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Halloween Costume Decisions

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Halloween is almost here. Do you remember choosing your Halloween costume as a kid?

One year I was Little Bo Peep. My mom had an old peach colored flower girl dress from my sister. That dress, some curls in my hair, a sheep doll and a walking stick – I was all set to go. This was not my idea, but she somehow got me to along with it.

I also remember being Casper the Friendly Ghost. It was one of those costumes that was plastic and had ties in the back. And, it came with a plastic mask with a stapled rubber band on it. (Ahhh, the 70s and 80s!) I kept scratching my face with the sharp plastic edges of the mask, but man, I loved that costume.

The next year I wore the same type costume but in the Wonder Woman version. These costumes were my favorites, and I like remembering them. They were the ones I wore before I was a “punk rocker” for many consecutive years into my teens.

Now, my daughters are 4 years and 6 months. This is the time I can dress them as I like! Or, so I’ve thought… When my oldest was a baby, one of my college roommates sent me a Tootsie Roll costume for her. She spent her very first Halloween being a piece of chocolate taffy. It was adorable.

The next year, I chose a cute little giraffe costume for her. It went just perfect with the Girly Safari theme I had chose to decorate her room. But when she was two years old, things began to change.

“Mom, I want to be a pink robot,” she said. It was inspired from a book we had read with a robot in it and her favorite color. She told me this in the summer, and I was SURE she would change her mind by the time Halloween came. But, no. I searched in stores and online. There was no “pink” robot costume. I like to run with my children’s ideas.

If she created a pink robot in her head, then we have to find a way! I made THREE prototypes. The first two were rejected. The first was made of a cardboard box, and the second was made of soft foam boards. The one she finally wore was a pink turtleneck shirt with all kinds of bits and bobs made of sticky and sparkly foam paired with a pink foam hat and striped leggings.

Needless to say, I was very stressed out and lost sleep trying to create this pink robot, and it worked. But, I became wiser the next year. She was now three and said, “Mom, I want to be a blue triceratops.” I thought — here we go again! I looked online to see what I could find, but there were no blue triceratops. So, I talked her into being a green triceratops, and it worked.

This year, we were at the zoo, and she found a really cute zoo keeper’s costume. I was online buying one for each of my daughters, and my oldest said, “Mom, WAIT!!!!! We only need one costume! I’ll be the zookeeper, and my baby sister can be the animal!” So, there it is. That’s what my children will be this year. I don’t call the shots anymore. I’m hoping I can get the little one into our old giraffe costume, even though I’ll be a little sad that she won’t be the Tootsie Roll this year.

What was your favorite Halloween costume as a child? What does your child want to be this year? Do they get to choose?

Jennifer Burden is the founder and editor of World Moms Blog, which writes about motherhood from 15 countries and is growing! She initially entered the blogging world to seek sanity when dealing with too many miscarriages to count (it still hurts to write that). She is now the mother of two girls. Her love of people and cultures led her to create a place where mothers around the world could tell their stories.

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