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Pierced Ear Has a Ball Forming Behind Ear

L.V. asks from Dallas

Well.. my daughter had gotten her ears pierced back in january and i kept those earrings in and then yesterday i thought since its been more than 6 weeks that it woul...



J.R. asks from Boston

I was diagnosed with Cellulitis on the side of my face 3days ago. My doc prescribed me dicloxacillin. I have been taking 2000mg for the last three days. It has not...


Question About Wierd Zits?

C.B. asks from Kansas City

okay moms i need some insight. i have these two things on my face that look like tiny whiteheads, however they've been there for MONTHS. they are not red or swollen, ...


Why Is My Milk Coming Back?

L.C. asks from Los Angeles

I stopped breast feeding my daughter 12 months ago. I noticed last week that my breast are very tender, and leaking milk. Or colusturm (I know I spelled that incorrec...



G.S. asks from Charlotte

My baby's gums are red and swollen and I can see a faint spot of white. I know a tooth is coming, but I was wondering when it will arrive. :) How long, on average, ...


Breastfeeding Question......

T.S. asks from Lexington

Ok, this is gonna sound kinda weird. However I am sure someone out there has had or heard of this problem. I went friday and Saturday of last week running a ton of ...


15-Month-old with a Cold

K.H. asks from Detroit

My daughter has a pretty bad cold that started Thursday of last week. She has a horrible runny nose that drives her nuts and a cough that sounds awful. She was runnin...


Canker Sores

S.C. asks from Phoenix

My nearly four year old son has suffered from painful canker sores for at least the past year or two, if not longer. Really, since he's been old enough to tell me his...


Help for 10-Yr Old Son Who Has Inflamed Welts on Armpits

C.M. asks from St. Louis

My son came home from a sports camp tonight and has extremely painful big red welts in his armpits. He was wearing a new loose-fitting polyester soccer shirt...I'm no...


Puss Pockets in My Throat.

B.S. asks from Kansas City

I've had an extremely sore throat for a few days now. I decided to go to the CVS clinic this morning to get swabbed for Strep. That was negative. She just told me I h...

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