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Which Program Is Recommended?

I have been trying to lose weight, for a little while now.
I researched Weight Watcher, Jenny Craig(tried both previously) and HMR henry Ford Weight Management Center. Has anyone used HMR Health Medical Research weight loss program?
I need help losing weight other than normal exerise and at home diet.
I have been looking into gyms, as well. No partner, not much success at gyms.
Help all suggestion are welcomed.
I need to lose about 40 lbs. My weight is the highest at this point. HELP

What can I do next?

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Hi C.,
In 2003 I joined Jenny Craig.. It worked
I lost the 60 pounds, now to keep it off I do eat Lean Cuisines or Weight watchers meals out of the frozen dept. at the grocery store.I have a salad and a veggie with it. And they even have diet dessets. Drink water!!! lots of water.... For breakfeast I will have a yogart and and a english muffin, or a weight watchers muffin..lunch is a great sandwich, soup carrots. water, ice tea. or a meal from the frozen dept.unless you can cook low cal.. I am just doing for me. I live with skinny people that do not have to try to keep it off.. Good luck : )

I agree with the Body for Life. It was very inpiring. If being hungry is a problem for you, eating the 6 small meals a day they recommend will probably be a big help too.

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My mom used Medical Weight loss. She did great. She said that it was really easy once she got used to it. You go in every week and they help you figure out what foods are good and bad for YOU. Everyone is different and just because something is healthy doesn't mean it is good you you individually.

Whatever you decide - take a look at t-tapp.com I started doing this after I had my daughter in February of this year and I gained 45lbs with the pregnancy and from April until now I only have 4lbs left to go. I only do it 15min a day and I don't diet - I really enjoy it - it was actually just featured on Good Morning America this woman told her story:


I don't know anything about the hospital programs, but I've found this to be a very healthy way, and I just started to get my mom and sister doing it too!

I had a lot of weight to lose after all of my pregnancies because I'd gained so much. It was depressing. Someone told me about this and it worked and I did it for all mine and kept the weight off. Plus you feel good too! I think it was from Weight Watchers.

Every day this is what you eat, and it helps to keep a daily journal. Plus, only weigh yourself once a week (no more).

2 Proteins (meat, eggs, fish, etc.)
3 Fruits
4 veggies (fresh is better)
2 Starch (potatoes, oatmeal, toast, etc)
1 Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese - however low fat cheese is high in sodium so watch that)
add a little salt (low sodium)
add a little butter ("I can't believe it's not butter")

check serving sizes online to get an idea of how much a piece of fruit or veggie serving consists of. For instance, I think a green pepper is either 2 or 4 servings. As far as fruits, 10 grapes = 1 serving, or 1 small banana, 1/2 orange. So it sounds like a lot above, but it's real easy to get all your servings in.

If you like slim fast that counts as 1 protein, and 1 starch.

Keep fruits and veggies cut up and handy so if you're hungry you grab that instead of junk food.

On Sunday's I'd cheat a little bit otherwise I'd go crazy. Just don't over do it. It's better to cheat a little than to completely quit.

Sounds like you're doing well with the exercising. The combo of both should get that 40 lbs off you in no time! I think I lost about 30 lbs in 3 months (after all my kids). The last few 5 or 10 lbs are the hardest, but stick it out you'll get there!!!

Hi C.,

I just responded to Julie with the same information:

My recommendation is Body for Life by Bill Phillips with TONS of support at www.transformation.com. Go there. Check it out. Read the stories. It WORKS! Best of luck to you!


Check out the program through Unasource Weight Lose in Troy... it is part supplement and part healthy eating. It is Dr. run.

If you are serious about a lifestyle change, I'd like to tell you about the program that I use. Transitions Lifestyle System. I lost and kept off 25 pounds and have never been healthier. This is a system for weight loss and healthy living. It is supported by dietary supplements that are optional. It focuses on behavior modification (finding out why you eat when you eat thru journaling), low glycemic eating, and exercise (moving your mass). I am a mentor. Let me know if you want to know more. It works. Studies have shown it more effective than Weight Watchers AND Adkins.


I just started weight watchers. It is slow going but I like it a lot. I think with the other weight loss programs you probably could lose more weight all at once, but in my opinion it is harder to keep it off because once you switch back, you eat more, where with WW it is the same foods you would normally eat. It is teaching me better habits and to include exercise. I also like the weekly weigh-ins and meetings, it holds me accountable! Good luck!

I am on the HMR Program through Beaumont Hospital. I highly recommend it. I used this program 5 years ago before I became pregnant with my twins and lost 90 pounds. It was the first successful weight management program that I had used... all those others just didn't work with me.

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