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Is an Empty Nest Cause for Celebration?

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“You might have a party!” I heard this today, being jokingly said about kids leaving for college. It bothered me. Yes, I realize it’s just a joke, but it’s the sort of mentality that finds it funny to be thrilled when you’re kids are no longer around.

Why is that something to look forward to?

People say they could never homeschool because they need that ‘break’ from their kids, and they even get upset when their kids don’t go to school on a snow day. This comment isn’t really directed towards anyone, but I just can’t imagine that feeling!

When my mom watches the girls so me and the zombie killer can go out for an evening, we spend our time wondering what the girls are doing, and talk about things they’ve done.

It just doesn’t feel right not to have them with us. We include them in our adult gatherings; and since most of our adult friends have kids, we avoid outings where it’s not ‘kid friendly.’

I see so many people profess such love for their kids, while at the same time it appears they don’t want to be around them. I know they love them, but like I said, I just cannot understand the desire to get rid of the kids, even for a few hours.

Sure there are some days I want to wring my girls’ necks, they infuriate me beyond words (even four letter ones!), yet I still don’t feel the need to have them leave or have me leave. They can go to their room for a couple of hours and leave me be, but I don’t see that as the same thing.

Maybe some would say I’m obsessed with my kids. I don’t think so, but then the crazy person doesn’t think they’re crazy, do they? Maybe it is due to how I was raised. We were a close-knit family, and all members were included in everything going on. I don’t know, perhaps there isn’t any one answer besides people are all different.

This is just something I’m really thankful for, and I don’t look forward to my kids leaving because I imagine I would be a right bitch otherwise.

Mamapedia Readers: Are you looking forward to the day your kids move away from home or are you dreading it?

Alecia is the coffee swilling ring mistress to a small freakshow. Dreadlocked, pierced, and pagan; this is not your average homeschooling mom from Virginia, or your average blog. Read more at Freak Show Minus Tent.

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