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"Seeking Advice on How to Keep Nursing Your Baby After a Long Trip Apart."

I need some advice. I have a 7 month old boy who I have been nursing since he was born. I plan on nursing him until 11 months or a year. Well I have a bit of a problem. Next month my husband and I are going to New York for 7 days. It is a family trip and we can't miss it. Anyway I have been going back and forth about taking my baby. However I really do not think it would be a wise choice. I just think of the fast pace big city and the long flight and doing the tourist things would not be that great for a baby. So my question is has anyone left their baby for a week and then came home and could still nurse. I know that I would have to take a pump to keep my milk supply up. However is is even possible that my baby will want to nurse when I get home? If I do pump how to I go about getting him to nurse when I arrive home. Anyway any advice or experience would be greatly appreciated.

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Don't leave him! To take a baby away from his mother at this age for that long would cause the baby to acctually disassiate from you! It's so tramatic for them that they replace you. He'll be fine, just take him with you. Get a backpack or snugli and just cart him along, he'll love it!

If he has never taken a bottle, you should start making a transition now. You shouldn't leave the caregive with this responsibilty. At his age, I would bypass the bottle and go right to the sippy cup. Have you started pumping and freezing for the time you will be away? You will need to continue pumping close the the same schedule while you are gone. Also, every child is different, you baby might wean himself while you are gone. Not saying he will, but be prepared for that to happen. If he does wean himself, are you prepared to continue pumping until he is a year or switch to formula? Just a few things to think about:)

I would just take him. If you are taking the other two boys, you are going to have to rest for the 3yr old anyway. I would go prepared with double stroller and sling or backpack. For me it was easier traveling with 7 mo old then 3 yr old. I think there is much more preparation for the other two to keep them entertained.

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I totally agree with the moms who've said you need time with your husband, and i think it's fine to leave kids for a getaway, but a 7 month old is not a kid, he's a baby, and there's a difference. plus, he's used to being with you all of the time. In my opinion, leave a baby for a morning out or a date night, but for a trip, I would take him. Get a sling and he'll just tag along, sleep when he needs it and nurse too. A breastfed baby should be pretty portable, especially if he's not mobile yet. there will be years ahead for long trips without kids, but while your baby's a baby, his place is with mama, in my opinion. this phase is sooooo short in the big picture. you're busy with three, so it'll still be a break to be with just your hubby and your babe.... i say take him, relax, and enjoy!!

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Hi S.,
First, congrats on continuing to breastfeed and wanting to do so until he is close to age 1. I nursed my son until just after 2 years upon which there was a mutual decision to cease. Breastfeeding is so important in all aspects of development. I personally think it is one of the very best things you can give your child! With that said, I would highly encourage you to reconsider bringing your baby with you. It sounds like you have done a lot of thinking on the matter and want to do what is best for the baby. Truthfully, what is best is being with you. A 7 month old will still easily nurse on the flight (mine usually nursed to sleep at the beginning of flights and slept most of the way). And although things might be a bit hectic on the trip, babies adapt quite well. I just think that 7 days away from a 7 month old seems like a lot to ask of him, especially since you are a stay at home mom and he spends most of his time with you.
As far as your question goes, you likely have a 50/50 chance of him wanting to continue to nurse when you return. Definately pump while you are away and pump on his nursing schedule. Make sure that he only drinks your breastmilk while you are away (no formula). When you return, you should try to nurse him on his regular schedule or whenever you or he want. I would suggest offering to nurse more often than before you left. Just remember not to force it. If he really isn't interested in nursing anymore, he'll let you know. But don't give up too easily. If he doesn't nurse for awhile after you return, continue to pump. He may not be nursing just to tell you that he is upset that you left him, but after a few days he may decide that he really does want to nurse afterall. I would suggest giving it a few weeks and if, after that time, he still doesn't want to nurse you should continue to pump and give him your breastmilk in a bottle until he is at least one year. Afterall, you still hold the best nutrition available to him!!
Good luck...

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I will probably be the most unpopular mom on the block for saying this, but I think you should either not go or take the baby with you. I think it's too hard on a 7 month old to figure out why mommy has disappeared for so long. 7 days is like forever. I have left my babies under 1 year for an overnight trip, but I think longer is too much for them to handle. They shouldn't have to learn how to "do without" at that age, especially if mom is main source of nutrition as well as comfort. New York will still be there in a year, and in 2 years, and in 5 years, etc. You baby will be fully dependent on you for only a few months more. Being a mom means making sacrifices, and most often it means giving up opportunities and activities we would love to do. You stay at home to give them the best of you, your time and energy and love. This baby has seen you most of the day for almost every day of his life. Don't quit now. Don't abruptly leave for an entire week. I don't think it's worth it. Many people feel differently than I do, and I do hope things work out well whatever you choose. Best of luck.

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I work full time from my home office, however my job does require some travel (about 7 times a year). Anyway, with my first, and I will do this with my second, I breastfed for a little over 12 months. Knowing I was going to have to start traveling (anywahere from 3 - 7 days)I started pumping and storing milk when my first was six weeks. I pumped an extra three times a day to keep up the supply. I was more worried about our little one not wanting a bottle so we had my husband give her a bottle each night with the breast milk, while I pumped (in a different room of course). This created enough milk supply for her while I had to travel - and then some! There was really never an issue with her breast feeding when I returned. She took to it right away. It was a bit of a aping lugging a breast pump everywhere. I think that is the biggest inconvenience as you have to keep up with the same schedule of when you actually feed your baby. This meant getting up in the middle of the night and early morning to keep in line with the times I nursed our baby girl. It is dfinitely worth it though. I do not think you will have much trouble with your baby still wanting to nurse. Just make sure that you are never the one to give her a bottle. THis way she/he always associates you with actual breastfeeding. Good luck!

I've done it several times, just be sure to have a great pump!! Each time I returned I had no problems getting her back to breastfeeding, she was just glad to have me back! Good luck.

I went on a buisness trip for 6 days, froze milk before I left and did alot of pumping on the trip, a little uncomfortable at times. When I got home he picked up like I hadn't even left.

Take your baby!! My daughter's first trip to NYC was at 5 1/2 mos (Then again at twelve mos) and she did fine. My husband and I had to do a little adjusting according to naps, but it was no big deal. Long day at the museums - bring a stroller and carrier. Sometime your baby will snooze others he'll be taking it all in. Having the baby along also kept our pace much more sane than normal!

If you don't take him take a pump, and pump and dump.

I lived in Utah and was buying a house in preparation of moving to Florida. I took my 11 month old and left my two girls with Grandma. I nursed him as we took off (for the ears) and he fell asleep and slept the first leg of the flight. We got off the plane, walked ate actual food (him baby food) and got back on the plane, nursed as we took off, and he slept the rest of the way. It was so easy. For #4, he did not nurse. Trust me...finding a spot to pump is NOT easy. You have to find more seclusion and either tote batteries or some for of electricity. Babies are easy to travel with (and frankly they don't hurt your relationship with your husband as others have stated)...it's the talking 2 and above kids that hurt relationships! With baby's you can put a front load or back load carrier and they love to watch the sites. Bring baby food in a jar and your set. Baby's are SO easy to travel with that I would never consider doing anything else with them. As far as your other kids, if you make a big deal about why they are staying and baby is going, so will they. When I was traveling every other week for a week to Florida to look for a house, my kids were excited to stay at Grandma's because the baby was "going to be bored and they didn't want to sit in the car like the baby all day long" so they stayed and played! You are running the chance of your baby not wanting you afterwards, so you will have to decide as you know your baby the best.

Just from my experience it would be so much easier for both of you if you took your baby. I had to pump because my baby was a preemie and couldn't nurse. We did great while he was in NICU and after he came home because we were on a set scheduale of when I pumped and fed him. We then had family come and it all went out the window. You get so busy doing things that you don't have the time or the place to pump. My milk supply went way down because of this. I have flown with Conor 7 times in 11 months and going again this coming week. It really isn't that bad. He sleeps most of the time on the plane and when he isn't my hubby and I take turns playing with him. Hope you have a good trip

I would try to take him if at all possible. I have heard of several people who have not been able to nurse after time away or after a somewhat lengthy illness. If continuing to breastfeed is a priority, I would try to work out bringing him on the trip...otherwise, maybe it is just time for a transition.

Hi S.,
I went to Hawaii for 6 days when my daughter was 8 months old. (I had exclusively nursed her so I did start giving her a bottle occasionally a few weeks before we left). I was sooo worried she would not come back to the breast! I pumped on a regular basis (and just tossed it) while away and was thrilled when I walked through the door upon returning and she grabbed me and went right to the breast and went on to nurse for 2 1/2 years! I have heard this is most often true, especially in babies who loved nursing. Of course, every child is different but nursing is about so much more than just milk. Babies that age still need and love all that closeness, smell,etc. This trip was also very good for our marriage so GO AND ENJOY YOUR HUSBAND!
Some women are too quick to neglect this relationship and it is essential to put your marriage first. If that relationship is healthy, everything is better. Have fun and don't feel guilty for one second.

It will totally depend upon your baby. I had one baby who would take bottles and then nurse with no problem. I had another who, after I was gone for 3 days (pumping while away), weaned himself upon my return. If he is not used to having bottles, I would give him an occasional bottle of breastmilk before your trip to see if you can get him to go back and forth. Good luck!

I had to do the same thing when my daughter was 6 months old. I pumped while I was gone to keep up the milk supply. My daughter was totally fine when I got home. Does your son already take a bottle?? That might make a difference. My daughter went back and forth from breast to bottle before I left her. It actually felt really good to nurse her when I got home because no matter what they say, a pump is still not as good as your baby at emptying the breast. Good luck and have fun on your trip!!

I know this is a bit later than most of your responses (I am a bit behind on some of these) but I just had to put in my two cents.
My husband got a fabulous internship for 5 months in FL (we live in CO) and I was able to visit him 2x during that period. Both times without our daughter. The first time she was 6 months old and the second time she was 10 months old. I nursed her until she was 13 months old. I had no problems with pumping while traveling - in fact all the plane and hotel staff were very accomodating - nor did I have any problems with reintroducing nursing after being seperated - for 4 days the first trip and 7 days the second trip. For me and my little girl, the traveling would have been aweful. When she was 8 months old, my husband met me in Denver for a quick weekend and we drove the 4 hours from GJ. That was the most aweful trip, for all of us concerned. Our daughter was cranky throughout the drive, and most of the trip. We were constantly having to cancel or reschedule any activities because of our daughter. She was never one to sleep in a stroller or in the car since she was 4 months old. She had to be in a crib or pack-in-play to sleep. Also, she wasn't sleeping through the night at that time and trying to get her back to sleep after a night feeding in an unfamiliar surrounding was aweful. So from my experience, I would recommend you take into account the temperment of your son. Some babies sleep everywhere, others (like mine) hate the break in routine and are cranky/fussy with upheaval. We just found it easier to travel without her or when we were not trying to do too much at our destination. So go with your instincts. You know your baby best. Good luck!

Don't leave him! To take a baby away from his mother at this age for that long would cause the baby to acctually disassiate from you! It's so tramatic for them that they replace you. He'll be fine, just take him with you. Get a backpack or snugli and just cart him along, he'll love it!

my advice after nursing 5 babies and one of which was in the nicu for 6 weeks is to finda a bottle most like the breast and to pump while you are gone as often as you would be feeding him and for about 10 to 15 min. and before you leave have plenty of breast milk in the freezer for whomever watches him to feed to him. I wish you the best of luck and have a great time in new york. I just want to say that I am sorry for all the judgemental responces you recieved. no one has the right to tell you what to do. your question was how to keep breastfeeding if you leave your little guy with someone for a week. my friend was in the hospitol for several days due to a burst appendix and her son went right back to it no problem. as long as you keep your milk up you should do just fine. really just have a good time. I am a mom of seven and I know how inportant time with hubby is. Enjoy yourself! sincerally A.

Just another voice hoping to convince you to TAKE YOUR BABY WITH YOU on your trip. I think you will enjoy yourself more with baby along, and baby will be happier as well. There will be plenty of time in the future to travel without kids, but right now you are too important to your baby to be away from him for a week.

I lo9ve all these people who say they would never leave their child. That's not me! My husband and I went to Mexico when my baby was 6 months old. It was a trip with his work so we couldn't go at another time. I knew when I had my baby that we planned to go on the trip so I started pumping and freezing it. I took my pump with me, which wasn't a whole lot of fun having to run back to the room to pump, but it was well worth it. My baby did fine while I was gone and took right back to nursing when I got home. I would say to go and have fun on your trip. I agree that it would be a lot to take the baby with you and not to mention not fair to the other kids who don't get to go.

Traveling with a babe is cake! I think it would be much less "hassle" to bring him along, since your going to have to stop and pump every couple of hours. You can nurse almost anywhere, pumping takes a lot more privacy and preperation. Aarg, I just think pumping is a pain.
If he doesn't take a bottle at all I don't think that it would be too much for a 7mo. old to have mom *and* dad gone for a week, no comforting breast, and an icky plastic nipple in your place. If he was already taking a bottle, I'd say go, but he's not. I'm sorry, but I say take him along.

If he has never taken a bottle, you should start making a transition now. You shouldn't leave the caregive with this responsibilty. At his age, I would bypass the bottle and go right to the sippy cup. Have you started pumping and freezing for the time you will be away? You will need to continue pumping close the the same schedule while you are gone. Also, every child is different, you baby might wean himself while you are gone. Not saying he will, but be prepared for that to happen. If he does wean himself, are you prepared to continue pumping until he is a year or switch to formula? Just a few things to think about:)

I would just take him. If you are taking the other two boys, you are going to have to rest for the 3yr old anyway. I would go prepared with double stroller and sling or backpack. For me it was easier traveling with 7 mo old then 3 yr old. I think there is much more preparation for the other two to keep them entertained.

I had to quit breastfeeding each of my 2 girls when they were 11 days old due to me being hospitalized for uterine infections. Both times I couldn't breastfeed for 10 days because of the strong antibiotics and pain killers they had me on. I pumped and tossed the milk both times. The babies went right back to nursing when I was allowed to, and continued until 15 months. I also had to take a week off breastfeeding when my oldest was 6 months old due to a trip I had to take, and again I just pumped and threw away the milk, and when I returned she went right back to breastfeeding like we hadn't been separated. The girls actually had formula during the times I couldn't nurse them and the switch back and forth was fine for them. They never had any problems, probably due in large part to the fact that I never made a big deal of things. I wasn't uptight about it so they neither were they. I really think that is one of the keys to raising kids; the more uptight you are about things, the more they sense it and react the same way. (And taking the baby without the other 2 could set the baby up for some sibling rivalry issues because of the jealousy the other 2 will experience.) Good luck with your decision! :)

I wouldn't leave my seven month old for a week in the first place. That may be harsh, but why choose "tourist things" over him? I'm sure you CAN miss the trip, you just don't want to. If nursing him is important then take him or stay home.

When my daughter was 8 months old my husband and I traveled to Las Vegas. About a month before the trip I began stockpiling my milk. I knew she would need about 6-8oz. bottles a day. I had a supply for 9 days when we left for our 5-day trip. We decided it would be best not to introduce formula before or during our trip. She had no problem downing the milk while we were gone.

Make sure to freeze a few smaller portions of milk too. That way if he just needs a 'snack' your caregiver won't need to thaw a 8 oz. portion and then throw the remaining out.

When we returned the first thing I did was feed her. My in-law made sure she would be getting hungry when we landed so she would want to nurse. She had no problem at all. I was able to nurse her just past a year with no formula supplements. As for yourself you will find that baby is able to get more milk from you then pumping. I was not able to bring the pumped milk back from Vegas. Partially because I drank alcohol but also due to restrictions on liquids brought onto airplanes. Make sure to drink plenty of water, more than usual, and pump, pump, pump to keep your supply up. Good luck with your decision.

IMO, only, of course, I say take your child. It won't be that much harder for you and he may like being in a stroller and around all the people. I took my son, who was four months to Philidelphia. I didn't have any problems and I can say today that he actually touched the Liberty Bell. It was fun. My parents went all over the place with my sisters and they both nursed. Of course, it's your decision. I had a problem with my milk supply so I bottle fed. I was never successful with the pump. If you always have plenty, I don't see a lot of problem unless he decides on his own that the bottle is easier. Good luck!!!

WEll, for starters I took my 8 month old with us to Mexico a while back and it was actually pretty easy. Just to let you know, but this sounds like a great opportunity to be without a little one and enjoy your husband.
A week after my baby was born, I got eclampsia and seized a bunch of times and such and spent 8 days in ICU. I nursed the week up until the ICU trip and my family pumped for me while I was laid up and the day I got home from ICU I went back to nursing. It was a little bit of a struggle only because since my son was a newborn he got nipple confusion, but I just kept at it.
The only thing that might be hard for you is that he is older. If he were a bit younger than I would say don't worry as much. Just pump while you are away to keep your milk supply up and try it when you get back. There is really no way to tell if your son will still want to nurse when you get home until you actually take the trip. Worst case senario,(and I know this is easier said, having nursed three children myslef and getting cut short on it with two of them) you can continue to pump after you get home if he doesn't want to nurse from you and that way he still gets breastmilk atleast. Afterall, that id the most important part of nursing, as much as the bonding means to you.
I had to stop with my 2nd child at 6.5 months and I had to stop with my now 2 month old a few weeks ago and it honestly just sucks, but my 2nd is now 15 months and still a huge mama's boy.

Good luck with it! Let me know if you have any questions!


Of course, you have to make the best decision you can for you and for your son. There is no way to tell whether or not he will wean while you are gone. Many children would after a week-long separation. Some go back to nursing like nothing ever happened. Despite what everyone is telling you, there is no way to know ahead of time what your son will do. You have to decide if it is a risk you are willing to take.

I do have some thought about travelling with a baby...

1. Get a sling or other style baby carrier, and you will not believe how easy it is to travel with a baby. I wore my daughter while travelling out of DIA, and it was great. Between her, my toddler and my mother, she was the easiest one to keep track of! For a 7 month old, a wrap, Ergo or mei tai are great, comfortable options.

2. If you want to keep nursing when you get back, you will have to take a breastpump and pump regularly. This means that every 4 hours or so, you will have to stop doing the tourist thing, find somewhere quiet and private, with the proper electric outlet and a sink to wash at, and have some kind of cold storage for your milk (unless you are going to pump & dump). By contrast, if you have your son in a sling, you can just latch him on wherever you are and keep going about your traveling.

3. I don't know how needy your son is, but he might adjust better to travelling with you than he would to being without you for a week.

4. Since this is a family trip, you will probably be able to get some family members to keep your son for an evening or two while you go out with your husband, so you can still get some quality adult time in alone with your hubby.

5. The sibling rivalry arguement is, quite frankly, silly. When I have to take my baby somewhere and her sister doesn't get to go, I just remind my toddler that the baby needs Mama for milkies. Then I remind her about all the other stuff she gets to do because she is a big girl. If she doesn't like it, that's okay. That is just how things are. I'm explaining to my toddler, not asking her permission. You are not going to set your sons up for a lifetime of rivalry if you decide to take the baby with you!

You will have to figure out what the best decision is. No matter what, I hope you enjoy your trip.

Best of luck,

I am gussing you would be leaving the baby with someone you trust. I think if you don't want to take the baby, you shouldn't. I think it is good to "get away" and enjoy time with your husband. Mom's do need adult time!!!! Some Mom's don't leave their kids side for years, and I am not sure that's normal or heathly. I would not worry about the baby nursing when you return - baby's are smart and you have been doing that for 7 months, he will not forget how to nurse. I do agree that if you have not given him a bottle at all you should start that ASAP. So you might have to pump on your trip - big deal. Being outside with the baby, train rides and lack of sleep is not far to him either, and you can't put off going on a trip until your child is in highschool.

You should start pumping once or twice a day now and freezing the milk for during your trip (he may not like a switch from straight breast milk to straight formula). Then bring an electric pump with a car adapter so you can pump even while in the car. Since you may be taking public transportation a lot, it might actually be easier to bring your baby than trying to figure out how to pump while on the go. I went on a 3 or 4 day trip when my daughter was 8 months. I was able to pump 4-5 times a day and my milk supply was fine when I got back. Good luck S.!

Hi, S.! Of course, only you know your baby, but personally we traveled extensively with both our children from the time they were about 3 months on. As an example, last fall, we took a trip with our 3 year old and (at the time) 6 month old. It was a 4 week trip during which we drove and visited places along the way from Destin, FL up to Philadelphia, PA and everything in between! It was an amazing trip, and our little guy did great. We put him in the stoller and he slept when he was tired, watched the sights and people when he wasn't... We spent two days touring DC and 4 days in Philadelphia, so not quite New York, but still big metro areas.

Good luck! I know you'll make the best decision for you and your child!


More than likly he will be so happy to see you that he will want to nurse, they never forget that comfort. He should be fine.

My job required me to take 2 trips before my daughter's first birthday. The first was for four days when she was 3 months old. I had just returned to work, so I was already struggling to keep a supply for the day plus put together enough milk for my trip. I was terrified my baby would starve while I was gone, or worse yet not nurse when I got home. As it was, I pumped while I was away... which included taking my pump to business meetings, and slipping away into the ladies room. Then after 2 days I shipped my milk supply home over-night. My baby had enough milk to get through my time away, and I kept up my supply. And when I got home my little girl latched on and didn't miss a beat. When I left home again when she was older, I didn't ship home milk b/c she was eating more solids by then... and once again as soon as I got home she latched on right away with no problems. I think what made the transition easier was that she was already used to going from breast to bottle, since I was working full time. If your son is not used to a bottle, I would introduce that before you leave. Have him switch back and forth so he is used to both. Also, having someone else feed him before you leave is a good idea as well. I also had a close friend that took several trips while she was nursing her 2 youngest children, and never had any problems getting them to nurse again when she got home. The bond you have created with your son through nursing will stand the test of time. Enjoy your week with your hubby! and come home refreshed, relaxed and I am very confident your son will pick up right where you left off.

Wear a sling or an Ergo baby carrier, and take baby with you!

I live in Australia and have recently taken my son (11 months) to colorado where my family live, when he was 9 months...the trip on the plane was intense, but it was worth it all to be with my boy. you might be suprised at how nicely it might turn out. i must say i was breastfeeding him a million more times a day, just to keep him happy in all the adjustments, but i remembered the nipple creme, and he was happy. my brother took his baby about 6 months old to NYC and said it was great. their baby always cried in the pram, stresing them out a bit, but ya know how hard it is to carry a bub for that long?? anyways, he said the noise of those city streets drowned the baby out and they didnt get those nasty looks from people judging them, as you know people do. ! :) have a fun trip whatever you decide.

I haven't been away from either of my children since the day they were born. Not to sound judgemental, but if your baby is still nursing (even if he wasn't), you really shouldn't leave him. Take him along! I assume your older boys are staying home? One little 7-month-old seems downright breezy if he's alone!

First let me just say that babies do great on trips and better then what people think. If you want to continue to nurse your son, you should take him with you. Another reason is because the person you leave him with will more than likly have a hard time with him taking a bottle and being apart from you for so long. 7 days is a long time for a 7 month old. He will probably not want the brest when you get back, however I am not possitive about that. I am speaking of experience of a friend of mine which did the same. If you want to play it safe take him with you. Good Luck!

After reading the other posts, I will just say this - I agree with pieces of all of them. I agree that time away from kids is good for everyone involved - you can't put off getting away forever. I agree that it's tough to leave a breastfed baby - logistically it's tough....but doable. I also agree that taking a 7 month old on a trip is not that tough - it's a great age on the plane - most do very well. I've taken an infant to NYC and had a blast. He just slept in the baby carrier or stroller when he needed to & we took him everywhere. We even left him with friends and hit a Broadway show. I guess what I'm saying is that to take him or not is your decision - just make your decision with all the facts. If you want to take him, do. It won't be as hard on either of you as you think. If you want to leave him, do. It won't be as hard on either of you as you think. Most babies will go back to the breast after a week of a separation - with that being less true the older the baby gets. Just be prepared to deal with it if he doesn't take to it again when you get back. If he doesn't, see a lactation specialist. They have ways of trying to coax babies back to the breast - like nipple shields and other things. Good luck & have fun on your trip either way!!

Hi S.. I don't think it will be a problem at all. Your baby knows exactly what to do. I nursed my daughter until almost 11 months which included breastfeeding when I was at home and bottle feeding my expressed milk during the weekdays while at school. We started the routine when she was two weeks old. She never complained at all about taking either the bottle or the breast. One thing we did do is introduce the bottle BEFORE we had to so that she didn't boycott the bottle. Things worked out without a problem. Good luck to you and don't worry! G.

OK so I am going to try really hard to state my opinion without sounding judgemental. First you say that it is a "family" trip. Isn't your baby family? Your baby has only been in your world for ~28 weeks and you are considering leaving him for a whole week? That just seems a bit long to me, especially since he is nursing. I think the long flight, the "hustle and bustle" and all that other stuff may be a bit stressful for you but at least you baby will be with his momma. Also, babies at that age are fairly easy and are pretty content to sleep in the stroller while you out and about. Also, nursing isn't just for nourishment. It is for bonding, comfort, and relaxation (for both of you). I strongly suggest reconsidering not bringing your baby. I have a feeling you may regret it if you don't. You will miss him and your breastfeeding relationship will likely suffer.

My 2 cents is to take the trip with your husband (just the two of you) and enjoy every minute. Your children will do great while you are gone and if the worst happens (your 7 mo old won't go back to breast feeding) there are great options for you. Formula fed babies grow to be healthy, well adjusted kids just like breast fed babies. I wasn't able to breast feed either of my babies because I don't produce milk (my top production, with great effort, was 1 ounce total from both breasts - this was after months of pumping and trying). There are other great options out there. I like the one mom who said to not worry and I agree. I bet your 7 mo old will want to breast feed again, especially if he enjoys it now. I am all for taking kids on trips and enjoying that dynamic but couple trips are also VERY necessary. Don't hold back on a great trip.

I know taking your little guy on the trip may seem like a hassle, but think of the alternatives if you don't take him:
1. You are AWAY from your baby for 7 days...you will surely miss him like crazy!
2. Your little guy is not nursing for 7 days...he will surely miss you like crazy!
3. He may not want to nurse at all when you return.
4. You will need to pump on a very strict schedule while you are away to keep your milk supply up. This takes much more preparation than nursing...you can nurse anywhere :)!
5. You will need to be prepared with milk bags, a freezer where you are staying in NYC, and a small cooler to take on the plane to keep the milk frozen (or close to it) during the flight.
6. You will need to pump LOTS of breast milk (probably double what you think you will need) for the caregiver. Babies usually drink more milk from the bottle than the breast because they don't have to work as hard for it. Also, can you imagine how horrible it would be for your little one if your caregiver ran out of breastmilk and had to switch him to formula while you were away because there was no other choice? Yikes!

I know this may all sound a little harsh, but I would really reconsider and take your baby with you. To me the hassle of leaving him seems much worse than the hassle of having him with you.

Lastly, I traveled with my son from Colorado to New Jersey for 5 days when he was 4 months old...he did great on the plane, during our travels, etc.

Good luck in whatever decision you make...just remember that you are the mother and trust in yourself that you will make the right decision for your son...just be sure to think through all of your options :). When you do go, have a fabulous trip!

A. :)

Hi S.,

First of all I really don't think you should feel the least bit guilty about wanting to take a trip without your baby. Really! You are human, being a mom is hard work, and you are entitled to a trip alone. Of course your baby will be well cared for while you are gone.

I went on a trip when my second baby was 5 months. My babies mean the world to me. Did I miss them like crazy? Yes! But they were having a much better time staying with family than they would if I carried them around on a trip that was not suited for them. I pumped while I was gone. My milk supply did deplete, however I was able to build it back up again in a short amount of time. When I returned I drank a lot of Mother's Milk tea, allowed my baby to nurse as often as she would (I even woke her up in the middle of the night), and in no time my supply was back to normal. I know everyone's experience is different but with my own experience I know it is possible to continue. After the trip I nursed her until she was one.
Good Luck!!

We travelled extensively with both our kids at very young ages. Both always did well. Our second one refused a bottle at all, so we were always stuck with him. If you have a comfortable front carrier or stroller, he should nap just fine. We just covered his head with a blanket, or the stroller, so there was not visual stimulation. A really light recieving blanket usually did the trick, but let in plenty of air. If you want to continue nursing, I would encourage you to take him with you. Having traveled with and without the kids, I can tell you, I have always enjoyed with the kids, no matter how young or overtired, since I miss them so much if they're not with us.

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