Photo by: Amanda Simkin

A Summer Boredom Bag

Photo by: Amanda Simkin

The three most dreaded words in the English language? “MOM, I’M BORED!” Seriously. Hearing this drives me absolutely insane. It’s not like I don’t take my kids to fun water parks, museums, movies, ice cream shops, berry farms, but by the time August rolls around, I’m spent. I’m done with the pool, exhausted from vacations, and just want a moment to drink my coffee while it is still hot. You too? Then let me share my little secret with you: a summer boredom bag.

You see, the genius of the summer boredom bag is that it contains things that kids can do totally independently. Yes, that’s right, INDEPENDENTLY (depending on age, obviously. Your six month old and chalk paint aren’t a good mix).

Additionally, these items are fairly simple and straightforward, and don’t cost very much. They are blissfully screen free and will make boredom a thing of the past…as long as you rotate items in and out of the bag. So what’s in my bag?

(Links courtesy of The Land of Nod)

Giant Coloring Poster

Doctor Play Set



Noise Putty



Sidewalk Spray Chalk

Punch Ball

Quirky Building Blocks

Ribbon Twirler

Coloring Books

Pop Up Cars

Matching Cards

Metallic Markers


Arts and Crafts Jar

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