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5 y.o. Wets His Pants

T.I. asks from Atlanta

My son is 5½ and has been poty trained since 3. Well , kind of. He consistantly wets his pants. Sometimes up to 3 times a day. He has nerver, ever had a poopie a...


Potty Training... Going on 6 Months

A.B. asks from Salt Lake City

Okay so it is ridiculous that potty training is taking this long I know... My now 3 1/2 year old son was doing fantastic it was hard but we used the book potty traini...


Potty Training and Mother's Day Out Etiquette??

K.S. asks from Dallas

I need some advise --- My son (he's 2 1/4) and is in the middle of potty training (we're about 4 days into it) and he's doing pretty well. We're having about 2 pee a...


Six-year-old Daughter Won't Stop Peeing Pants--need Help/advice

J.J. asks from Provo

Please give me any advice on what works to help my daughter to stop peeing her pants. She does it at least once a day and claims she doesn't feel it. I have talked ...


Is This a Potential Problem

J.G. asks from Anchorage

My 12 year old daughter has approached me with concern about her "plumbing" - I noticed that as an infant when see peed it went straight out - not down like a girl "n...


Seeking Moms Advice

J.H. asks from Brownsville

I have a three years and one month old. I have tried everything to potty train him> praise, awards, charts, timeouts and even having him naked> but nothing has worked...


Potty Training My 3 Year Old Daughter

K.T. asks from Reading

Any advice on how to potty train. I have tried so many different things, reward charts, setting a timer for every half an hour.... I know she can do it and that sh...


Sippy Cup Issues..

J.R. asks from Kansas City

Hi ladies. Looking for some suggestions for the sippy cup transition. My youngest daughter never latched so I pumped for her, thus she has only had the bottle. I a...



C.G. asks from Lawton

well my husband is leaving next week. i have 2 boys and the younger one is always really messed up by it pees his pants and acts up in school what to do . im pretty ...


I Am Really Upset

F.A. asks from Las Vegas

hi, iam really upset about what happened yesterday ,we went for grocery and on our way back my 3 years old son had an accident on the road (peepee) just on the ...

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