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Our Favorite Reads for Fall

by Jillian Gordon of "Mamapedia"
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Fall is officially here! Which means more time with family and (hopefully) more fun. From communication techniques to laundry hacks, we’ve gathered up our favorite posts from September for your go-to-guide as we approach the holiday season.

Here are our favorite posts from the last month:

Early Signs of Austism

We spoke with an autism specialist to find out what the signs and symptoms look like during the first few years of a child’s life, and what important actions parents can take to be prepared.

Tips on Having “The Talk”

Even if you’re not ready to talk about sex, your child might be. We break down some simple tips to begin the discussion and keep the dialogue open with your kids.

How to Head Off Aggressive Behavior

The upcoming holidays can mean more time with family, but also potentially more tension. Head off aggressive behavior before it begins. Although aggressive behavior is a natural phase in a child’s development, children do need to learn at a young age that aggressive behavior cannot be tolerated, nor will it get them what they want.

Family Laundry Hacks

We’ve got you covered with these 7 hacks to make laundry that much easier.

Becoming a Stay at Home Mom: What You Need to Know

This can be one of the biggest transitions a woman goes through, and there are some things to consider before finalizing your decision. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding if you’re prepared.

Facilitating Sibling Bonding

While you can’t force the bonds to forge between siblings, you can create an environment to help them connect. These tips will help your kids become closer to each other and develop lifelong friendships.

What We’re Loving is a monthly series that highlights the Mamapedia community’s favorite “Voices” posts each month.

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