Photo by: Øyvind Holmstad via Wikimedia Commons

A job like no other

by Dee Plusch
Photo by: Øyvind Holmstad via Wikimedia Commons

I just recently accepted a job, and I thought I’d share what the position description entails.

First, I don’t get more than a 10-minute break during work hours, and those work hours will most likely include overtime on a daily basis. It’s a highly demanding and critical role where there is a lot at stake, therefore being consistently alert is essential even on those overtime days and nights. The role is an umbrella for several other titles with additional duties, none of which include additional pay.

While in this position, I have often been reduced to tears because many of the core tasks can not be delegated. The primary project itself has kept me up for hours at night and consumed so much of my time and energy that my basic personal care has been failing. I have barely been able to sustain a decent diet. (The days of my smashed avo and poached eggs are gone). There’s no holiday pay and sick days are not part of the agreement.

I’ve made so many sacrifices for this role, despite these insane hours and requirements and will continue to do so.

What sort of ridiculous role am I in?

Breastfeeding mother. Where the salary far outweighs the position description.

Being a mother is one of the most difficult but rewarding roles in the world. Being a breastfeeding mother adds another dimension where physical exhaustion is almost guaranteed and knicks and scrapes to your breast are part and parcel of the gig. Expressing is a possibility, but—for many mothers—this means their baby misses a feeding or they aren’t able to produce as much as they need, which can result in engorged breasts. That means the role is yours and yours alone. But the benefits of breastmilk for an infant are insurmountable and the bond that develops between mother and baby is one that cannot be replicated. With the knowledge we have that breastfeeding isn’t always physically possible, it’s a wonderful reminder to cherish every moment if you are able to.

Dee is a third time mother to three beautiful girls. She began her motherhood journey at just 18 and is now in her thirties. She shares the many experiences she has gained through parenting girls from a newborn through a twelve-year-old.

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