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21 Month Old Won't Listen

M.J. asks from Minneapolis

Any suggestions will be welcomed! So we have no fence around our house & every time I take my daughter out of the car or out to play she wants to run into the neighbo...


Yard Sale During Labor Day Weekend?

K.D. asks from Detroit

I am thinking about having a yard sale Thur-Sat of Labor Day weekend, but I'm not sure if I will just be wasting my time. I am thinking that the economy will keep a ...


Best Way to Sell Baby Equipment

J.P. asks from Boston

I am ready to move out a large inventory of items from my daycare. I am trying to determine the best way to go about this and am wondering if anyone has any tried an...


Kids Roaming the Neighborhood

A.K. asks from Detroit

Okay.. Here is the situation.. My kids are 5 (almost 6) and 4. I allow my 2 kids, alone in my backyard. They know they have to stay outback and in our yard. They are ...


How Do I Get My Dogs to Stop Peeing on Patio?

J.H. asks from Dallas

My dogs are peeing on our patio directly outside our door to the house. There used to be a doormat there, and that is what they were going on. We've moved it, but t...



S.J. asks from Spokane

I need help!!! My son is a runner. If gets a chance to run out of the yard and down the street he will. How do I get him to understand that going out of the yard is d...


Potty Training

C.T. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 26 month old boy. He is showing signs of being potty trained. If asked, he'll go potty. Sometimes we let him run around naked in our yard and he knows when ...


How Should I Apporach This...

T.B. asks from Dallas

We have had our nanny for about 4 months and she is great with the kids and the kids love her. When she first broke something, I thought "accidents happen" and told ...


Ideas for Daughter's 7Th Birthday

L.W. asks from Minneapolis

My daughter is turning 7 this month and I wondering about some good party and food ideas. I plan on having it at home because I cannot transport kids. In the past we ...


Yard Sale 5/16

E.H. asks from Dallas

We tried having a yard sale today but the weather did not cooperate. If the weather is better next weekend we plan on trying to have it again. What is the best newspa...

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