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Time-Saving Back-to-School Apps

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Summer is almost over, and it’s time to start getting the kids ready to go back to school. You probably already feel the panic and stress of the pending school year—like August is just one long Sunday before heading back to work on a Monday.

Thankfully, several smartphone apps help you de-stress, keep your life organized, and get your children ready for the school year. Here are some apps to help you stay calm and organized during all the stress.

1. Mint

During a new school year, your expenses increase. After all, you need to buy new school clothes, books, supplies, lunches, and more for your kids. Don’t let these expenses drain your wallet while you’re not looking.

Mint is a helpful app that helps you track your expenses, keep a budget, organize your bills, and make sure your finances stay in order each month. Not to mention, with Mint, you get hooked up with some of the best credit monitoring as you have access to a free monthly credit score and tips to improve it.

Is Mint compatible with iOS and Android? Yes.

2. SnipSnap

While on the subject of budgeting, here’s an app that will actually help you save money on some of those school expenses.

SnipSnap is a coupon app that helps you streamline the process of coupon cutting. In other words, SnipSnap is a virtual coupon holder that will organize and save all of your coupons into one convenient location. With SnipSnap, there is no more remembering to haul around your big coupon binder, coaxing glares from the customers behind you at the checkout.

Is SnipSnap compatible with iOS and Android? Yes.

3. Remember The Milk

When school starts, you have a lot on your mind. You juggle schedules, lessons, and homework, and it’s easy to forget the simple things—like picking up the milk.

Remember The Milk is a smart to-do list and task management app for busy people. It reminds you of all the important tasks on your to-do list. All you have to do is set up your list and then let the app do all the hard work of reminding you at the right time.

Is Remember The Milk compatible with iOS and Android? Yes.

4. Headspace

If your stress reaches the breaking point, slowing down and learning how to relax will help you stay focused and productive. Luckily, even your phone can teach you how to combat your stress.

Headspace is a meditation app that reduces stress and anxiety. You can turn those rare and quiet moments you have into moments of true relaxation with its scientifically proven meditation techniques. Headspace will take you through a series of lessons that help you explore and improve your mindfulness. As things start to get hectic, take the time to stop, breathe, and think.

Is Headspace compatible with iOS and Android? Yes.

5. Sleep Cycle

If you have trouble focusing or staying relaxed, you might not be getting the right amount or quality of sleep. Using an app to track your sleeping habits can help you make the necessary changes to stay healthy, even with your kids jumping on you as a morning wakeup call.

Sleep Cycle is an alarm clock that tracks your sleep cycle and wakes you up at the best time—during a lighter phase of your sleep. Why is this awesome? Because when you wake up during a lighter phase of the cycle, it feels as though you are waking up naturally. When you have a busy day ahead, this app makes it easier to wake up earlier and provides you with more energy.

Is Sleep Cycle compatible with iOS and Android? Yes.

6. MyFitnessPal

Keeping your kids healthy while they go nonstop can be exhausting, but exercising, counting calories, and tracking your diet, even with an app, can make a difference.

MyFitnessPal is one of the most popular fitness tracking apps on the market and will help you keep track of your health. As you move from activity to activity, you can rest assured you don’t compromise your health when you use this app to stay mindful.

Is MyFitnessPal compatible with iOS and Android? Yes.

There you have it—a comprehensive list of apps that will help you stay calm and healthy during the whirlwind at the beginning of school. Which apps do you think will help you and other parents the most? Make a recommendation of your favorite apps and share this post.

Krystal is a freelance writer living in Salt Lake City, Utah. She spends a lot of her time giving piggyback rides to her three year old and hugging trees. When she can sneak some alone time, she enjoys making art, watching cheesy rom-coms and planning her next family travel adventure.

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