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Want to Know Your Experiences with an NG Tube for a Toddler

H.F. asks from San Francisco

My 23 month old dd is very underweight and also has celiac disease. Despite a high calorie diet and high calorie formulas she is not gaining weight adequately. If s...


Chronic Ear Infections - Anyone Know About Chiropractic Care Vs. Tubes?

S.F. asks from Minneapolis

I have a 13 month old son who has had 3 ear infections in the last 4 months. Twice his ear drum has ruptured, which tells me he has a high threshold for pain. The l...


Should Test or Not?

L.H. asks from Philadelphia

I had my 4th child on Jan 2 2009 by c-section and tubes tided at the same time. Along with scar tissue removed. I had the after bleeding and my cycle in Feb the first...


Toddler Vs. Inhaler

A.H. asks from Cleveland

I took my then 15m/0 dtr. to the MD in the spring b/c she seemed to have a cold that lasted 4ever. When I described that she only had trouble with the coughing when ...


Earache....any Advice for Relief

J.M. asks from Enid

My son is 12, has just recently started having problems with his ears, its affecting his hearing and has had 3 earaches since our doctors appt. which was oct. 26...an...


Tubal Ligation

J.E. asks from Boston

Hi Mamas, Another question for the best! My husband and I are expecting baby #3 in Nov. We already have 2 girls and are expecting a boy. We are also sure this is...


Constant Period

B.F. asks from Atlanta

Since Cristmass I have had my period every other week or every two weeks. I have been under a large amount of stress for the last year and I know that can mess with y...


11 Month Old Getting Tubes -- Bad Idea? or Normal?

S.B. asks from Dallas

My 11 month old is on the track for tubes in the ears. Is this common, or can the ear infections be caused by normal allergies? Are tubes the only way to go? We hav...


I Am Not Sure If I Can Get Pregnant or Not

V.M. asks from Columbus

i had my tubes tied almost 5 years ago but here recently i had a hysteroscopy d and c and a laproscopy done. my doc discovered my tubes were no longer tied. she cut s...


Drainage from Ears

S.N. asks from Dallas

My Son who is 32 months old had ear tubes put in last feb since he was having a series of ear infections.Now after a year they are still there and last week there wa...

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