back in the drs office in not too long... for your next check up, make a note to mention it then and you can always call them if it does get really bad.

Tell hubby that you are putting yourself on a more resting schedule and that he will have to chase the munchkin when he's home... Also ask if maybe mom, relatives, or good friends could come over and help out with things like laundry, vacuuming, etc... Don't be too proud to ask... You need the rest and that baby to be as full term as possible more...

Good luck and put your feet up!

A friend of mine is expecting also, she's not as far as you, and she's already having pelvic pressure/pain. She had it with her first also. Some days it's ok, other days it's unbearable. She explains it as if her bones are rubbing together and that climbing stairs, sitting crossed-legged, or too much walking can irritate it. Her midwife ensures it's pregnancy related and normal and most likely because she's carrying the baby low. Supportive bands and undies have helped her. Good luck! You're almost there!

S., I had the same problem but much earlier (I think it was at 31 weeks). I believe that it was my body getting ready for this baby to arrive. Even though I had to go early (not because of baby but because my heart rate was up and I was getting bronchitis) the baby was quite high in the pelvic area. I was in the same spot as you with 2 1/2 year old and the 2nd child being completely different than the first (entire pregnancy) I actually wore a belt to help with the pressure because I always felt like he was going to drop out.

I think your fine. I had alot of pressure with my second one. It was a boy but that doesn't mean anything I don't know what your having but I am sure the baby and you are fine. It could be braxton hicks I had labor pains for a month in a half before my second one came out. I would not try to lift anythng to heavy and I would just sit around as much as possible and take it easy. Realax and breath and take some time for you before the baby comes. The baby could be sideways or sitting really far. Think of it the baby is so long and squshed till it comes out and I am sure things are getting tight in there. So just relax and try to sit some and relax. Tell the two year old mommy and baby need to sit and have some down time. Maybe stick a movie in or play a game with the small one and have some down time. Good Luck and Congratulations.

I don't really have an answer to your question, although my friends who have more than one tell me that they had more pressure late in pregnancy with each one. Just wanted to say hi and that I also have a 2 1/2 year old son and a daughter on the way in July. Good luck to you! I'm sure you are as excited as we are!

I had twins at 34 weeks, talk about pelvic pressure. I think the babies are dropping down into position to prepare for departure. I actuallly bought a strap that they sell for this to help to relieve some of the pressure.

I had braxton hicks very early on and the pelvic pressure started at 32 weeks very bad. both my doctor and I thought for sure I would go early, especially since my first came early with none of this happening. Well my boy is 5 months now and he was only 2 weeks early. Hope this helps and all goes well...

Hi S.,
I had that too with my second (who is now 3 months), the pain was awful and my baby ... perfectly healthy. Worrying will do you more harm than good, so give your doctor a ring so you can put your mind at ease. All is well. Relax in a nice candle lit bathtub to ease the pain. As my older sister always told me: you are creating a miracle dammit .. take it easy! HA!

Best wishes!

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