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HIIT Cardio Workouts for Weight Loss

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My name is Katrina Turnbull, a mom of two young boys. I gained and lost 100 pounds after having my two babies.

As a busy mom and working woman, I found it really hard to lose weight because I was tired from looking after two kids. I also couldn’t leave the house while my kids were sleeping, let alone spend hours at the gym.

I had heard about HIIT (high intensity interval training) as a type of fast-paced exercise for time-strapped women who want to see results quickly. It’s basically like doing an hour-long workout in 15 minutes.

I made three HIIT workout plan videos to help women, like myself, lose weight fast. The first video in the series is HIIT cardio. Workouts like these are a very effective weight loss exercise interval training technique. After doing HIIT three times a week, I started to see noticeably toning and less belly fat.


Watch my video below.

(Enjoy the free entertainment of my toddler attacking me as a I try to work out.)

One thing that really helped motivate me to work out was having a cute sportswear outfit. When I started my weight lost journey, I invested in three complete fashion fitness wear outfits that I mix and match for a full fitness apparel wardrobe.

I found this type of exercise (cardiovascular fitness) to be the best, quick fitness program for weight loss. I also had to put a lot more thought into my meal and snack choices, which have helped me to continue to lose weight and keep it off.

I filmed these videos a year ago and I’ve lost 20 more pounds since then – for a total of 100 pounds!

Katrina Turnbull is a 30-something blogger and mommy to two baby boys. Being pregnant in Paris taught her everything she needed to know about being an effortlessly chic mom. Now she wants to share her tips with all you busy moms, so you can have more time to be chic and fabulous!

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