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Switching from Formula to Whole Milk

hello..i am looking for some advice for my one year old foster son, who has recently been reunited with his birth mother. she was told by the pediatrician to wean from the bottle, stop the formula (soy) and switch to whole milk. although they thought he was lactose intolerant at birth, he has tolerated dairy products with no problems. bio-mom has told me that the baby doesn't seem to want the milk. any ideas and details on making this transition would be most helpful. he is a very healthy, happy baby taking solids well, starting to use a cup. thanks!

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wow, i love this site. thanks for all the responses. the baby was visiting overnight and i tried mixing formula and whole milk, leaving it out for a few minutes so as not to be too cold, and he took it like a champ. i passed on all of your suggestions to his mom, including not weaning from formula and the bottle at the same time, which makes perfect sense. thanks mamas!

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Try mixing 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk and if he drinks that ok then gradually degrees the formula. When my foster son first came to live with me he was taking soy formula and we first switch him to regular formula by mixing 1/2 soy with 1/2 regular. Then when it came time to switch to whole milk he didn't seem to want it so we gave him 1/2 formula and 1/2 whole milk, which he took very well. I gradually decreased the formula and now he drinks whole milk fine.

My son was on soy based formula and what we did was to put him on soy milk. He is now almost seven and still prefers soy milk. It is worth a try. Good Luck!

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if he was on soy formula i would not start whole milk right away. the best way to transistion i think, is by slowly swapping the formula bottles to milk. some will do bottle n bottle, some will give milk in sippy formula i the bottle. 1 yr is not too old for a bottle. if it was me again, i would transistion it out, slowly. keep using the bottles until he is used to milk. then swap bottles for cups. too many changes too soon, will make him regress a little bit, and he already had a household change.

as for the whole milk. my daughterwas on soy and ad a hard time digesting it. try 2 % or even 1 % at first. they also make formula that is designed for toddles by good start. she could try that too. I hope all this helps you and the mom
take care

it could be the taste of the milk is differemt than the soy formula. Try to transition him to soy milk Silk is a really good one. Then mix the regular milk into the soy milk and then start adding less and less soy mil (or soy formula) doing this with formula can work too. Alsoi tis a temperature chnage if the baby is used to the formula being heated drinking cold milk from a cup appears to be a drastic change. Try milk that sits for a bit so it is not super cold. also calcuim can be eaten in many forms... veggies, cheese, yogurt. The only ones who need cow's milk really are baby cows and even they don't drink it forever. Yes our kids needs calcium and milk is a great way to get it but it is not the only way. I am a proud foster parent with 3 children two who were adopted through the foster program and I appluad your efforts to remain a support to the bio mom during this transition.

I haven't read the other responses yet, so probably someone else has suggest this, but just go it slow and mix the bottles. First put 1 ounce of milk (or even 1/2 ounce) and the rest soy. A couple days later, double the milk, etc., etc.. Watch for signs of discomfort, and back off if it seems like he's suffering from more than just the taste.

Hi V.,
If she is trying to wean from the bottle and do whole milk at the same time - it may be too much change for him. She might try doing the soy in a cup for a bit to get him used to the cup. Then switching over to whole milk in the cup. Or milk in the bottle and then switch over to cup. It might be too hard for him to give up both great comforts at once. My middle son had a hard time transitioning to different things and we found that doing it in stages seemed to be the way to go. Hope this helps....C.

Go to Soy milk instead...it's healthier and has the same necessary vitamins as cows milk.

We had the same situation with my son when he was also turning one. We started to slowly mix in the whole milk with the soy formula. At first we would mix in one ounce of milk to 7 ounces of soy and just keep doing that for a couple of days to see how he could tolerate it (and get used to the taste). After a few days we went up to 2 ounces of whole milk and so on. The transition was very easy and I he didn't seem to notice the difference. Good luck!

Going from soy formula to regular milk is HUGE - the taste alone is probably why he doesn't like it. Start with 1oz of milk in the bottle/sippy cup with the rest being soy formula. After a few days, up it to 2 oz of milk. Keep going until it's all milk.

That's the only way I was able to get both of my boys to get off formula and to milk.

Good luck!

Not sure why this is so important to the pediatrician, BUT I would advise continuing the formula but diluting it with some milk - maybe 80% formula and 20% milk to start. Gradually increase the amount of milk, maybe after a week to 10 days. After a couple of months, it will be all milk. You could alternate the bottle and the sippy cup, maybe keeping the bottle first thing in the morning if he needs it for comfort, and last thing at night? Use the cup during the day and especially while "on the road" where he might not expect the bottle or at least is removed from the normal setting.

Good luck, and bless you for being a foster mom!

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