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Financial Considerations with Out of Town Guests

V.R. asks from Denver

Hi fellow moms, I'm wondering what others do with out of town guests staying for extended periods of time with you. I'm not talking a night or two but we have 3 dif...


Ideas for In-laws

S.S. asks from Chicago

Hi, my husbands family, including 80 year old parents, 50 year old sister and brother in-law, aunt, cousin and younger brother (35 y/o) are going to be staying with u...



C.S. asks from Las Vegas

I know this is just another in-law issue that you all have seen too often, but I am so disturbed with my in-laws and need to hear from some of you. So I have a 25 ye...


There Is No Nice Way to Say It...

N.G. asks from San Antonio

My subject is "there is no nice way to say it" because in this case there isn't. We moved in to our first home about two years ago. We have good friendly neighbors th...


Back Yard Swimmiing Pool Liability Release and Waiver Forms

M.L. asks from Chicago

Does anyone have a form they use for visitors to sign to use their backyard pool? My mother said I should have pool waiver and liability release forms for any visit...


Preschool Field Trip Ideas

T.J. asks from Seattle

Anyone have any good ideas or experiences to share for preschool field trips or class visitors? I've been told we usually go on one every other month, and the month i...


Etiquette for a "Welcome Baby Open House"

L.T. asks from Chicago

We are expecting our first child at the end of this month. Rather than entertain a train of well-wishers at the house after the baby is born, I thought it would be a...


Seeking Consultation from Someone Who Knows

S.H. asks from Tulsa

I would like to know what limitations public schools have on allowing visitors to be with children at school. I have been informed by my children that my ex's family...


How to Handle Drop-ins

N.W. asks from Philadelphia

Let me start by saying I feel a little guilty asking this question because I've been reading other women's requests regarding grandparents that don't come around enou...


Should I Let the Dog Visit the New House?

K.C. asks from Chicago

Hi Moms, I have a potential issue with my sister coming to visit. We are moving to a new house this weekend and my sister wants to come for a visit the following wee...

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