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Makeup Tips for Busy Moms

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Baby. Husband. Breakfast. Laundry. Errands. Work. It never stops. When do you have time for yourself? Life is certainly different than those good old days when you could spend an hour in the morning doing your hair and makeup. The best you can probably muster in a few minutes is a side pony, stain-free sweatshirt and leggings. But it doesn’t have to be that dire! Roseanne McIlvane, a California-based Member of Hollywood Makeup Artist & Hair Stylist Guild, IATSE Local 706 Journeyman Makeup Artist & Celebrity Makeup Artist gives some top tips on looking pulled together even on the busiest of days-even if that means you’re at home all day with a colicky babe or running nonstop errands with the kids. Remember what your mother always told you: Never leave the house without clean underwear or without your makeup. You don’t want rescuers to judge you badly in that car accident and you never know who you might run into out in the world. Right. Thanks mom!

Tinted moisturizer is a must-have. “Go for one that has SPF as well and you’ve hit the trifecta: sun protection, moisturizing and a sun-kissed look all in one,” McIlvane advises.

Always carry enriched lip balm-tinted is even better! You’ll always have a luscious, moisturized kisser without having to worry about reapplying lipstick after you eat it off.

Don’t have time to do proper eyeliner? Take some smoky grey or brown eyeshadow and quickly swipe it on your eyelid-the 1/4 inch closest to your lashes. Et Voila! No worries about the coffee shakes making you look like Elvira. McIlvane explains, “The old saying “Less is Best” has stood the test of time. Let people see the person not the makeup. Save that for nightclubs, parties or Halloween!”

At the very least, do your brows every morning. We all know your brows frame your face, and there are few features that will age and drag your face down as much as sparse, uneven brows. Use a brow pencil or brow powder. In a pinch, use some eyeshadow and set it with hairspray. (Don’t forget to close your eyes, mommy brain!)

Done with your fave lipstick shade? Don’t toss it out just yet. There’s always that last little bit of product that keeps it in the container. Scrape out that color bomb with a toothpick and mix it with a little Vaseline in a little plastic screw-top container. You’ve got instant blush and lip gloss in a pinch.

Got oily skin? Try mineral-based powder. Use a huge Kabuki brush and you’ll get full, translucent, oil-controlling coverage in a few swipes. Plus, it won’t clog your pores as a pressed powder might.

Waterproof mascara. I repeat. Waterproof. Why would you risk raccoon eyes-ever? And leave the black/noir/soot/jet for date night. Try a softer shade-dark brown or purple or navy-for daytime. It won’t make you look as pale. And don’t forget to brush those lower lashes too!

With all these tips, you might still be wondering what the bare minimum is before you leave the house. Sure, it all depends on what you have time for, but here’s a start: Tinted moisturizer, brows, lips. McIlvane adds “At the bare minimum if just running out to run a couple errands use a bright pop of color on your lips, no matter your skin tone-fair, tan or dark-it brightens up the face!” So what are you waiting for? Go out and tackle the world!

Shelley Moench-Kelly, MBA, is a New England-based writer and editor whose freelance clients include Google, L’Oreal Paris and

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