Photo by: Paul Lowry

Moms' Thoughts on Back to School Buying and More

Photo by: Paul Lowry

Recently we asked Moms about back to school shopping, the amount of homework their child does, what age to get a cell phone and more. Here are the results; be sure to share your thoughts in the comments section.

How old is old enough for a cell phone?

Whenever they ask for one? 1%
10+ 18.8%
12+ 52.4%
16+ 27.8%

How much do you plan to spend on back to school supplies per child?

Less than $25 26.2%
Between $25 – $50 50%
Between $25- $100 19.2%
More than $100 4.6%

What are your child’s lunch plans?

Bring sack lunch 30.8%
Buy school lunch 14.6%
Both 54.7%

How does your child get to and from school?

Walk/ride bike 12.2%
Parent drives them 54.6%
Takes the bus 33.2%

What are your child’s after school care plans?

Home with parent 64.1%
After-school daycare/school program 16.4%
Child stays home alone 6.8%
Child stays with friend/family 7.3%
Other 5.5%

How much time does your child spend on homework each night?

10-30 minutes 35.2%
30 minutes to 1 hour 8.2%
1-2 hours 21.4%
More than 2 hours 5.3%

Are your child’s homework assignments acceptable?

No, teachers give too much 18.6%
Yes, it’s about right 76.1%
No, teachers need to give more 5.3%

How should schools handle bullying?

Encourage children to work it out 6.8%
Notify parents at the first sign of trouble 22.5%
Counseling/teacher interference 42.6%
Strict discipline 28%

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