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To My Daughter on Her First Day of Kindergarten

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Your world has gotten so much bigger today. Just last week, you had no idea what to expect. You were nervous and your dad and I could tell. You found lots of creative and smart ways to embrace the unknown. Your big sister/little sister games suddenly became all about school, and you drew tons of pictures about school. It helped that your favorite animal is also the school mascot. But, we could see the worry was wearing on you. You had trouble sleeping every night for a week. You got a few stomach aches that week, which we have come to expect when things are bothering you. And, just yesterday, you had your first migraine.

It wasn’t for lack of preparation. If anything, you were over prepared. You’ve been in daycare, Montessori primary school, VPK and kindergarten camp. You know the school, you know how to listen and learn, and how to ask for what you need. You’ve been wanting to start kindergarten for three years. You’ve played school with your cousins and couldn’t wait for the buses, the lessons, the homework. All of it. Even (especially) the homework.

Your dad and I so wanted to erase all of your worry. There was no doubt in our minds that you would thrive, just as you have since the day you were born. We played pretend puppy and kitty school with you, answered your questions as best we could, and watched on as you navigated your way through the first of many milestones that is all yours.

You are fiercely independent and always have been. As you and I got in the car on that first morning though, you asked in such a small voice “Why isn’t Daddy coming?” You let out an audible sigh of relief when I told you he would meet us at school. You held my hand as we walked in and gave me a big hug as we waited. We stayed busy by walking around the outside, taking lots of pictures (which you normally NEVER agree to) and looking for the media center (which you really wanted to show me). Then it was time to head in. You walked quickly with Daddy and squeezed his hand tight.

You turned the corner, opened the door and found – COLORING SHEETS!

You set to work, and your friend from kindergarten camp walked in. Your face lit up and you pointed wildly to the seat next to yours. Daddy and I hung around awkwardly from the side of the room for a few more minutes, more for our benefit than yours by this point, but it was obvious you understood what we knew all along.

You’ve got this.

Julie Prianos is mother chronicling the adventures of two precocious kiddos, navigating this whole mom thing, balancing life, finding joy in the simple things, and loving every minute!

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