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My Baby Girl Is Coming in 3 Weeks

I need a name, something really nice and sweet. My top choices are maeve riley and mallory grace however my husband doesn't like them.

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Riley Grace is the name we decided on when she was born september 6th

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I love thinking of baby names, especially girls. I like Lilianna or Lillyanna. Ellianna is nice, but since you have an ella, that may not be a good one for you. I also like Jillian, Rayanna, and Reilene, Marlow is another one that's a favorite of mine. I also like to take last names of family, like some of my ancestors, Ranson, Duffin, you get the idea. LOL I could go on, but I hope you find just the perfect name. Just don't use mine, even I don't like it lol

I named my daughter Amaya (a-my-a)Rose. I knew her middle name was going to be rose (it's a name that has been in my family, named after my Great grandmother, it happens to be my middle name too, So I had to find something to fit it. I searched through 3 baby name books, and the only one her fahter and I agreed upon was Amaya. I wasn't even too keen on it at first, but now it definitely fits her. These are the other names I considered... Khaila (ky-la), Iviana, and Khailana. Now if I were to have a nother child and it were a girl, I would name her Thalia Skye. You could also use my name T. (but if you want to spell it correctly, it's Tiana)!!!

How about Sofia , Gracie , Claire , Lucianna.My top are Lucianna nicole and gracie-rae bella because they are my two daughters names!Or maybe go old fasioned with something like rose, anna ,anabell ,rosalee or emma?
let me know.-Shanie

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Nice choices, but if most people are like me, I don't know how to pronounce Maeve. Pick that name only if you are willing to correct people (and put your daughter in a position of always correcting people as she gets older)who see it written before they know how to pronounce her name.

well I had a boy but I had two names if I were to have a girl they were Emma R. or Abigail R. (calling her Abby for short)
good luck!

I have 2 girls Elisabeth and Sara. I always liked classic names. I love the name Maeve...how about Mavis (white bird) or Tegan?
Good luck to you whatever name you decide!
Congrats to you and you family.
God Bless,


My husband and I went back and forth when naming our Daughter Maya. If our second was going to be a girl, I wanted to name it Leena or Seva (meaning prayer in my language - Gujurati). Good luck, what ever name you choose, you'll love it:) Congrats.

I have three boys and 1 girl. My daughter's name is Layla Imani. Nice eh? Here are a few suggestions... Nyla, Mikayla,
Makenna, Aliyah, Alyssa, Candace, Jordyn, Alexis, Sabrina,
Cameron, Brianna, Danielle, Dupree, Bridgette, Monica, Minnie,
Colette, Marika, Renee, Ilena, Irene, Tracie, Kaitlyn, Aimee,
Marissa, Alanna, Ayanna, Aubrey, Abigail, Kayla, Trina, Nina,
Sophie, Nicole, Mercedes, Tonya, Shekima, Angelica, Jessica, Saqueena, Tyriqa, Tyeemah, Kelley, Dana, Shay, Nia Shay, Denise, Ashanti, Shaniah, Sierra, Kierra, Tiffany, Mariah, Delaney, Della, Stella, Phantasia, Destiny, Beyonce, Amber, Minnie, Tia, Liberty, Emily, Faith and Amelia.
Hope these have been helpful. Keep us posted on what you decide!! COngrats!


Some of my favorite girls names of the moment besides my daughter's name (Jillian) are :

Ranelle ( my sister's name)
Mariella ( you already have an Ella though)

what about kestrel ? i got it from a book from the series children on the earth or people of the earth....it was in people of ice , i think. its a bird, that when it sings, sings a beautiful song.

I am feeling, Addison Mae ... or Payton Nicole

Let us know what you decided! Congrats to you, your husband and the big sister, Ella.


My only advise is to keep it simple unless you want to correct people for the rest of your life and have your child do that too on how to pronounce the name and also spell the name. I have been lucky enough to have three little girls come into my life and their names are Melody - not too hard to spell normally - but everyone calls her Melanie - which is a beautiful name but Melody is 10 and gets quite offended because her name is Melody, not Melanie. Her two sisters are Kayleigh and Maegan, 8 - which their names can be spelled about ten different ways. Their teachers can't get it right - everyone mispells the names, no one can pronounce them properly. The girls always point it out. I say stay with a classic name - I think it makes life for your child more enjoyable and they don't start out always correcting their name with people. Hey, you normally only have one name in life. It is very difficult to choose. You'll find one that fits your baby. Congratulations and best of luck to you and your family.

Nina, it's one of my favorite names. I couldn't use it because it was my cousin's name.

well everyone loves my name, but you cant use it becuse i like it because its unique...A. sounds like annz-lee. (lots of people say annz-uh-lee THATS NOT RIGHT! theres no uh about me) also a few other spellings, however pronounced a little differently.
Ainsley or Aynsley (ainz-lee)

Hi M.!

When I was pregnant with my daughter, i loved the names emily rose emma rose emma grace mackenzie rose abagail(abby for short). I(we my hubby and i) chose emma grace. good luck! let us know how you make out!

I'm so Happy for you!! A new baby!! Have you tought about Grace Rose ?? I wish you all our hopes and Happiness


My 12 yr. old son & I have a few name suggestions for you, we hope you & your husband like them.
Zoey / Julia Claire / Alexa Hope / Alexandria / Alexandra /
Eva Marie / D. Marie / Claire / Gina Rose / Eileen

Good Luck! D. in Stratford

I like the name kamauri for a little girl...

Hello my name is Pam I am new I just thought I could give you a helpful hand. For name how do you like Angel, Sarhara, Tameaka, Megan, Mayona, Reanna, those are my suggestions. pam

How about Riley Grace? Or if you stick to E names how about Elise, its my daughter's middle name. Good luck to you!

PS...Jenn below also said Riley Grace. I think its lovely.

My husband and I had the hardest time in finding girl's names that we both agreed on. We finally decided on Chloe Alexandra, and I couldn't imagine her being named anything else. A name that I have recently fallen in love with is Talia/Thalia, a Greek name meaning joyous.

Good luck on your search!

1st of all, Congratulations... Next, I love the name ella; however, my daughter is a Hailey S. due to compromising. And my next daughter is going to be a Theresa, named after my grandmother who recently passed away - not sure about the middle name yet... Some ideas for you are Mabel, Emily, Hannah, Madeline & Madison. Best of luck with the birth and the new baby and I hope ella enjoys her new little sister! Let us know what you chose!

We named our daughter Riley and used my maiden name as her middle name - Riley Quinn. If we had a second - which my husband refuses - and it was girl - she would have been named Raegan.


I combed a zillion books - we picked by meaning and sound - some books will list them under "feel" - like "romantic names" - "all american" - etcetera - sorry I can't recommend a specific one - also websites to pick - I think babyzone. the names you picked are lovely but I understand about your husband - my husband and I decided through compromise which meant not his favorite or mine but names we both liked - Isabella Mia (Bella Mia - consecrated to God - my beauty)
and Giovanna Emilia (God is gracious - initials GEM). when I read your request the name that came to mind was Zoe (life) - I think Lily and Lillian also fall under this meaning - Good luck - can't wait to see what you choose - I'm sure it will be lovely.


If my son had been a girl he would have been named Maeve Evelyn. It's a great name. Stand firm. I also like Ava, Fiona, and Tess. Good luck.

I really love Andrea Lynn or Abury Lynn ...Good luck to you

How about Maven Grace,
Heaveny Grace,

Just a thought. I wanted a girl so bad when I got pregnant and found out I was having twins, I thought at least let one be a girl, Just one of each I will be done.

Mine are Kellan (long a) and Korey both boys. Good luck and Best wishes on the newbie.

the best names always come to you after the baby is named---i have 2 girls , and their names was chosen from my family having Lee in their name for 6 generations prior to me--my daughters make 7 & 8. I have always like the name Libby, Reagen, Kerrigan, Madison, and Riley. My daughters names are Kailee and Ashlee..Congrats to your new baby and best of luck with your new name..let us know what you pick out!!


those are beautiful names.. tell him you gave birth... you get ton name her... LOL

My husband and I decided before our baby girl was born that her name would be Chloe Kathryn. We had a hard time agreeing too, but it will come, and it will fit her perfectly.

I throw a few out there for you;
Hannah Jane
Anna Jane--I really love Jane for it's simplicity
Chloe Belle--this was almost my daughters name

I agree with Leah, we picked out Abigail and when she came out we both said she doesn't look like an Abigail and it took us over 24 hours but my father in law looked at her and said "she's a Molly" and that was it...and she is a molly too and just turned 3. I also think the names you picked are very trendy, which you may want to stay away from...just a thought

Let's see... sweet names... I was looking for a cute, sweet name when our second daughter was on her way- I'm trying to think of the names we were coming up with!
I liked, Rachel, Hannah, Louisa, Charlotte, Emily Rose and
Gracie May.
We went with Eloise Anne. We call her Ellie. She is very sweet and adorable- just like her name!
Good luck with your search!

We had no trouble when it was time to pick names out for a girl, thank God that is what we had...because we were still arguing over boys names when I was in labor...We named our daughter who will be 2 on Sept 8, Kierra Dacey. I absolutely love that name...and not many others will have this name. I am now pregnant again, and we have a boys name picked out and are arguing over a girls name...I hope that this means that we are having a boy...hehe

Maeve is an old Irish classic! We chose one ourselves...Cassidy Marin. I was named J. after a song off of "The White Album" and 'Cassidy' is a Grateful Dead song. Mae was in the running, as was Savannah, Margaret, and Lily. It's tough when you and your spouse dont agree! Good Luck!
Mother Hen Doula

violet, lily, danae, lila, leah, sienna, keira, jade, jasmine, lucy, pauline, liza, esther, cassie, meredith, marisol, corinne, nell, rose, victoria, emily or maybe M. (; ???? Good Luck! I do love the name Grace though!

We named our daughter Marina. Another name I liked was Jenna. Good Luck!!

I refuse to give out names . . . but I will tell you this, why don't you wait until she's born. Her name will jump out at you when she is born, and it will suit her, and you will both agree.

I've always been partial to some older names, like Abigail, Delilah, Eleanor...I also like names not too common: Liliana, Emily, Madeline, Victoria, Gabriella, Hannah...I hope some of these help. Good luck.

My daughters name is Emily Grace. I also loved the names Olivia Grace, or Sofie Marie. I thought they were grown up names, but very cute for a little girl. Hope this helps...

Ohhhhh, I really like the name Maeve too. Unusual, but classic. What about Meredith, Margaret (Maggie for short), Marie, or Ruth (Ruthie as a kid, Ruth as an adult)? Some of my girl faves! Let us know what you decide, and congrats!

Oh I love Maeve. I'll be having a baby in March and am hoping for a girl. My possible is Lilly-Anna Rose.

How do you like Lilly Rose aka Lillian Rose

Hello M.,

When I was pregnant with my second child, I didn't find out what I was having till I delivered. WOund up I had a son. If he had been a girl, the name we picked out was Savannah Pearl. My daugheter's name is Cloe Raine.

I also love the name Rhiannen (Ree Ann En), Hannah, Catherine, Genevive, Gwenevere, Alexandra.

Hope these helped. Let me know what you choose! And Congradulations!

I have always said if i would have another daughter her name would be either Olivia grace/Sofia grace/gracelyn let me know what you pic.good luck

My daughters name is Madison Grace and she is sooo sweet!!
Anyway I like:
Ava Elizabeth
Emma Rose
or Emma Sophia
Best of Luck!!
I agree on keeping it simple...my name is B. and I have been called Brian one to many times. I also can remember how mean kids are is school!

I have 4 granddaughters:
Emily Suzanne
Katelyn Marie
Anne Elizabeth
Molly Kaye.

My daughters are Nicole Suzanne and Brianne Noelle.

I think they are all beautiful as well as their names. Good luck! Molly Kaye just came into the world on August 5.

I've always been partial to Kaiya (pronounced with a long "I" sound)...so I named my daughter that.

My husband and I had pretty much settled on Aiden for her but when I told people about it, I got a very negative response from people in general. I didn't want her to get that negative response so we went back to the drawing board. My husband really liked Kai. I added the "ya" to make it more feminine but we call her Kai a lot. We tried it out on some people and we got a much better response.

Believe me, I'd love to say it doesn't matter what other people think but when someone actually looked at me with a miserable face and said "don't name her thaaaat", it got to me and I didn't want her to have to deal with that either.

If you like it great, if not, I hope you find something you love as much as I love Kaiya.

Carlie Rose; Mckenna Shea; Kelci Christian

We had a girl four months ago. Names that made the top of our list were Nadia, Lilah, and Mira. Best wishes.

Please consider Dacia Elaine

I like Maisy. And I love Ashlynn. I think they are so pretty. I like Lily too. Here's the thing though, wait till you are in labor, like the real throws of labor, then tell your husband how important it is for you to name her Maeve Riley, trust me he'll cave!!! Works everytime!!!!

I Love the name, Maeve!! Fight for it, Girl!!!

congradulation the name is beautiful as im sure she is

Hi M.- I love the name Lilly. Simple, elegant and completely sweet. Lilly Grace is beautiful!!! Good luck to you :)

hi M. well i have some names well i have three girl and there names are kaili and dakota they are twins and my other daughter is sanai u can choose those if u want her are somemore jaedan, maia jarai,destiny daesha taylor or ebony diana,alliyah leah,sierra,olivia which ever one u pick i am sure it will be right for the baby congradulations

I only have 2 boys but I always said if I had triplet girls they would be Chloe,Zoe,& Sophie.
If I had one girl, Tallulah A.. I would probably call her Lu or Luie for short.

I had to write because when I read your name choices, I giggled, not because they were funny, but because my daughters name is Rylee Grace, how ironic!! I think it is a beautiful name and because her last name is Irish it suits her and it suits her personality. If your husband doesn't agree with the names have him roll it around for a while, listen to what it sounds like when it is said, even a name that sounds weird to someone else may be perfect for the one it is given to.

I am expecting also, due in January. I find out on Monday 8/14 what we are having. I have a two boys, 4 yr ols Sammy and 1 yr old Jason. Since I was expecting my first, my girl name is Juliana (some spell it Julianna)and it's still with me for my 3rd pregnancy. We'll call her Jules for short. But we are not sure on the middle name but some use Grace. Another friend of mine named her baby Ava Grace. Other first names I've heard that are adorable are Chloe, Mackenzie, Kaylie, Gianna, Emily.

Best of luck to you and your family. You'll find the perfect name!

Congratulations! I see you have gotten alot of responses.
I had a name for my daughter until I had a dream and renamed her (before her birth). The name was Autumn. Its such a cozy, warm name. I know the season is cold, but you think of hot cocoa and warm sweaters and the colors red, orange and yellow.

I have 3 children and my oldest is Alexis Margarite. She is named after my grandmother who passed.
After her my husband and I decided to do the alphabet method. Our son is Brenden and our youngest is Cassandra Jane.

I hope this helps. Maybe you will have to wait until she is born to name her. You do have that option. Good Luck! : )

I named my daughter Rylee..spelling is a little different..more girly :o)

Hi M.,
What an exciting time for your family. I think whatever you decide will be the right name. For some reason, by the time a child is only a few weeks old, you can't imagine calling them anything other than the name you have given. I have a granddaugher named Solana Faith. Solana means "sunshine" and trust me, that's what she is around here.
Good luck

I have always loved the name Destiny Deanne, but we ended up naming mt now daugter 2 MaKayla Rochelle. Best of luck to you and yours M..

I couldnt tell you what to name youre lil one.I have 2 boys and their names are Robin Alexander and Nicolas Gannon
just to let you know Gannon can go either way for a boy or a girl it means pale face lil one.Well good luck and let us all know.And by the way my name is way out there its S. ( Shawna)is what it sounds like and my middle name is Marie .

I love Olivia!! I wanted to name my daughter that but my husband did not like it. We picked Kearsten together - the only thing that bothers me is there is no way to shorten or abbreviate her name to give her a nick name...One of my all time fav girs names is Ella Corinne (Annette Benning named her daughter that, of course my husband shot that down TOO!)

I agree with keep it simple, keep it sweet...

Good Luck!

Megan Elizabeth is what I wanted to name my daughter, but i was blessed with boys.

how about the name AUBREE LEANNE i love that name

How about the older names like Olivia, Hazel, Julia?

I remember picking out names for my daugher who is 2 1/2 now...every name i picked my fiance didnt like and vice versa...we actually had a named picked out we were gonna call her Daelyn LeeAnn.....until.....until we actually saw her face and decided she didnt look like a Daelyn...so all day and night after she was born we sat and thought of different names...we ended up coming up with Angela Lee....totally different then what we wanted in the beginning.

I really like the name you chose it sounds beautiful.

I really love the name Alexandra Jay.... Good luck!

What about Heaven spelled backwards: Nevaeh Its pronounced (NUGH - Vay - Ya) or (Nah - VE - Ya) It could be Nevaeh Grace.

My daughters name was Amber Nichole

Maybe if you switch it around a bit like Grace Riley or Riley Grace. My 8 year old is Sarah Nicole and if my son was a girl, he was going to be Gloria Hope. It's funny when I think about it, we're not very religious people. Anyway, maybe you should wait until your baby is born and you get to know her personality for a couple of days before you name her. Good luck to you and Happy "labor" Day :)

I love the name Sophie or Sophia. Sophie Grace sounds really nice. I also like Dakota. I am 25 weeks pregnant with a girl. I am going to name her Isabella Ann. I am so excited. Good Luck, i'm sure whatever you choose will be great.

How about Harmony?
That was one of my favorites before I had my daughter, though I was set on Avery when I went into the hospital, but after 20 hours of labor, Delaney popped into my head and I kept it.

Emerson!! Then you'll have two E names! You can call her Emmie....just a thought!

Since I don't think I'll be ever having a girl, I'll let you have my name:

Emaline Maeve

Interesting that we both like Maeve. It's such an uncommon name. When's the baby girl due?


I absolutely love the name Maeve! If my son was a girl that was the name i was leaning towards..my husband wasn't too keen on it and we settled on Mae if he were a girl. I love the simplicity of Mae. I also like Ruby and for something a bit different, Mireille (pronounced Meer-ay).

*Edit*--I just re-read my response and put 2 & 2 together and realized your name is M., so I am not quite sure how you would feel about Mireille...I wanted to add another name...Sophie...it is an antique, sweet name...

How about Sofia , Gracie , Claire , Lucianna.My top are Lucianna nicole and gracie-rae bella because they are my two daughters names!Or maybe go old fasioned with something like rose, anna ,anabell ,rosalee or emma?
let me know.-Shanie

I must say I really like Mallory. It's not that common, as I have already meet a few Maeve's on the play ground. If it will help you make your decision, check out the social security website. they have a list of the top 1000 names each year from the late 1800's on. So you can see what's popular today, or what was popular the year you were born, or the year you parents were born. It's kinda of neat and a great resource for names.


To find my daughters name we used another search engine that even helped with syllables, and country of origin.


Good luck on your delivery, and remember you don't have to name her right away. I had some friends who waited 5 days to name there baby girl. She just didn't come out looking like the name they originally picked.

I have a suggestion for you. My husband and I couldn't agree on our daughter's name so what we did was took 2 names each that we really liked and wrote them on paper. Then we put them in a litle bag and let my 2 year old son pick a piece of paper and that's how we came up with the choice of our daughter's name. Which is Emily Jane.
COngradulations on your new baby. Goodluck with the name.

Hi M.-
What ever you choose will be right but here are some more options to look at; Anna Katherine, Anya Leigh (pronounced ah-nee-ya),Keelin Kelly, Flannery, Flynn, Rory, Alannah,Bree, Quinn, Riley,Arden, Rhiannon, Brynn, Tauren (tory for short), Keenan. Hope these inspire something. Please let everyone know what you choose. By the way I love the name Ella, that is my nieces name.

My daughter's name is Keira Leigh, and I think it's very sweet and suitable for a little girl. We also had Ava, Hannah, and Madison close in the running, but picked Keira in the end. I love all the Irish names! You really can't go wrong. I am praying for a girl next so I can use some of the other great names. By the way, I love Ella and would consider that myself! Good luck - you are so blessed to be on to #2 right now!

Summer or Maya for Nobel Prize winning poet, Maya Angelou.

My favorite girl's name is Calli Morgen. My husband doesn't like it so we won't be using it. But you can spell it different ways to and the spelling can make all the difference in whether you like it or not.


I love the name Ella too!!!! Those were 2 of my top picks but again...my husband doesn't like Ella. Our girl name is Danika Ellie and we'll call her Dani, Ellie is after my grandmother who just passed away due to Lou Gehrig's disease. We don't know what we're having yet...I'm due in 7 weeks (Oct. 3).

Good luck and I hope you find a name that you both love!


Hi M.. Well I have two girls, Isabella and Taylor. I love the names Madison (a little too trendy now though), Dakota and Payton. I found it hard to actually pick a name until I saw each precious face. Best of luck to you. You'll be in the same boat as me for a while. My girls are 3 1/2 and 2. Very close in age like your two are going to be. It's a lot of fun though!


maraline (pronounced like caroline)

I named my daughter Amaya (a-my-a)Rose. I knew her middle name was going to be rose (it's a name that has been in my family, named after my Great grandmother, it happens to be my middle name too, So I had to find something to fit it. I searched through 3 baby name books, and the only one her fahter and I agreed upon was Amaya. I wasn't even too keen on it at first, but now it definitely fits her. These are the other names I considered... Khaila (ky-la), Iviana, and Khailana. Now if I were to have a nother child and it were a girl, I would name her Thalia Skye. You could also use my name T. (but if you want to spell it correctly, it's Tiana)!!!

Hi M.,
I have a girl and named her Kristen Marie but I have always said that If I have another child, girl, I would name her Madison Rose.


since I don't know you I'll give you my baby girl names (who knows if I'll ever even have a baby girl, lots of boys this way!!)
Ava Lynn
Brianna Meagan
Lily Anna
Autuum Rose

Whatever you choose, I am sure it will be perfect!!
What I did when my son was born ( he wasn't named until he was 2 days old) My hubby picked the first name and I got the middle and I name the next one(s)
Good luck!!

Emmaneulle, Justine, Justina, Ava, Isabella, Mackenzie ( has character), Brianna, Dejunna, to name a few. Run these by hubby and let me know what he say. Or truncate his name and incorporated with your name or try the name Hope.

my daughter is a special gift. My husband and i had a hard time selecting a name. But, we finally chose Amani. It means beautiful wishes in Arabic. I love the name, and she is just so sweet that her name definitely fits.

Names- Leilani is hawaiian for God's flower.
Naomi Lynn, Sarah Beth,Anna Leigh,Faith Tiffany
Olivia, Daphne.
Well good luck
Love C. lou Burgess ( doula)

When I was pregnant with my youngest son,hubby and I picked 2 names:Brian Michael.and KayleighLyn.We had a boy,but I still love the name 'Kayleigh'.
Good luck!

i love the name Teagan. i wanted to name my daughter teagan but i let everyone talk me out of it. now i wish i hadn't let them. my daughter's name is Lauren christine which is pretty too. i like it because i got my name in there too. let me know what you decide. best of luck to you and your baby.


My boyfriend and I had decided while I was pregnant that we wanted a name that wasn't very common. We chose Lila Joy and it fits her perfectly. I'm sorry to say, though, that I've come to find that there are a lot of Lilas out there!!

Have you picked a name yet?
If you want an "m" name, how about Madeline, Marnisa, Mirella or Melinda Grace?
Sorry but I have to agree with your husband on your top picks!
Good luck to you!

M., congrads on your soon to be baby girl. I have two girls and also had avery hard time with their dad and girl names.My oldest is named Elizabeth after my great aunt. My youngest is also so named after a family member (her great grandmother)her name is M.(great name by the way haha).I think any name you come up with would be just wonderful.I also like names of flowers. Rose,Violet just to name a few. God Bless and congrads again. Hope to here about the name you both come up with.


I love your choices, but I do understand about your husband not liking your choices. We went through about 30 names to find one we could both agree on for our son. Some names I'm partial to are Lily, Kathryn, Charlotte (Charley), Ryan and Georgia. I hope you find a name you can both agree on. Good luck to you!


hi how about mariah-lynn, emma grace, abigail-lynn, victoria rose, ..D.

i have 2 names that i really like but i did not get to have a little girl i got 2 boys though
Olivia Ann or Zoey

My daughter is now 14 and her name is Melissa Rose. Obviously, I love the name and its not very popular anymore.

Good luck and congrats.

i like the name lilian grace. good luck, i bet u cant wait for her to arrive. congrats. oh yeah, i also love the name cadence abigail. :)

I love thinking of baby names, especially girls. I like Lilianna or Lillyanna. Ellianna is nice, but since you have an ella, that may not be a good one for you. I also like Jillian, Rayanna, and Reilene, Marlow is another one that's a favorite of mine. I also like to take last names of family, like some of my ancestors, Ranson, Duffin, you get the idea. LOL I could go on, but I hope you find just the perfect name. Just don't use mine, even I don't like it lol

Congrats. What about Katelyn Elizabeth, Bella Grace???

My baby-girl names that I had all picked out since I was about 11 were Paige, Bridgette, & Chloe. My husband vetoed every single one of them, just like yours did. We came to an agreement on Hailey, but I still love my original names. Best of luck!

I love the name Angel
I also like the name mae,aniah,saki,bethanie anne but whatever you choose will fit your lil angel i'm sure.
by the way congradulations on ur upcoming angel.

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