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5 Year Old with Unruly Hair, Need Containment Ideas!

A.R. asks from Dallas

My 5 year old daughter has slightly wavy hair past her shoulders, just enough bend to fly all over, not enough to be curly. Problem is it always looks wild! I'll br...


Bullheaded 4 Year Old - Do We Need Counseling?

F.G. asks from Kansas City

Maybe most of you moms have been through this, but my husband and I are at our wits end with our 4 year old daughter’s bullheadedness, stubbornness and willfulness....


Month 2 and Freaked Out

S.U. asks from New York

hey moms.... im just feeling so many things... im eight weeks and i feel exhausted. Im somebody who moves a lot all day... but i have just felt totally unable to fe...


Caffeine and Pregnancy

M.H. asks from Salt Lake City

So I always planned on not drinking any caffeine while I was pregnant, and I actually haven't had any caffeine and very little soda for the last 6 months prior to get...



K.B. asks from Boston

Does any one have an experience with a 5yo bully? My daughter is having a terrible time at school during recess. She goes to full day kindergarten, and I just found...


Where to Find Pants That Fit a Long, Skinny 11 Year Old?

L.G. asks from Boston

Hi-- I'm having a terrible time finding long pants to fit my daughter who is 5' 2" and about 75 pounds. Everything is either too short, which doesn't work in the ...


Help! Musty Smelling Couch

K.K. asks from Minneapolis

I need some help quick. My daughter slept on the couch one night and had an accident. I took the couch cusions apart, washed the covers in the washing machine and h...


My Eight-month-old Has Terrible Sleep Habits

S.B. asks from Richmond

Our only child, an eight-month-old baby girl, has really bad sleep habits and I'm sure it's our fault, but have no idea what to do about it. She does not get to sleep...


Itchy Eyes - Allergies Are Soooo Bad!

S.S. asks from Denver

Hi Moms, Anyone have any suggestions for RX eyedrops to help with terrible, awful, unbearable itchy eyes due to seasonal allergies? I have tried over the counter ...

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