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Breastfeeding and I Have a Fever of 102

Its kinda late to be asking becasue ive been bf throughout but i was just wondering tonight if its bad to bf while i have a fever. I guess it depends on what illness i have. but its affected my milk i was making enough for him and trying to pump at night for storage. ( also hes been really wanting more baby food. (hes five months now)but i dont think thats why i got such low ounces.) And it was oddly hard to get my let down too this afternoon.. finnally i almost fell asleep and finally got a sad little 2 oz. any advice in this area?? little worried.

I definatly dont have mastitis i had it with my first. and i had a plugged duct with this one.. so no i was sick. i know because my oldest had the sickness couple days before me.

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my fever broke last night. yay! but my milk definately got affected i will be pumping extra to build it back up thank you for responses

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You should not be able transmit any illness through breast milk, the only thing you have to be concerned about is any medication you take CAN and DOES transfer through milk. Feel better!

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Keep breastfeeding babies get antibodies from mommy while breastfeeding and is less likely to get sick. It sounds like you are stressed and sometimes stress can cause let down and production problems. Try to relax. Earth mama Angel baby has some wonderful products. One such is milk maid tea; it helps with milk production. I'm still pregnant with #4 and haven't tried the tea yet, but thier other items work beautifully and so I expect the milk maid tea will work just as well. www.earthmamaangelbaby.com

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You should not be able transmit any illness through breast milk, the only thing you have to be concerned about is any medication you take CAN and DOES transfer through milk. Feel better!

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You can still BF. Just be careful about passing it on to the baby. If you can, have somebody else take care of the little one until he needs to nurse. That way it reduces the amount of contact to the germs, the baby gets his milk, and you get the rest that you need to get well. If you don't take care of your self, then you can't take care of them. Don't worry about the amount you pump out right now. Drink your fluids and they should go back up. Make sure that if yuou are taking meds, that they are okay to take. Watch out for meds that dry you up, example, benadryl, sudifed(sp?), etc. Good luck and GET SOME REST!!

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Check to see if you have mastitis! Here is a link for it. Hopefully that is not the case, but if so, you need to get it taken care of now... Here is what Dr. Sears says on askdrsears.com

* Part or all of the breast is intensely painful, hot, tender, red, and swollen. Some mothers can pinpoint a definite area of inflammation, while at other times the entire breast is tender.

* You feel tired, run down, achy, have chills or think you have the flu. A breastfeeding mother who thinks she has the flu probably has mastitis. Mothers with mastitis will sometimes experience these flu-like symptoms, even before they get a fever or notice breast tenderness.

* You have chills or feel feverish, or your temperature is 101F or higher. These symptoms suggest that you have an infection.

* You are feeling progressively worse, your breasts are growing more tender, and your fever is becoming more pronounced. With simple engorgement, a plugged duct, or mastitis without infection, you gradually feel better instead of worse.

* Recent events have set you up for mastitis: cracked or bleeding nipples, stress or getting run down, missed feedings or longer intervals between feedings.

Email me if you think you have this and want some more information. I'm not a nurse, but a mom who has been through this and wish I had been prepared.

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* Yes it is perfectly fine to Breastfeed while you have a fever! If anything it is important to BF while you have a fever - whatever is caussing your fever right now, your body is making it's defense's against, which are then carried in your breastmilk to your baby. You are building his immune system.

* Your sick. Give yourself a break form the pumping.And drink LOTS of WATER. You can go back to pumping some for the freezer after you get over this fever- but in the meantime your really taxing yourself. Remeber to take care of yourself momma! Rest up, drink lots of water, and just nurse the baby. Thats all you should need to worry about when your sick.

* What medications are you taking right now? Some over the counter drugs can effect your supply. Check out this link http://www.kellymom.com/health/index.html
(BTW, I recomned Kellymom for any breastfeeding question. It is chock full of great info!)

* at 5 months old Breastmilk should be your son's main/major source of nutrition. Babyfoods and table foods are just an adventure to him. A new taste, a new texture. So if he wants to try more , go ahead, let him try. But they cannot match breastmilk in nutrition or calories, so remeber not to let his expirmenting and learning with new foods replace any of your nursing sessions. A good idea is to nurse 1st, then set him up with some baby food.

*Remember that nursing is supply and demand. Right now you are sick, possibly dehydrated, and just asking alot of your body overall. So it would be best that you drop the pumping untill you are feeling better.
Whne you start pumping again you may not be getting as much initially as you were. But it will build back up. Start out at 1x a day again, at your fullest, eat lots of oatmeal, drink lots of water, and buy a bottle of Fenugreek and some mother's milk tea to have on hand. :)

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C., actually it's important to continue BF when you have a fever or are sick because your breastmilk contains antibodies to whatever infection or virus you have. That protects your baby from getting infected or getting as sick. And since you're around your baby, he needs the protection!! So keep on nursing! :)

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this happened to me...DON'T STOP NURSING! he most likely will catch what you have, b/c you are transferring it thru your breastmilk....therefore, he needs your antibodies to help him fight it...which will come thru your breastmilk. i stopped just like you, and my dr. scolded me b/c i didn't know the effects of what i was doing.

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It's perfectly fine to breastfeed when you've got a fever. :)

As for milk production, you're body is prolly dehydrated due to the fever, which is why the low milk. To increase your milk supply, up your water intake for the dehydration and eat oats for your milk supply. Cheerios, oatmeal, oatmeal cookies are the ones I used. It works like a charm! But go easy--cause sometimes you can wind up with too much! LOL!

Best of wishes,

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If milk production doesn't pick up now that your fever has broken definately call your doctor. Mastisis (clogged ducts) is what I had and I ran a fever of 104. The doctor had lots of suggestions but it is still important that he know what is going on with you. You don't want to jeapordize either one of you. :) God Bless! and good luck.

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