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Gift for Gymnastics Teacher?

My twins (4 yo) are finishing gymnastics this evening. It will be the last of a 5 month program. My question - do you tip/gift something to the instructors? There are two girls who teach the class and they have been great with the boys, I just don't know what an appropriate amount is? I was thinking a $20 Starbucks gift card. Is that enough? Thanks!

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You are not required to give them anything, but it is nice you thought of them. I feel $20 is way too much. You don't say how old they are, but I would think$10 a piece is more than adequate.

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The frozen yogurt places are popular right now. Each twin could give a $5 gift card to one of those places. Each card would serve as one treat!

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I taught gymnastics while I was in college, and was so surprised when a student would give me a gift. I agree with Dana that some of the best were the ones that the students made. I have tons of pictures that the children drew for me. I would put them on my fridge so I could see them every day. I finally had to take them down when I got married because my husband said it looked like we had kids already. They are now in a scrapbook with other pictures from my time as a gymnastics coach.

Some other gifts I received were things like stuff animals (which mean so much to me that I don't let my kids play with them), pictures of the student, even a candy dish that said #1 coach. The gift card idea is also a great idea.

I'm sure that no matter what you do the teachers will be very surprised, and will appreciate the fact that you thought of them.

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I taught gymnastics for 4 years, and I had several students bring me gifts when I went back to college after being their teaching for years.

Honestly, the simple fact that people acknowledge you is the best part. Gift cards weren't really popular then, so I received a lot of body lotions, etc. But, my favorite gifts were the ones the kids made themselves (usually with a picture) so I could have the memory.

If they're young (I was 19), I'd almost recommend a Target gift card instead as they're probably more apt to use that vs. coffee as we get into the warmer months, but don't feel obligated. I never expected anything from anyone and was genuinely touched by all the generosity.

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I think your idea of a Starbucks gift card is great. You could also do the visa cards which will allow them to use it anywhere or a movie theater card.

I am sure no matter what it is they will love it and more importantly feel very appreciated!

You could get your kids to make a 'thank you' card themselves.

You are not required to give them anything, but it is nice you thought of them. I feel $20 is way too much. You don't say how old they are, but I would think$10 a piece is more than adequate.

I think starbucks cards are great, even though it is getting warmer, they do have iced coffee and even frappucinos....
I think it's great that you appreciate the instructors, as many parents just think they already get paid for the job so why should you give them a gift...
These people enrich our childrens lives and deserve extra support.

I love the idea of the kids writing a a note to the instructor and you adding the Target gift card to it. She will be thrilled you thought of her so kindly..

I think $20 is more than enough, maybe too much. When my daughter was a gym coach, she would have been thrilled to have a picture of the little girl and a handwritten thank you card. Or a picture of them together at the gym. And if you really thought they were special, you could add a note that you would be happy to be a parent reference for her if ever she needed it.

As to a Starbucks card, do you know if they would use it? Not everyone drinks coffee or likes their coffee taste. Do they love movies (movie gift car) or CD's & DVD's (Best Buy card) or you don't know. If you don't know, perhaps the safest choice is a card from a big bookstore that handles both books, games, and CD's (like Barnes and Nobel). But again, I'd lower the amount on it to the cost of two movies (her and a friend).

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