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10 Creative Reasons Why The Elf Hasn’t Moved

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Elf on the Shelf season is in full effect. I see it in mom groups on Facebook, news feeds and Pinterest. If you’re wondering what to tell your kids when the elf hasn’t moved, I’ve got you covered. Below I have 10 creative reasons why the elf hasn’t moved.

But first, here’s some advice for you new parents dealing with this whole Elf on the Shelf thing. Make your elf’s first year as boring as possible.

All these amazing things you see on Pinterest – don’t do it. Pin away if you must but don’t use all the good ideas in his/her first year in your home. Treat this whole Elf on the Shelf thing like a marathon. If you go all out in the early years you will exert yourself. That’s why I’ve come up with some reasons/excuses you use as to why the elf hasn’t moved.

Let me explain where I’m coming from. This year would mark the four year anniversary since Michael the Elf came into our home. For the last two years, he’s become extremely comfortable in the Shephard home. He hangs around doing nothing. Often times, he just hangs out in the same spot for two to three days straight. The spark is gone and the honeymoon phase is over. It’s gotten so bad that our daughter Gianna wrote him a note last year. She was very frank but offered some solid advice.

It read:

Dear Michael,
Please do something crazy! You can sit on the toilet and poop Hershey kisses.
Love ,

Gianna left Michael this note last year, three days before Christmas. Even our little bright-eyed girl started to take notice. His first year in our home, Michael was like the A+ student. Every night he reported to Santa and did the craziest things. He got into the bag of marshmallows and tried feeding them to the reindeer. One time we found him in the fridge. Did you know elves can wrap presents? Yup, Michael was a master gift wrapper. A huge mess was always left behind, but definitely some legit wrapping skills. Michael would get in the pantry and eat all the cookies (wink). Gianna was very impressed by his shenanigans.

Well, last year, I started to simplify things for the Holidays. In many instances, I was trying to simmer down my inner “perfect Mom” defect. Apparently, I dialed it down too much when it came to our Elf on the Shelf.

If you’re wondering what to tell your kids when the elf hasn’t moved, I’ve got you covered. Due to Michael’s less than stellar performance I’ve had to come up with some creative reasons as to why our elf hasn’t moved.

  • Creative Reasons Why The Elf Hasn’t Moved*

1. Use him as an example of what NOT to do. He’s become lazy. You see how frustrating it is for Mommy and Daddy when you don’t do what you are supposed to? I’m an awful Mother, I know.

2. Your behavior was questionable yesterday so he wants to give you another chance before reporting to Santa.

3. He’s sick and needed to rest. I think the baby got him sick.

4. Freezing temps last night! The house must so cozy for him and he’s just avoiding making the cold and long voyage to the North Pole.

5. By the time he finished playing with the [ reindeer ], it was almost morning so he decided to stay – feel free to use whatever Christmas figure you have around the house – Snowman, Reindeer, Mickey, etc.

6. The Elf must have fallen asleep waiting for everyone to fall asleep and didn’t wake back up.

7. They are probably up to something sneaky and trying to trick you. I bet he’ll move once you go to school.

8. That must be the best view in the house to observe good/bad behavior.

9. Say that elf probably felt sick from eating too much junk. Then hide some candy/treats and use this as another example for limiting junk food.

10. And when you run out of reasons, act completely perplexed and ask them why they think he didn’t move.

I’m sure there are many other parents out there that often forget to move that friggin’ elf. I can’t be the only one. Do you have any fun and creative reasons why the elf hasn’t moved?

Jessica Shephard is a breast cancer survivor, mom of two, wife, creative misfit and she just recently started her own social and digital marketing company. Feeling as though she never fit into any mommy group, she claimed a little space on the internet called, Rebel Soul Mom. She writes about family, life after cancer, parenting and other messy bits of life.

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