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15 Month Old Reads Books Upside Down. Should I Be Concerend?

My husband had dyslexia when he was younger and I was wondering what the signs are. When my 15 onth old picks up book she always flips through them upside down. I don't know if that is a sign or if I should be concerned at all. Any thoughts?

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Thank you so much for you're responses. We do a lot of reading in this house with a 3 and 5 YO as well. I've never corrected the way she holds her book. I thought it was cute, but thought that it might not be normal to never hold them upright. Thank you for setting a mother's mind at ease! For now, of course ;-)

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She's too young for this to be of concern, it will be years before she understands that it is important for words to move top to bottom and left to right, etc. This is a developmental thing that they achieve somewhere around Kindergarten.

It's quite normal. My son used to do the same and now one year later he is taking the books in the right position. I did not tell him anything but he just learnt from us on how we read books.

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Knowing nothing about dyslexia, I'm guessing that perhaps you can talk to a childhood dyslexia professional just to put your own mind at ease, but don't worry. It'll probably resolve itself, or perhaps this indicates some sign of amazing genius! You'll probably look back on this and laugh. And if it does turn out that she has dyslexia, then how amazing that you're keying in on potential signs this early.

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NO!!!!!!!!!!!! It's normal.

While it's possible your daughter could have dyslexia, it's not probable, so don't worry about it. My husband had really bad dyslexia -- still reads like a snail -- but my kids have never had any problem at all.

It's quite normal. My son used to do the same and now one year later he is taking the books in the right position. I did not tell him anything but he just learnt from us on how we read books.

Dear A., Be thrilled that your baby is attracted to books. She is attracted by the pictures (I hope you are giving her picture books- ones she can chew on too because I'm sure she is doing that as well.) Take advantage of her interest and start to first talk to her about the pictures and then it's never too soon to start reading to her.......her daddy too (reading to her that is.} Can you guess I'm a teacher and a mom.

Maybe you could tell her its upside down and just turn it right side up every time you see her do it. Its probably nothing

I googled "dyslexia warning signs" and found this list:


Don't waste time worrying about it. Since your husband had it, you will already be looking for it---you can't miss it. The red flags would show up when she is a little bit older.

It's perfectly normal for your child to turn the book upside down. You may find out later that she does have some dyslexia problems, but this isn't a sign of it. If she does have dyslexia, she will do what all others who have it do, adapt and learn to deal with life in spite of it. We all have some type of thing that puts limitations on us, and dyslexia isn't the end of the world. My husband and two sons each have some type of dyslexia and each of them excels in his field of work and in life. Your daughter, will too, if she does have it. But you don't need to concern yourself with it right now. Just continue reading to her and let her 'read' books for herself. If you watch closely, you'll soon see her turn the book around from time to time, but she's just enjoying the pictures from different angles for the present.

Greetings A.: Since you have a husband with dyslexia, you have to be awae that your children willl also, my son has it and I have 2 sons with /Auidtory dyslexia,.
These 2 young men are incredible people.
You child is just a baby, let them learn-- maybe in his eyes this is funand safe.
For some it hold them back for others it forces them to move forward. Learn all you can about the things that and teach learn sign language; it helps them with lots of skills.
Good Luck, Enjoy the adventure of Parenthoood and the rides are like no onther you will ever be in again. Nana G

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