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Blog Series: Baby Buy Fails

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I’ve mentioned before that creating a baby registry gave me an overwhelming case of anxiety. New parent + inexperience and paranoia = register for/buy absolutely EVERYTHING. But now that I’m a couple months into motherhood, I’m beginning to realize there are a few things we probably could have done without. I’m a firm believer that you should register for what YOU think will work for YOUR needs and YOUR baby, but here’s a roundup of our baby buy fails:

The Super Fancy Bassinet
Before Flynn was born, I became increasingly panicked about where he would sleep when he was especially teeny and not yet ready for his crib. I finally decided only a state-of-the-art bassinet would do the job – something that vibrated, played soothing music and included a special nightlight for midnight feedings seemed completely necessary. So we opted to double down on the extra fancy bassinet. All along, our night nurse told us we didn’t need anything more than a safe and cozy spot for him – a bouncer or even a stand-alone, lined dresser drawer would do the trick she explained. A week in, I realized she was absolutely right. Flynn wasn’t a fan of the fancy accommodations and preferred to sleep in the bouncer seat my sister had passed along to us (the FREE bouncer seat). Live and learn.

A Bottle Warmer
Our bottle warmer is currently unopened and sitting beside the front door so I can return it. I’m sure bottle warmers can be handy, but what has been most convenient (and space efficient) is warming some water in a mug using the microwave and then placing the bottle or frozen bag of breast milk in the water to warm up. When you have a hungry infant screaming to eat, it’s all about quick solutions.

Designer Diapers
I have a friend who works for a company that sells super adorable, eco-friendly baby products so I opted to place a huge order (and take advantage of her sweet discount) before I had Flynn. The diapers were especially cute and came in a variety of festive patterns. Cute? Yes. Effective? No. We quickly discovered the designer diapers were no match for Flynn and almost always leaked. It wasn’t long before we switched to something more durable. Cute goes right out the window when you’re dealing with projectile poop at 4am.

All the Baby Creams, Wipes and Sprays
In the same bulk order, I also purchased a TON of organic creams, balms, wipes and sprays to keep my baby’s skin soft, supple and rash-free without harsh chemicals. As it turns out, the best way to clean a baby’s backside is with just plain water (Water Wipes or even dry wipes soaked in water work great), and if you are dealing with a case of diaper rash, a little dab of Lotrimin can clear things right up. This genius tip comes from our night nurse once again who explained that most diaper rash is actually a fungal infection. We also learned that Flynn has a bit of baby eczema so once again, I dumped the fancy organic baby creams in favor of Eucerin and Aquaphor from the drugstore, per my pediatrician’s recommendation.

The Boppy
I can’t believe I’m speaking out against the beloved Boppy. Back when I worked as a nanny, I LOVED Boppy nursing pillows when it came time for feeding a bottle. They’re comfortable for you and for the baby. That said, breastfeeding has changed my outlook. It’s not that the Boppy pillow isn’t a great product, it’s just not always around when you need it. I have a pretty impatient infant and when he wants to eat, HE WANTS TO EAT. Instead of searching the house for the Boppy while he screams bloody murder, I usually plunk down with a couch pillow, a rolled up blanket or pretty much anything Flynn can rest his head on while nursing.

Jillian Gordon is the Managing Editor of A Los Angeles-based lifestyle writer and editor, her work has appeared in Beauty Launchpad, Nailpro Magazine, Saturday Night Magazine and Westside Today. She is also the former Content Manager of Jillian welcomed her son Flynn in November, 2016.

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