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Sleep Dust: a Little Mommy Magic Always Works

Photo by: Jemsweb

When Kevin was very small and occasionally had trouble going to sleep, I used Magic Sleep Dust on him. It was so long ago that it’s hard to remember how I even came up with it. I would have him lie down in his bed and close his eyes, and then I would pull some Magic Sleep Dust (invisible, of course) from my pocket and sprinkle it over his closed eyes, ever-so-gently tickling his eyelashes so he could feel it. “Now, you have to keep your eyes closed or it won’t work,” I’d tell him. “You can’t open your eyes until morning, no matter what, okay?” He would nod his little head in the affirmative with his eyes screwed tightly closed and a grin on his face. And it never failed to work. Of course he would keep his eyes closed so the “magic” could work, and he’d fall asleep.

Somewhere along the line, I lost this. Over the large gap of time between when Kevin was very small and susceptible to magic and the time when the next child came along, and amid the ever increasing chaos of bedtime with the the steady increase in the number of kids who need to be put to bed, this little magic trick was forgotten about.

The other day, out of the clear blue, apparently feeling nostalgic, Kevin said to me, “Mom, remember the Magic Sleep Dust?” And a little shock wave went through me as suddenly it all came back to me. Of course! Magic Sleep Dust! How could I have forgotten that? How is it that I’ve never used that on any of the other kids aside from Kevin? It made me feel sad, actually, and even a little mournful, to realize that such a long time has passed since Kevin was still in footie pajamas and open to magic, and that I allowed something so simple and yet so special slip through the cracks.

Last night, we dealt with the usual bedtime craziness. A little while after all the littles were tucked into bed, Lilah crept out of her room. “Mama?” she said. “I can’t go to sleep.”

So I took her by the hand and walked her back into her room, settled her into bed, and said, “Okay, I have just the thing. Close your eyes, and I’m going to sprinkle them with Magic Sleep Dust. But it only works if you keep your eyes closed all night long, okay?” She had the biggest grin on her face! “Are you ready?” I asked. She nodded “Okay, close your eyes…” and I pulled some invisible Magic Sleep Dust from my pocket, sprinkled it over her eyes, ever-so-gently tickling her eyelashes, and then I kissed her forehead and got up to leave the room. I looked over and both of her sisters were sitting up in bed, watching raptly, speechless.

I didn’t hear another peep from Lilah for the rest of the night. Of course it worked. A little mommy magic always works.

It felt like a gift. Like this mommy still has a few tricks up her sleeve.

Lisa is a 40-something SAHM to six kids, including a pair of twins and a baby with Down syndrome.

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That is the sweetest thing I have read in a long time! Isnt' it just amazing the things we can come up with when needed? I think all of these little ideas are what help keep us sane! I wish I would have thought of that when my kids were little...

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I love this and think I might steal a little of it if you don't mind. Us mom's are magic, we can make it all better.

what a lovely story, i will be trying this on my grand daughter when she comes to stay thanks x

what a beatuiful story my lill girl only 6months im so goin to try this on her whn she older it was lovely ... i liked the bit where her two sisters looked on gobsmaked...fantastic little story.xxxxx

What a wonderful magical sleeping trick!!!! I can still use it with my 6yr old boy/girl twins. We all do believe in magic!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!!!

So cute! I might actually pull that out with my kidlets. What a sweet way for your kids to go to sleep. Instead of the typical "Get back to bed" response, even if it's said with kindess, it doesn't hold the same wonder.

Good Mom!

HI there! I am a mom of 4 kids (including 6 yr. old twins) and I used magic dust on my oldest child too! IN FACT, he is now a teenager, and STILL will ask me for "dust" from time to time. Now it is sort of a little mantra I softly say to him, "Magic Magic, all night long, shine on Jeremy, make him strong. Give him sweet dreams.... and then I go into some sort of relaxation visualization...

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This is a great story and such a great idea. I love it! Thanks for sharing.


Moms are magic. Thank you for sharing your story.A wonderful idea. My child was also afraid to sleep alone because of the monsters under the bed.I use a body pillow called Mumoocie which is made to feel like me laying beside him.I do not think it is uncommon for children to have anxiety especially at night.With children being exposed in todays society I want my child to feel secure.

I love this. Someone on Mamapedia had suggested I do this with my daughter when she was having nightmare problems. I did this with a twist... at bedtime we called to the fairies to come be with her while she slept and to bring her "good thoughts" (she was really into Tinkerbell at the time) so after she was asleep, I would sprinkle a small amount of glittery powder make up I had on her forehead and face...

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Talk about perfect timing. My four year old has been getting up a lot lately. This sounds like a wonderful alternative to the usual routine. I must borrow it. Thanks.

I did something similar with my daughter. When she couldn't sleep, I would use "Magic Sprinkles." I would rub my hands together very quickly and then "sprinkle" the magic on her. Sometimes she needed me to use more sprinkles. Worked very time!

This is the sweetest story i have ever heard, wish would have read it before so i could have tried it on children. Iguess i will have to wait for when my nieces come around. sooooo cute.

When my daughter was younger and she had trouble falling a sleep I would spray "relaxing lavender sleep spray" on her pillow to help her fall a sleep. This worked wonders and the spay freshened her linens at the same time.

There is something called Mighty Miracle Mist. One of the unscented water-based Sprays called Good Night Spray uses the same concept-mommy magic. it has the cutest teddy bear on the label and magic stars in it too. It works!

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