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Nudist 5-Year-old!!

D.S. asks from Seattle

My eldest boy is such a nudist! If he had his choice, he would be naked all day long. He understands that the minute someone other than family comes into the house,...


What Will Clean Spots off Glass Shower Doors?

J.R. asks from Dallas

I am having trouble getting the water spots off my glass shower doors? I have tried windex, bleach, comet, regular abthroom cleaner & nothing seems to get them comple...


Removing Mildew from Tub

C.G. asks from Houston

I have a horrible build up of mildew where my tub meets my tile shower walls. Can anyone give me a suggestion besides bleach that might get it out. I am pg so I don't...


Day Spa Suggestions?

K.K. asks from Portland

i am looking for a good day spa in the portland area (not a crunchy hippie place) to take my sisters & mom to for a day of pampering. i'd like to find a place that we...



S.S. asks from Minneapolis

Hello moms... Have any of you been to Hawaii or know of a good travel agent that you used to get a good deal to go to Hawaii? We are thinking about planning a trip ...


Teaching 4 Yr Old How to Blow His Nose

A.M. asks from Boise

Hello All you great moms! I'm hoping someone has some advice on how to teach my 4yr old son how to blow his nose. I know it may sound so easy to some but I've bee...


Non Traditional Shower Ideas

A.H. asks from Davenport

I have a friend who is going to have her 3rd baby. I know that a traditional baby shower is not appropriate, but she and her family have recently moved here and thus...


Stain on Shower Glass

T.B. asks from Dallas

Hey ladies. I know that I have seen this question asked before, but I can not for the life of me remember what some of the solutions were. I have glass shower encl...


Suggestions Needed for Getting Kids to Wash Themselves Better in the Tub

D.W. asks from Milwaukee

Can anyone recommend a soap that's easy for toddlers to use for themselves? I have gotten those washclothes that have soap in them but my kids have the tendency to ju...


How Old Is Too Old for a Girl to Take Showers with Dad

S. asks from Chicago

Just wondering what the consensus is out there on this issue. My daughter is almost 4 1/2 and I'm wondering at what age is it no longer appropriate for my daughter to...

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