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Tell My Mom

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“Tell my mom.” This is my daughter’s new favorite phrase. It’s a beautifully constructed sentence, especially for a child labeled as “non verbal” and effortlessly shares her overwhelming pride in her achievements.

She tells her speech therapist to “tell my mom” about the letter P sound she made this morning.

She tells her occupational therapist to “tell my mom” about the snowman she made out of rice.

She tells the cashier at Shop Rite to “tell my mom” that she thinks our groceries should only cost five dollars.

She tells me, her mom, to “tell my mom” after she eats her dinner, brushes her teeth, finds her shoes, or puts her on coat. “Tell my mom.” And I do, every time. And she smiles proudly.

So, I like to learn from my daughter and I recently realized there are some things that I should tell my mom.

Thank you.

You make delicious chicken soup that can feed a family of fifteen. You read through every word of my nine page typed note with instructions of how to properly put my children to bed when I was just going out to see a movie – which you insisted upon.

You drive to another state most days of the month so I can take a nap. You clean out the diaper pails and restock the toilet paper when I can’t remember to. You call me every morning rain or shine to check in about my babies because I am still your baby. You know exactly what we need from Costco without the list – and don’t make me pay you back. You create games to help the kids eat breakfast.

You became an advocate for your granddaughter. You listen to me when I’m nervous about the upcoming appointment. You remind me that leaving the house alone is important. You babysit when I want to go on a date. You give me the shoes off your feet when I think they are cute.

You build a gigantic hug around me. You always join the dance party.

You remind me I am not in this alone.

Tell my mom –

Oh yea, Dad, you’re great too.

Leah Moore is a teacher and mother of three delicious children. She captures the stories of her daughter with Cri du chat syndrome and the adventures of her twin baby boys in her blog, The Cheese Bus. She believes life’s odysseys can best be handled with kindness, a sense of humor, and the perfect pair of sweatpants.

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