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Co Sleeping Not for Me

My son is 6 weeks old and loves to sleep on my chest to nap or at night. When I put him in his basinet (asleep) he wakes himself up and cries. I have tried to sing to him, I have kept my hands on his chest, I have swadeled him, and not swadeled him...pacifying does not work either. I am loosing sleep because of him sleeping with me...any suggestions?


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Hello in 4 mos my daughter will turn 1 and im so excited because i would really like to throw her a b~day party, but im a first time mommy so i dont know where to start im thinking of a princess themes but ive seen alot of b-day parties for girls with the same theme, so im thinking about the little mermaid or maybe belle from beauty and the beast. Im just so confused. The reason im planning ahead is because i want friends and family members to save the date. Im also in the thoughts of renting a jumper for the bigger kids, do you think its...

Childhood Illnesses

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Loss of a Child

I was wondering what I should send to my friends family. They recently lost her infant nephew. Thanks.


18 Mo and Not Eating

Hello everyone! I am desperate for some advice or other opinions. I was...

Children's Hospital

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Gift Ideas for the New Baby to Give Its Big Brother at the Hospital...

Hello ladies, I am expecting my second child in about 8 weeks and everyone keeps telling me that the new baby needs to have a gift for its Big Brother at the hospital....any suggestions? My sister-in-law gave her 5 1/2 year old a camera but my son is 3 1/2 and not sure a digital camera is what he needs. I really don't want to give him a toy that he will forget about...I am a sentimental person and would sort of like the gift to mean something. My son has picked out a Lovey Blanket for him to give the new baby and I am going to make...


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Has Anyone Had a 2-Year-old That Needs a Frenectomy?

Hi, I'm new to this site, but I've enjoyed reading all the questions & the helpful information that has been provided. It seems to be a great way to communicate with other moms. My daughter is now 2 1/2, and I was told at her first dental appointment that she needs a frenectomy. Neither of us had noticed the wide space between her two front teeth because we thought it was just an ordinary stage of growing. We went for a second opinion, and were told the same thing. Both oral surgeons agreed that it has to be done, but they were different on...


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4 Year Old Always Says "I'm a Good Boy"

Hi there... this is totally new to me... so please be patient. I have recently started babysitting my 4 year old godson. My issue is that he is CONSTANTLY saying things like "I'm a good boy" when I am punishing my 4 year old as well as other kids I babysit. He has done this type of thing for as long as I can remember. Even when he was just 2. He is always repeating himself, like for example... for fighting this morning I took the boys fav teddy bears away for a set amount of time. My son got mad... but my godson says (about every 5 mins or...

Diapers & Diaper Changing

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6Wk Old Baby Needs to Be Held to Sleep

Hi, i understand that baby's sleep habits will change from time to time. I want to know if my baby girl 6 wks is too young to let cry to sleep. since birth she slept alot until recently. being more and more awake and less naps. (which of course means less sleep for me). i know she gets tired and cranky and wants to sleep but have trouble falling asleep sometimes (especially when i want her to at night) unless i let her sleep on my chest or hold up on my shoulders. I get tired of letting her sleep on my chest because i'm lounging on a love...


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7-Week Old Won't Sleep on Her Back

My little girl sleeps perfectly when I'm holding her...when I put her down, she screams. I know I'm being a wimp, but I spend many nights holding her all night so she doesn't cry. Sometimes I'm able to set her down when she's fast asleep - on her side or in the bouncer. If I place her flat on her back, she startles herself and wakes up - every time. She simply can't sleep on her back because she flails her arm and legs all over the place. Help! Anyone else ever experienced this? Does it get better? S I've tried swaddling, but she...

First Aid

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How Would You Prevent Stress on Visit to the Neatnick's?

A family trip to my dad's is upon us. He and his wife are great people who live in a beautiful home on a cove in the Seattle area. We have not been to see them in 2 years and they paid for our flights. We invited them to see us (2 tickets), but they insisted on flying us to see them (4 tickets-yikes!). The kids are excited to go and I'm thankful for the opportunity-I love the Seattle area. However I'd like to prevent some of the stress I underwent on the last two visits (and have not wanted to go back since). We also just got back...



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Toilet Training--no Diapers at All or Underwear

My daughter is now 2 years and 4 months and seems interested in potty. She'll sit and pretend to go, but doesn't actually pee or poop. She will also practice using her teddy bears. Recently, she has not wanted to wear diapers at home and will take off her pants and diaper. However, I can't get her to wear underwear, so she'll just go naked. I was wondering what other moms have done--do you go diaper and everything free for a while until they actually use the potty or do you try to get them in underwear and acutal have them take it on...

Foot & Toe

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How Do I Stop My Kids from Coming up and Sleeping with My Wife and I?

Every night around 2am at least one (if not both - 5 and 3 year old) of my kids come up with their blankets and teddy bears looking for a spot in our bed. I've been trying to understand why they are coming up (bad dream), then i take them back down to their room, comfort them and put them back to bed. This strategy is about 50% successful.


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Soap/Shampoo Recommendations for Infant W/ Eczema

My 4 month old daughter is dealing with eczema. It seems to be brought on by the colder weather and changes in humidity. (We've been using a humidifier in her room to help.) I have used dreft detergent since she was born without any problems, however, I am thinking of switching to ALL free and clear to see if that helps. I lather her up with Aquaphor multiple times a day and that does seem to give her the most relief. I also use an Aveeno lotion once in a while. I use cortizone on the big flare ups as needed, but it's worse around her...


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School Shooting :'(!

So I have been watching all day about the school shooting. Parker my son who is 4 seen some of it on the news and let me tell you that was a very stressful and heartfelt talk we had between the two of us. He was so full of questions that for once mommy couldn't give answers that satisfied him. He ask me, "Moma were those kids bad kids? Were they being punished." I told him "No lil guy they weren't bad kids and that's not any kind of punishment. He said "Did that man not love kids?" I said "That man was very sick. And most people aren't like...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...

Illnesses & Symptoms

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I Need Sleep Advice for My 2 Year Old.

I need help! My son wakes up several times throughout the night. To get more sleep, my husband and I have been just bringing him to our room and letting him sleep with us, which I know we shouldn't do. His bedtime routine is bath every other day, fresh diaper, he picks his pajamas out, I wash his face and brush his teeth, then we cuddle and talk about our day for a couple minutes, then read a story or two. The problem is that he has to listen to his nature sound machine and have me laying on the floor next to him for him to fall asleep. I...


Constant Runny Nose

Hi momma's since starting preschool my DS constantly has a runny nose every...

Potty Training

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Toilet Training--no Diapers at All or Underwear

My daughter is now 2 years and 4 months and seems interested in potty. She'll sit and pretend to go, but doesn't actually pee or poop. She will also practice using her teddy bears. Recently, she has not wanted to wear diapers at home and will take off her pants and diaper. However, I can't get her to wear underwear, so she'll just go naked. I was wondering what other moms have done--do you go diaper and everything free for a while until they actually use the potty or do you try to get them in underwear and acutal have them take it on...


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Daughter's Finger Sucking Has Become a Real Problem

My 2-year-old daughter has been sucking her third and fourth finger (middle and ring) on her left hand since she was just a few months old. She used a pacifier for a short time before that, but gave it up in favor of these fingers. I have been concerned about her teeth, but the dentist and pediatrician both said let her do it until she's three, so I was just letting her do it until it started becoming a health issue. First of all, she catches EVERYTHING b/c she touches stuff and then puts her fingers in her mouth. I'm sure this contributes...


Odd Toddler Behaviors

My 27 month old son will grab his neck at times. Not to inflict pain but to...

Skin, Hair & Bath Care

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Dirty Teddy Bears!

My now 2-yr. old received her fair share of teddy bears over the last 2 years - most of them are WHITE! Adorable, but what were they thinking?! Can anyone share their experiences/success stories with just throwing them in the washer? This is dirt that cannot be dabbed off :) Thanks!!


Sleeping Habits

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Need Creative Idea for a Teddy Bears Name for Child Who Had Surgery

When my son was 1 he fell into his grandma's coffee table and we had to get stiches in his eye brow. At the emergency room they gave him a Teddy Bear while they stiched him up. So, Teddy Bear got the name "Stitch" which always stays in his bed. Then at 3 he had to have his tonsils removed and received another bear, which recieved the name "Tonsi" and this bear too has styed in our sons bed everynight to sleep with. Both my children had surgery yesterday; my son tubes put in his ear and my dd tonsils and adnoids removed. Both...

Stages & Milestones

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13 Month Old Not Communicating His Needs and Is Not Affectionate

I have a darling little 13 month old son that is meeting all of his deveopmental milestones and then some but is not pointing, communicating with us, and does not like affection from both of us. We are "attachment" parenting and have always anticipated his wants and needs. I feel like I am always trying to guess if he is hungry or not, or he doesn't cry or tell me when his diaper is wet or soiled. Also I have read many artlicles about babies at this age giving hugs and kisses and being very loving and he is just the opposite. He seems...

Support Groups

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Preparing Children For/coping with Impending Death of Grandma/mom from Cancer

How have you dealt with caring for a parent struggling with terminal cancer (or any illness, for that matter) and helping your children prepare for their death? How did you cope with strong emotions? How do you balance your life: work, caring for husband, children, parents, schoolwork, church service, etc.? I have four siblings who share in my mom's care (dispensing meds, walking with her to the bathroom, making meals, visiting, taking her to treatments, relieving my dad so he can go to the store, etc.) but we are all at odds...

Taking Temperature

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2 Qs...Bouncers And Teddy Bears.

SOOOO.... 2 questions... 1~ My DD is 3 months old. Is this too young to get her a bouncer? I want to get one of those activity bouncers...She can sit on her own (she needs help getting there... but once she's sitting she is good.) and has excellent head control... She also loves to "stand" for up to 5 minutes at a time. (she is standing on her own, just uses us for balance. lol) She has a floor gym that she likes... but she gets MAD if she is laying down too long. She wants to be sitting or standing. We put her in her bouncy chair, but...


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Worried My 22 Month Old May Be Color Blind...

My son will celebrate his 2nd birthday on March 30th, and I am a bit worried that he may be color blind. Over the last couple of months I have been working with him on counting, the alphabet and colors. He is doing GREAT at counting and GREAT at his alphabet, but he isn't doing so well with his colors. I have noticed that whenever he picks up the colors green, yellow or blue he always says green. Whenever he picks up the colors red, orange or purple he calls them purple. I don't really know much about being color blind, or what colors...