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12 Year Old Diagnosed with ADD

Momma's - I am looking for feedback regarding medication and ADD. My 12 year is struggling in school and has for some time now. One Dr diagnosed him within 2 minutes of being in his office, then he preceeded with the testing...he recommened medication right off the bat, he didn't offer to do further testing, he just labled him ADD. If he is truly ADD and needs medication I want to know more about it. His peditrician wanted to just throw meds at him too. Is this my only answer?

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Thank you so much for all of your great feebback! I will be exploring many of the options that you all mentioned!

Thank you momma's

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EVERY drug is toxic. This can be controlled by diet and elimination of food poisons through processed foods. Go read this woman's website and download her book, Dying to Get Well.

Ritalin saved my son. I, too, was reluctant but became desperate. My pediatrician requested information from my son's school and us, via a lengthy questionnaire. He was "so" ADD according to the feedback as interpreted by the doctor. He went on very low dose Ritalin (some tweaking needed) and he almost immediately responded extremely well. I have since overcome my guilt in denying him this opportunity sooner and waiting until desperation ensued to do it. I do wish I had done it sooner. He went from a struggling, nearly failing student in 4th grade to straight A's throughout 5th and we're off to a very good start in 6th.
My doctor allayed my concerns by equating it with coffee - my husband can't function with out his morning joe and I would never deny him that. However, Ritalin is quickly in and out of the system once correct dosage is determined and it's not addictive - neither of which can be said for caffeine.
Good luck!!!

There is a listening therapy called REI - Rhythmic Entrainment Intervention. It is very easy to do, not toos expensive (when compared to a lifetime of meds) and has worked well on many children I know. The website is REIinstitute.com. I truly believe in this program.

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Hi, A.. Lots of good ideas listed here. While you are exploring your options, be sure to talk to your son's school and get him enrolled in Section 504. It's a government program under the American Disabilities Act. Here's a website with more info and their definition:


"Section 504 requires the recipients (school in this case)to provide to students with disabilities (ADHD included)appropriate educational services designed to meet the individual needs of such students to the same extent as the needs of students without disabilities are met. An appropriate education for a student with a disability under the Section 504 regulations could consist of education in regular classrooms, education in regular classes with supplementary services, and/or special education and related services."

My son in enrolled in section 504 and it's helped alot. He is still in regular classes, but may have seating closer to the teacher, modified assignments, testing in smaller groups, etc. Let them know he's been diagnosed and then schedule a meeting with his counselor and teachers. They can tell you what areas he's having problems with and then make approptiate modifications. HTH!

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Look at Neurotherapydallas.com I can't remember if that is the website or not but you can google Dr. Jonathan Walker in Dallas. He is an expert on ADD and helping with neurofeedback and NO meds. Good luck!!
P.S. He also has free seminars where you can go here him speak and ask questions.

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NO! Check out sites that offer alternative education for kids labeled add or adhd in your area. No drugs required.

In the old days, kids with ADD became the hunters, the explorers and the adventurers. Today they are drugged and told to sit in the classroom and mind their hands to themselves. They are isolated in their homes because we are afraid to let them out for fear of their safety.

Try having him checked by an allergist for any food allergies first. Try talking with your son and asking him why he has a hard time - he might tell you. Place him in opportunities where his 'business' is an advantage.

Not everyone needs drugs. I had a hard sitting in the classroom and still have a hard time sitting still but I accomplish ten times as much as my neighbor who can sit easily for hours. No drugs required. :)

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I have eleven years experience teaching. When I was young and in college I never believed in medication for ADD. My opinion changed one day because of a student in my class. In the words of a seven year old, "It's like my brain will do what I tell it too." This comment was made by a student in my class the 4th six weeks in 2nd grade. This IMO is the most difficult time. We were learning regrouping and many other difficult concepts. He was a student who was struggling academically. When he began taking medicine, at a very hard time of year...his grades increased 15 points in every subject. My point. Sometimes medicine does work and sometimes it doesn't. It depends on the child and numerous other factors. I wish you much luck. I love that a parent wrote in her comment. If your child had a heart condition would you refuse medication for other options? It is just something to think about. You are the expert on your child! Do what you feel in your heart.

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I'm living in your world!! My 13 yr old son was diagnosed with AD/HD last Oct. You need to start with a full evalution. I HIGHLY recommend JoLynn Wilburn, educational diagnostician, ###-###-####. They will do a complete workup with testing and evaluation. The report is extensive and will tell you exactly what's going on and what help you need to get for your son. You'll need a psychiatrist to prescribe meds and JoLynn will be able to suggest one. Hope you find this helpful.

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I would get more testing first and also look into alternative treatment plans. Biofeedback can be helpful and the DORE Program is extremely helpful. I believe I have had ADD all my life and it was an asset as I was able to do many things at once. As I've gotten older, it's gotten harder though. I am currently doing the DORE program and am feeling back in control of my assets!

here is their website - www.cerebellumcenter.com
They do a complete assessment and Sara Martwig, the Center's Director is awesome with kids.

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Hi A.!

The test for ADHD consists of about 8-16 questions that are asked and if more than a few of them apply to your child in more than one situation then they can be diagnosed as ADHD and meds are usually prescribed.

Meds are no the only answer!

There are so many other issues that meds do not have any effect of whatsoever. Often, these children have more difficulty learning and it's not just because they have a hard time paying attention in class. These kids are often very sensitive and get their feeling hurt easily and have some trouble making or keeping friends. These kids are often hypersensitive to things like tags in their shirts, certain textures of clothing, loud noises.

Sometimes they have trouble learning to read and mix up words and skip words when they read aloud.

These are just the tip of the iceberg of what these kids struggle with. I own The Cerebellum Center and have been working with the DORE program for many years. The results I have seen time and time again for kids are astounding and truly dramatic!

I encourage you to look at my website and search YouTube for the DORE program - for more information and stories about the symptoms we treat and the people we have impacted.

I wish you all the best!

S. M.
The Cerebellum Center

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Hi A.!
I have a 13 year old that was diagnosed with ADD when he was 10. Our counselor diagnosed him. He has struggled in school since Kindergarted but it got bad in 2nd grade. He was put on Stratera - which is pretty mellow - but we waited 2 years and tried different things like taking out sugar, red food coloring, making a strict routine, extra time with me (I'm a single mom)-basically anything that would make him feel like he was getting plenty of attention and didn't need to act up for it. It didn't work.

We put him on Stratera after 2 years of trying other things. We did see some changes, but they were very slight. Then.... this is the GOOD part and something for you to consider... this past January he was diagnosed with Hypothyroid (which my 15 yr old also has).... the Endocrinologist also ordered a CELIAC panel...it came out POSITIVE. Celiac Disease affects 1 in 133 people but symptoms are not always obvious. It can cause behavior problems that appear to be ADD or ADHD. Since we've changed his diet (the ONLY cure - NO GLUTEN-found in wheat, rye, barley, oat, malt) I took him off the Stratera and his behavior is getting sooo much better and he's feeling better too.

I'm not saying your child has Celiac, but it's definitely something to have checked before you choose medication. My 15 year old was also tested and she also has it, wasn't showing any symptoms. My other 2 - 17 and 4 - have tested negative.

I hope this helps in some way!

:) K.

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