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The Top Sites for the Best Cyber Monday Deals

by Michael of ʺTeccaʺ
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The day after Thanksgiving has been known as Black Friday since 1966, when throngs of shoppers flooding Philadelphia led to clogged roads and over-crowded sidewalks. Since then, Black Friday has grown into a nearly universal holiday shopping experience. As Black Friday’s consumer popularity rose, more tech-savvy shoppers learned to dodge the bustling crowds by shopping online. Clever retailers began rewarding this activity by providing exclusive online-only deals for the Monday following Black Friday. Now, Cyber Monday is nearly as big as Black Friday itself, clogging online shopping carts instead of streets.

Where to start
You should begin scouting out your favorite online outlets right away if you’re planning to forsake the nearly violent confrontations of physical retail stores. While we’d like to think online stores have near-infinite quantities of merchandise and savings, it always helps to have a battle plan before burning through your hard-earned time and money barking up the wrong virtual tree. Here’s our list of ideal shopping oases on Cyber Monday, where you’ll be able to find the best deals and smooth shopping experiences.

Amazon Amazon is already well-known for its vast array of movies, books, home supplies and just about everything else you could want to buy. Couple that huge inventory with the benefits of Amazon Prime Amazon is already advertising huge sales in its Countdown to Black Friday, which is definitely a lead-in to some spectacular holiday deals throughout the weekend after Thanksgiving.

Best Buy Best Buy has become the go-to location for any major electronics purchase, and its online store for Cyber Monday is no different. Best Buy is a solid, reputable electronics retailer, but where it really shines is the warranty department. Best Buy’s Black Tie protection is superior to even Apple’s own AppleCare program. If you’re dropping cash on an expensive computer or gadget, you should definitely consider Best Buy and its warranties. Even better, Best Buy is already gearing up for exclusive Cyber Monday sales; you can check out the deals on Best Buy’s site

Target Target is well on its way to readiness for the holiday season; the Christmas category on Target’s web site is filled with gadgets, decorations, and more. However, Target is making some of its best Cyber Monday deals available exclusively through an email newsletter. Swing by the Target site and sign up now so that you have plenty of notice before Thanksgiving weekend lands.

Walmart While Walmart garners plenty of fame for its low prices and earnest sales, the massive retailer is getting a piece of the Cyber Monday action just like everyone else. Walmart hasn’t announced details of its Cyber Monday sales yet, but has a web page at the ready for holiday deals. Much of the Walmart sale will revolve around household items, but you’ll be able to pick up plenty of home theater devices and accessories, computer equipment, and other gadgets as well. Walmart also carries popular devices like the iPad 2 and Amazon’s Kindle e-reader, so keep an eye out for name-brand electronics becoming available on the cheap. Walmart even offered free shipping last year; here’s hoping for a repeat in 2011!’s Cyber Monday is so dedicated to Cyber Monday that they have site specifically focused on scouring retailers for the best deals and listing the results in one easy-to-use place. This aggregate of Cyber Monday deals includes over 700 retailers, and even maintains a specific green category for environmentally friendly sales.’s Cyber Monday site includes plenty of savings and deals that take place even before Thanksgiving, though, so make sure you read each sale thoroughly before spending cash.

Manufacturers Some manufacturers like Dell and Apple feature their own Cyber Monday sales. If you have loyalty to a particular brand, make sure you scout out that manufacturer’s website so that you can get the deal directly from the horse’s mouth.

Don’t neglect your homework
While all the Cyber Monday news is very exciting, with great deals to be found all over the place, you should still practice some safe holiday consumerism. Take a few seconds to price shop the items you want to buy. You might be able to find an even better deal than the one you’re considering if you’re willing to go just one website over.

Second, make sure you’re familiar with the warranty and return policies before you pay. While everyone on our list practices good customer service, don’t let yourself be surprised by minutae after you’ve already spent your money.

Finally, check around for more helpful suggestions. If you want more suggestions for how to get the most out of your Cyber Monday, check out Tecca’s tips for navigating Cyber Monday deals for something particularly extravagant? You’ll also love their list of extreme luxury items!

When the days after Thanksgiving come around this year, sit back at home and enjoy the online savings. You’ll avoid getting trampled out on the streets and you’ll have earned yourself a little more free time with the family. And isn’t that the whole point of the holidays?

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Michael Gray writes for Tecca, a website dedicated to the latest news, tips and guides that make the technology in your life work for you.

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