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Advice on Daughter Not Wanting to Go to Dance Class Anymore

N.D. asks from Detroit

My daughter who just turned 5 has cried the last 3 weeks before dance (tap & ballet) class saying she doesn't want to go. The first two weeks I took her anyway. Onc...


My 4 Year Old Is Mean to His Own Family Members....

E.S. asks from Dallas

I'm having an issue with my 4 year old son. He can be really sweet to me and his grandpa (who's my dad). Everyone else like my grandparents, my mom, my mother-n-law,...


5Yr Old Trying to Be the Parent

C.L. asks from Springfield

I am a stay at home mom of three children ages 5,4, and 11mths. My husband is gone Sunday afternoons until Friday nights driving a semi. I have recently seen my 5yr o...


Please Help!!!! My 3 Year Old Is Out of Control

C.S. asks from Syracuse

Hi. I'm lokig for some help. My three year old is out of control. I just had a new baby on Jan. 8 and for about 2 weeks before I gave birth till now, she has ben out ...


Baby Won't Stop Throwing Stuff!

A.K. asks from Tulsa

I have a 21 month old son that is usually the sweetest kid ever. He is very high spirited but always obedient and well behaved. The problem is that he has started t...



D.D. asks from Greensboro

What ways work best for disciplining a 4 year old.. somedays I feel that she knows every button to push to throw me over the edge and I know I should not let her have...


Are All Boys like This??!!

J.R. asks from Kansas City

My son is 18 mos. old and seems to get frustrated very easily. He is always into something - most of the time something he shouldn't be into. We really try not to s...


General Question About My 4 Year Old Son

R.C. asks from New York

My son is 4 and he is afraid of everything, he will not even get his hair cut. Is this normal, will he get over it. My other question is is that he will not even go...


Is This normal...or Did I Create a Monster??!!!

A.G. asks from Atlanta

So, not really a monster but a spoiled little whiny girly girl!!! LOL. I'm laughing but I really am concerned. A friend of mine suggested that I have created a monste...


Child with Anxiety and New Situations

L.L. asks from Columbus

Hello,My 5 year old suffers from anxiety, along with myself. she is not bad enough for medication according to her therapist. Yesterday was her second day of vacatio...

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