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Is This Mucus Normal? My Doctor Blew It Off.

It always made me feel better as a kid to have that mentholatum stuff floating around. However even a week of cleaning that thing can get old and the filler ...

Help Getting Rid of a Dry Cough

Get Vicks or Mentholatum and rub both her feet generously with it. Cover them with socks and put her to bed. Its so strange I know, but it works with my dd ...

3 Year Old's Dry, Itchy Hands

my 12 year old has the driest hands!!! we finally started putting mentholatum on them at night and it was been the miracle cure for us. good luck! Helpful? ...

Yeast Diaper Rash

... yes it is for horses...if you get some make sure you don't get the one with Mentholatum in it, it will burn your baby) and for our daughter, ...

Baby with Influenza

... propping the baby up for nasal drainage (one of mine slept in the infant seat for awhile), infant Mentholatum on the chest, thinned formula and juice to ...

Constant Coughing

This may seem different, but I heard that if you put vicks or mentholatum on their feet and put socks on them at night it is supposed to make them not cough ...

"OTC Meds or Not"

It is topical and goes on the chest front and back. helps to open up the lungs thru Mentholatum. I still use it when I am congested. I have also heard you ...

Chicken Skin

We've also found for a natural cure for my husband that zinc pills, which your daughter is to young to take, but for later, Mentholatum rubbed on ...


Along with the humidifier I also after his bath and before he got him pj's on I rubbed his chest and back with Childrens Mentholatum (not vapor rub) its ...

Chapped Lips

Many times they will put mentholatum in chapstix to give you that tingle feeling - it also has something in it that makes it addicicting so instead of ...
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