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How To Prevent Internet Addiction In Teens

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A recent study indicates that internet addiction can lead to a weakened immune system which leads to more viruses such as the Flu. There is already documented research on how internet addiction leads to mental health issues. On this episode of the Digital Parent Podcast, Dr. David Greenfield stopped by to discuss online addiction and teens.

Dr. Greenfield is the leading expert in the field of internet addiction. He is the founder of the The Center for Internet and Technology Addiction and an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine. Dr. Greenfield has appeared on CNN, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Early Show, Fox News, Anderson Cooper, and many more shows to discuss the connection between tech use and dopamine.

He is also the author of Virtual Addiction, which was one of the pioneering books on the subject of internet addiction in 1999.

Some Questions I Asked About Internet Addiction:

-Why Are Teens Uploading Fight Videos Online?
-How Dangerous Is It For Parents to take away Tablets and Phones.
-Why is the Porn Industry Seeking out Gamers?
-Why are Teens Accepting Friend Requests from Strangers?

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

-How High Speed Internet Increases Dopamine Effect
-How to Identify the Top Signs of Online Addiction
-How the Porn Industry uses Internet Addiction to Target Kids
-How Teens can Learn Electronic Etiquette

How To Prevent Internet Addiction In Teens

You can purchase Dr. David Greenfield’s Book Virtual Addiction on Amazon.

How to Contact Dr. David Greenfield

E-Mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Web: The Center for Technology and Internet Addiction, Dr. David Greenfield
Twitter: @CITACenter
Facebook: The Center for Technology and Internet Addiction
Youtube: Dr. David Greenfield

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Sedgrid Lewis is an internet safety expert, blogger, and host of the Digital Parent Podcast. He holds a Masters in Criminology specializing in Internet Crimes. Sedgrid specializes in social media and tech related crimes committed by juveniles. Sedgrid has been covered by Fox News, CBS News, NBC News, Readwrite, Gizmodo, and many more. You can follow Sedgrid on Twitter and Facebook

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