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Need Help or Suggestions for Food Preperation for Hectice Schedule

A.G. asks from San Antonio

I have a 14 year old and a 10 year old plus my husband and I work full time jobs. He are in the football season which both of my boys are playing in and of course the...


Quick/Healthy Suppers

S.H. asks from Fort Smith

Now that school is back in I don't want to and don't have time to spend all of it in the kitchen. I want to know what are easy healthy meals for during the week? The...


Quick, Healthy Meals for Toddler

D.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi there! I just wanted some ideas for quick but healthy meals to prepare for a 12 month old toddler. First off I have no experience with cooking, but I am now exper...


Best Thermometer?

M.E. asks from Austin

Hey there moms, Does anyone recommend a particular thermometer? We have the digital ear kind, but I'm always skeptical as to whether it's true or not...call me par...


Judith Bishop, CNM (@ UCSF)

R.K. asks from San Francisco

I realize that Ms. Bishop is a "midwife", but there are very few posts/views on the midwife page here so I hope it's ok to post a quick question here. I have an appoi...


Feeding My 14 Month Old

K.C. asks from Kansas City

I seem to be having some problems with coming up with ideas on different things to feed my son. We always seem to feed him the same things in rotation. I know like ad...


Suggestions for Good Magazines with Craft Ideas and Recipes

C.M. asks from Omaha

Hi - Any suggestions for a magazine that has fun but easy craft ideas for preschoolers with winter setting in? I am thinking of a monthly subscription to a magazine ...


Good Quick Recipes

S.J. asks from Knoxville

Does any of you mommys have any really good recipes that are quick and good for the entire family. I just want some new ideas. Thanks


Recommendations for Breast Pumps

J.R. asks from New York

Hi all, I need to get a breast pump because I will return to working full time after maternity leave. I don't know anything about pumps, but I do know some of the th...


Egg Casserole-dumb Question

S.M. asks from Omaha

I am looking for some QUICK and EASY breakfast ideas for my kids. My oldest will be going off to Kindergarten this year and I will still have two boys at home. It w...

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