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Gardening 101

by The Mamasource Community
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Some of us were born with a green thumb, and others of us, well…not so much. We asked the community to name plants that almost no one can kill, and here are several of our favorite responses:

B from Chesapeake answers:
Mint is easy to grow, but VERY invasive. 
You’ll have to beat it back with a stick – so plant it in a container so it will be contained. 
Cherry tomatoes (Sweet 100 is my favorite) are the easiest tomatoes. 
They ripen up quickly and don’t have time to develop blossom rot. 
Basil and parsley are easy. 
Sometimes gardening is a bit of trial and error. 
Keep on trying and you’ll find what works for you.

Sue H. from Saint James answers:
Everbloom/Wonder roses thrive on neglect & butchering.

Day lilies are hardy. Not the new hybrids, but the old-fashioned orange ones.
For inside…forget Mother-In-Law Tongue! I just killed one this winter. & my mom who has an emerald green thumb killed 2 in the past 5 years. Bummer…

Suzie Q. from Clearlake answers:
Lemongrass! Grows like topsy and you can make lemongrass tea out of it. Also, parsley and rosemary.

Hazel W. from Portland answers:
Tomato plants are great; just make sure not to overwater.

Zucchini is easy to grow. I try to use my gardening to help lessen the grocery bill. If you like greens, they often grow well. Check for successful varieties/planting times at your local nursery. Also, I highly recommend the Sunset gardening books.
Happy planting!

Kristen W. from Seattle answers:
Herbs are your best bet. They can be pretty, and some are hardy. I suggest starting with the infamous quartet of parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.
Parsley is biennial, so it only lives two years and you have to plant more. It’s also the least decorative, so you could leave it out.

Sage, rosemary, and thyme are drought-resistant (once well established), can handle cruddy soil (as long as it drains well), and are relatively hardy. They are woody shrubs. You might want to replace them occasionally. Add oregano and marjoram to this list.

Pretty perennial herbs that are less known include anise hyssop, lemon verbena, etc.

Denise F. from New Braunfels answers:

Some people can just grow dirt, like my husband! That man could grow anything. His mom was the same way. 
It has taken me years to learn how to take care of plants. I love doing it, but even still I kill some plants. 
The best thing to do is JUST DO IT. Get some plants, get some seeds and see what happens. Live and learn. Go online and research to see how to care for specific types and do the best you can. 
For a beginner, a backyard garden will be too much. Start off with some potted plants and see how it goes. Have fun!!

Mum4Ever♫ from Edmonds answers:
Try succulents for long-term and year-round beauty.

Beth . from Evans answers:
I’ve got a rosemary bush that’s the size of one of those little tyke cars. I’ve never done anything to it but water it a few times. It’s gone through 2 winters.

Lynn E. from Provo answers:
I like to get ‘Stepables’ — a brand of succulents and herbs that can handle being stepped on. I plant them around the trees that my kids climb. Peppermint is pretty hardy too.

Mamazita from Orinda answers:

A lot depends on your exact location (sunny, shady, foggy) the topography of your space (flat, hilly, quick/slow draining) and what kind of critters you have. 
I have full sun in the front, mostly shade in the back, so I have two very different sets of plants. We also have deer and moles here, so I have to be careful that what I plant doesn’t turn into Bambi’s salad bar, lol!

Check with your local garden center, they are GREAT at giving advice about what does and does not to well in your particular environment. 
Happy Gardening!!!

Tracy K. from Grand Prairie answers:
Marigolds, and 
hot peppers, like serrano, jalapeno, habanero. All super easy. require nothing but dirt, water, and sunshine.

Joanne T. from East Northport answers:
Hostas are nice decorative plant that you can’t kill. We dug one up 7 years ago and it is still sitting out of the ground (don’t ask) and blooms every summer.

A pretty flower is the tiger lily. Not only do you have a pretty flower, they expand over time, so one or two will become many. For veggies, I have always found peas and beans very easy. You just need something for them to grow on.

Good luck!

S. H. from Kailua answers:
Zinnias, Marigolds 
Nasturtium, Sunflowers
Broccoli, Radishes
These are easy. 

Catwalk W. from Rocky Mount answers:
Silk flowers…
Plastic flowers…
Dried flowers…
Signed – 
Black Thumb

Do you have an easy-to-grow plant to add to our list? Please comment below.

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