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Feeding My 14 Month Old

K.C. asks from Kansas City

I seem to be having some problems with coming up with ideas on different things to feed my son. We always seem to feed him the same things in rotation. I know like ad...


Seeking Thoughts on Infant Immunization

S.F. asks from Seattle

My daughters are about to give birth and are trying to figure out the connection between shots and autism. We have done lots of research and are even less convinces ...


Seeking Dance Lessons in South St. Louis City for 3 Year Old

D.R. asks from St. Louis

I am looking for somewhere in the south St. Louis City area to take my 3 year old daughter for dance lessons. I would like her to receive a variety of lessons, not ju...


Music Lessons for a Two Year Old

M.S. asks from Dallas

Hi Moms! I'm interested in getting my 21 month old son exposed to a some type of a music class. Something that would offer an exposure to a variety of musical instru...


Juice & Water???

N.C. asks from Portland

My daughter is now 6 months old, and she has no problem with any solid foods I've fed her thus far.... I've seen many moms give their babies bottles of water, juice/...


Reciting Movies

C.C. asks from Dallas

My 3 year old is only allowed to watch one DVD a day (and really no TV), but he's starting to recite and act out what the characters are doing on the DVDs he watches....


Where Can I Buy Tubs of Premade Cookie Dough?

A.S. asks from Chicago

Anyone know where I can buy tubs of premade cookie dough? I see Sam's has it but in Choc Chip only. I need a variety!!! and I need it tomorrow! HELP!


Food Issue

Y.K. asks from San Diego

Looking for you seasoned moms...just need some feedback on food for 11 month old. I feel like our variety is lacking...or that I find myself sticking to the things he...


Getting 16 Month Old to Eat

J.C. asks from Myrtle Beach

Hi! My 16 month old son is very picky about eating and sometime doesn't eat much at all. He does sometimes eat canteloupe, watermelon, and bananas; but for dinner h...


Where Can I Take My 3 Yr Old for Affordable Dance/gym Classes?

M.G. asks from San Diego

I've been looking around for affordable dance or gymnastics classes to take my daughter. I've looked into the community centers but you have to be a member (otherwise...

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