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Restless Legs During Pregnancy

M.W. asks from Dallas

I am not sure if any of you have dealt with this when you were pregnant, but I literally can't sleep at night because my legs won't settle down and I feel the urge to...


12 Week VERY Restless at Night????

C.B. asks from Dallas

Hello! I have a happy, healthy baby during the day and a very restless baby at night. He sleeps calmly usually for the first 3-4 hours at night and then the tossing...


Child Won't SLEEP!

D.J. asks from Nashville

Does anyone know how to get a 4 year old to sleep through the night? My daughter is the worst sleeper, she has had a problem since she was born. Still at 4 she has a ...


Advice for Getting Nearly 4 Year Old Son to Sleep; Sensory Processing Disorder

D.M. asks from Washington DC

My nearly 4 year old son is a restless sleeper, he has sensory processing disorder and is very fidgety during the day. He had night terrors, but eliminating dairy he...


Advice Re: Natural Treatment of 2-Year-old with Seasonal Allergies

D.M. asks from New York

Hi Moms, My 2-year-old son, Ryan, has been exhibiting signs of hay fever for the past appx. 2 weeks -- stuffy runny nose, sneezes a lot. No fever, personality is ba...


Restless Sleeper

T.D. asks from Sacramento

Hi Moms. I am a first time mom to a precious two month old baby boy who doesn't like to sleep in his bassinet. He would fast asleep in our arms. Usually after 30 m...


Need Help with 'Restless' Baby

J.J. asks from Seattle

Hi mamas! So you have helped me out before with suggestions on ways to get my baby to sleep in his crib and it worked out great! I need your help again. So, he's now...


Has Anyone Experienced Insomnia While Being Pregnant?

L.T. asks from Dallas

Hi mom's, I'm 31 wks pregnant with my third child and I'm experiencing things that are new to me and was wondering if there's anyone out there that has gone throug...


Help with Finding a Good Dentist

M.B. asks from Raleigh

I need to find a dentist for my 4 year old son who is very nervous and restless, He must be sensitive, friendly and patient and considerate of parents' wishes regard...


4 Month Old Reacting Poorly to Rice Cereal??

J.M. asks from Asheville

Hi there, I took my 4 month old daughter for her 4 month check-up Monday and my Pediatrician recommended starting her on solids. She's a big girl, in the 99th perce...

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