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18 Month Old Allergy Sufferer

My son is suffering with all of the wonderful symptoms of seasonal allergies. He has a runny nose, wattery eyes, sneezing, etc. I feel terrible for him when he awakes and has his eyes all gunked up with crustys stuck to his eyelashes. We've been giving him zyrtek for children as recommeded by our doctor. However, I am wondering if there is anything else I can do to try to relieve the symptoms. Any suggestions?

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Lots of holistic people will say that virtually ALL allergies are food allergies. If you remove the problem foods, the allergy symptoms will disappear, even if they are triggered by substances that are not food. I haven't been through this process, so I'm not speaking from experience. You might look at the discussion board at mothering.com. There is a huge online community there and a whole section on food allergies. They could point you in the right direction.

I've found that saline nasal spray is helpful to relieve symptoms and to flush out polen & other irritants. Since he is a toddler, you might have to use the bulb syringe to suck out the saline & the stuff you flush out. It is especially helpful in the winter when it is dry outside. But then again, he IS a toddler so nose drops might not work w/him if he really dislikes them! ;-)


My family uses elderberry concentrate found in health food stores. I have not used my inhaler for 3 years, since using this. It also helps with colds and flu! Most of my neighbors, now use it ,too and have had great success with their children.

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If your son hasn't been tested by an allergist I would recommend it. The tests these days are extremely easy. Although the scratch test is still the most reliable, they can, now do a blood test. This may help the Dr. better prescribe Rx for your son.

I also found that the allergy meds out there are vastly different. What works for one, doesn't for another. I saw very limited results on Zyrtek but better on Claritin..you might want to switch them out and see what happens.

Having been an allergy kid all my life: keep him inside during high mold/pollen counts. Don't be outside unneccarily during dawn & twilight hours when the counts are higher. Don't sleep with windows open (keep A/C or heat on all the time), regularly change your furnace filter, and DON'T feed him dairy products when he's had a lot of post nasal drip/stuffiness (this produces more mucus, making him feel aweful and increases your chance of him puking).

In regards to the gunky eyes, use a warm wash cloth to gently wipe away the gunk for him...talk calmly to him or sing so he feels more comforted. If the allergy meds don't remedy the eye problems you may want to look into getting some eye drops. Have you had his eyes checked? There is also a possiblity he has an eye infection that could be compounding the problem...may be worthy of checking out.

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Sounds like you've gotten some good advice. My son went through a similar situation as well. We ended up placing him on Singulair as well as Zyrtec. This helped tremendously. I think you'll find varying opinions on whether or not to have your son tested, as well as what age he should be before doing so. It might be beneficial to see a pediatric allergist to make sure you're on the right track.
Good luck to you and your little guy - I know how hard it is to see them suffer like that.

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I know this may sound hokey, but we buy honey from the most local source we can find and everyone takes one spoonful a day. It's worked really well and I don't have to take any allergy meds anymore. I read about it in a homeopathic medicine journal. The key is to get local honey and don't dilute it. It takes a couple of months to work, but no one minded giving it a try.

Hi A.,

I have an 18 month old daughter who is also an allergy sufferer. Our doctor told us to try Children's Zyrtec and it has worked wonders. I would recommend you talk to your doctor before trying it since it is for 2 year olds and older, but my daughter met the weight requirements and that is why she can take it. I also have a humidifier in her room when she sleeps, I use Johnson & Johnson's vapor wash in her bath, and I put baby vapor rub on her chest when she goes to sleep. So far this allergy season has been going well with those combinations. Hope this helps.

we use claritin for children and we give it to them daily and it seems to be doin great

My son is 22 months and has suffered with allergies on and off for the last year or so. We tried Zyrtec but it never helped him at all. We give him a chewable cingulair and it works wonderfully! It also comes in granuals you and sprinkle on applesause or something like that. Anyway... we really think it works great and it's safe for children over 6 mo so I am sure it's okay for your 18 month old. Good luck! :)

Hi A.,

Try taking him to a Chiropractor. I work for Dr. Kris McClusky in Collinsville, IL. I've seen amazing results, especially in children! We have a teen that comes in specifically for her allergies because they are so bad. She has made remarkable progress. If you have any questions you can call our office at ###-###-####. I'm not sure where you are, but we can always refer you to someone in your area!

Good luck, H.

I am not sure if he is old enough.....but try raw honey. I think children under the age of one can not have honey but just check with your pediatrician. I am including a link that talks about it. My son has asthma and is its brought by allergies & colds. There was a study a few years ago that said that pure honey is the best for coughs and that all the over the counter cough meds really dont work. I started buying real honey and have noticed it quiets his cough immediately and you don't have to work about all the chemicals or side effects. Just recently they came out with a study saying that raw honey helps with allergies. The link is below and if you can't open it...just google raw honey & allergies.


Hope it helps!!!


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