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6 Back-to-School Traditions to Start This Year

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Make back-to-school season special with a new family tradition! It’s never too late to start a new tradition, and back-to-school season is a great time to start. Whether your kids are hesitant or thrilled about getting back to school, the anticipation of something fun to mark the occasion can help up their excitement and make the day go smoothly. Here are some of our favorites!

1. Growth Chart Photo Shoot

Track your little one’s height in a memorable way by creating an extra-large ruler out of an old 2×4! No need to create a chalkboard wall just for the occasion- have your child write their name and grade on a small chalkboard, whiteboard, or just a piece of paper to hold for the photo.

2. Back-to-School Fairy

Have the back-to-school fairy show up in the morning with all the school supplies your kiddos will need for the big day! This fairy leaves a magical little trail of glitter so the kids can see how she got in, and wrote encouraging notes so they have all the confidence they need to enter their new grade.

3. Matching Love Tattoos

If your little one is nervous for the big day, give them a reminder that you’ll be thinking of them throughout the day. Draw a small heart on both of your hands- whenever they see it, they’ll remember that you love them!

4. Back-to-School Feast

Back-to-school breakfasts are a fun tradition, but can be stressful to prepare with everything else going on the first morning of school! Go easy on yourself and instead plan a back-to-school family dinner. It’s a great chance to connect after the first busy day back, talk about your day, and set a precedent for making family time a priority in the new school year.

5. Decorate Your Child’s Door

Celebrate the milestone of a new grade with some fun decorations! String streamers across your child’s bedroom door so they can burst through in the morning, ready to take on the day.

6. Host a Boohoo Brunch

If you’ve been home all summer with your kids, you might have mixed feelings about sending them back to school. Tears may be shed over the thought of your little one growing up and heading into the big, bad world all by himself. On the flip side, you might be spilling over with tears of joy once he steps foot on the school bus and you finally have a stretch of the day all to yourself! Whatever your emotions, invite some other parents to share your feelings as well as a muffin, coffee, and a mimosa or two.

Rachel Mast is a writer, event coordinator, and community manager at Pearachute.

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